Beard styles

Beard styles

If you like to wear a beard and go to the last, we have all its styles and shapes so you can copy which one suits you best.

Foods rich in vitamin D

Foods rich in vitamin D

Discover the importance of consuming vitamin D in our diet and how beneficial it is for our body.

How to cut hair at home

How to cut hair at home

Learn with our little tutorial how you can cut hair at home. Without a doubt it will be an option that you can try and verify that it can be done.

dandruff on the beard

Dandruff on the beard

In this article we tell you everything you need to know about beard dandruff and how to fix it. Learn more about it here.

Military diet

Military diet

The military diet is designed to quickly lose 3 to 5 kilos in three days. Find out how to do it and what it consists of.

How to get your eyebrows done

How to get your eyebrows done

Discover all the tricks and ways on how to get eyebrows on a male face. You will know that it is part of an elegant care.

hipster hairstyles

Hipster hairstyles for men

The hipster hairstyle is in fashion and every year it is reinvented with a special and flattering touch. Discover their styles and creations.

Combed back in men

Combed back in men

The back hairstyle in men is another version to be able to lighten long hair. Find out how you can do it.

Short frenulum in man

Short frenulum in man

The short frenulum can become a major problem for some men, here we tell you how to find the best solution.

Shaved hair for men

Shaved hair for men

We offer you the best shaved hair for men so that you can choose the one that best suits your style and personality.

Mustache styles

Mustache styles

Mustaches have always been worn and have marked authority and personality. Discover all the classes that are now setting trends

get a full beard

How to get a full beard

We highlight the best tips for you to show off a full beard with guarantees, with some simple techniques and tricks.

Classic hairstyles and cuts

Classic hairstyles and cuts for men

In Men with Style we present you the best classic hairstyles or cuts that do not go out of style, since they continue to mark elegance and fashion.

Fashion styles

Fashion styles

Discover the different fashion styles that occur and will continue throughout the decades and eras in the way of dressing for men.

Astringent diet

Astringent diet

Discover how to eat an astringent diet to be able to regulate intestinal transit and not fall into a lack of hydration or nutrients.

Fade cut on the man

Fade cut on the man

Discover all the styles and cuts that derive from the Fade hairstyle. A haircut that continues to set the trend with all its variations.

Platinum blonde in men

Platinum blonde in men

Several years ago the platinum blonde began to take center stage in many men. It set a trend and they were some famous ...

Straightening hair in men

Straightening hair in men

Discover the multiple facilities that exist to straighten hair, with treatments, products or devices for that perfect finish

Gradient blue hair

Gradient blue hair

In Men with Style we give the best ideas on how to achieve a transgressive, radical and trend-setting blue hair.

How to degrade the beard

How to degrade the beard

Degrading the beard creates a functional style that outlines the attractiveness of the man's face. Find out how you can do it effectively.

Oily scalp in men

Oily scalp in men

Discover everything you need to know to take care of oily hair, from the products, their care and the right products.

makeup for men

Makeup brands for men

Men's makeup is something that also exists in many men's toiletry bags. Discover some brands that exist in the market.

dry shampoo

Dry shampoo

We tell you the best tricks to use dry shampoo and get the best results. Learn more about it here

Micropigmentation in men

Micropigmentation in men

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of this micropigmentation treatment, increasingly used among men.

Types of male face

Types of male face

We will know the varieties of a man's face type so that you can evaluate what type of hairstyle you can wear according to your shape.

facial cleaning in men correct

Facial cleansing in men

We tell you everything you must take into account to perform a correct facial cleansing in men. Know everything here.

Haircuts for modern guys

Haircuts for modern guys

We have a very interesting section on the best haircuts for all those guys who want to stay modern.

The best moisturizer for men

The best moisturizer for men

For many, the moisturizer for a man's face is already becoming a routine. Find out which one is the best in your results

How to style tousled short hair

How to style tousled short hair

Discover all the care and ways of wearing your hair to achieve that informal and disheveled look, it will mark your own shape and style.

How to Perm on Boys

How to Perm on Men

If you want a change of look we want to offer you that the perm is an option that will not leave you indifferent, we will detail how to do it.

Dyeing ash gray hair

Dyeing ash gray hair

Gray hair has taken a big leap in fashion for both women and men who want to wear this color and here we show you how to dye yourself.

Uva ray cabins

UV cabins: tips and warnings

The uva-ray cabins are that alternative so that people can show off that beautiful tan on the body whenever we want.

Gray hair on man

Gray hair on man

Gray hair in men has taken a leap in exception, now it is carried with all the success in many heads without depending on age.

bags under eyes in men causes

Bags under eyes in men

We tell you everything you need to know about eye bags in men and what their causes and treatments are.

Suit with vest

Suit with vest

The vest has become a revolutionary garment when it comes to elegant dressing, which is why it should not be missing from our wardrobe.

Tattoos on arm

Tattoos on arm

The tattoos on the arm we see it observing for thousands of years in different cultures, and in our culture we see it more ingrained.

Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles for men

For this latest fashion on short hairstyles here we leave you the best ones that are marking style and originality.

How to dress smart

How to dress smart

Dressing elegantly is a symbol of identity, it is wearing the right clothes that give us away that impression of being well dressed and with taste.

haircuts for bald men

Haircuts for bald men

We tell you which are the best haircuts for bald men. Learn more about haircuts that will help minimize the look of baldness.

5 gift ideas for parents

5 gift ideas for parents

Not sure what to give your father? Here we show you many gift ideas for parents. Enter and discover the best tips.

Samoan Tattoo

Samoan Tattoo

For tattoo lovers you can discover the meaning, tradition and forms that the Samoan tattoo contains. A fashion in our culture

Wavy perm for men

Wavy perm for men

The wavy perm is an advantageous option for men who want a spectacular curl. Find out what his technique is like.

earrings for men

Hoop earrings for men

Earrings as earrings continue to set trends among men. Here you can discover the latest models that you will love.

Long hairstyles

Long hairstyles

There are long hairstyles that create passion and envy. Find out which of these hairstyles you can wear for that great mane.



We tell you everything you need to know about freckles and how to hide them. Learn some tips about it.

Masks for men

Masks for men

There is a great selection of face masks for men on the market. Discover all the styles and shapes that we offer you in Men with Style.



We define "Metrosexual" in some way to all those men who are heavy consumers of lotions and perfumes for their personal care.


Recognize a lumbersexual

A lumbersexual is classified usually wearing jeans, plaid shirts and rustic leather boots. Get to know a lot more about him!

seborrheic alopecia

Seborrheic alopecia

In this article we tell you everything you need to know about seborrheic alopecia, its symptoms and how to treat it.

What to eat before a workout

What to eat before a workout

Many people believe that it is not essential to eat something before a workout and you may be wrong. Eat before ...

Male eye contour

Male eye contour

The men's eye contour is made for those men of our era. Now is when they are already taking ...

Foods with more protein

Foods with more protein

Proteins are one of the essential substances for our body. We indicate the foods with more proteins in our diet.

Bows for men

Bows for men

Bows for men are a trend that makes them fashionable. If you have long hair and you want to pick it up, look at the types of bows that exist.

tattoos on the back

Tattoos on the back

Tattoos on the back show strength and courage. Discover what advantages and disadvantages it reports and the different types of tattoos that may exist.

Overcome addictions

Overcome addictions

Overcoming addictions is a great challenge, although all outside help involves a fairly effective discipline. We show you the guidelines you can follow.

Shaping the beard

Shaping the beard

Shaping the beard is a concept that many men have defined as being groomed. Learn how you can do it in the best way with the best tricks.

Blonde highlights on men

Blonde highlights on men

Blonde highlights on men are a preference that is still in fashion. We suggest the best way to apply it at home and the best tips.

Cucumber benefits

Cucumber benefits

Discover how cucumber is a delicious food that can contain important benefits for our health. Learn all its utilities.


Properties of almonds

Almonds are part of the family of nuts, very essential foods in our Mediterranean diet. Discover its properties.

curly hair

Hair curling products

If you like to have curly or wavy hair from time to time, we offer you the best products to curl your hair and thus achieve a flawless appearance.

How to dress for a day wedding

How to dress for a day wedding

How to dress for a day wedding is not very relevant. You have to know how to take care of those little details that can make you not go with style and elegance

Types of men's pants

Types of men's pants

The pants for men is a garment that determines the style of the person. Apparently it just seems like ...

hair massage

Hair massage

Hair massage is a simple method that consists of massaging the scalp in order to activate circulation and eliminate hair loss

How to raise self-esteem

How to raise self-esteem

Raising self-esteem is one of the key elements to be able to face life with happiness and appreciation for everything that surrounds us. Learn what we can do

Benefits of cycling

Benefits of cycling

Riding a bicycle is a type of sport that benefits in many aspects, both physical and mental. Discover the good capabilities it can demonstrate

How to have curlier hair

How to have curlier hair

Although you may not believe it, getting curlier hair or getting a perm done, it does exist. Discover all the ways to get curly hair.

How to remove pimples

We tell you how to remove pimples through natural and effective tips. Get rid of these impurities once and for all.

tattoos on men

Small tattoos for men

If you like to decorate your skin and give a point of creativity, but without giving extravagance to the drawing, small tattoos for men are the ideal proposal.

Creative visualization

Creative visualization

Visualization is the way or technique of looking inside yourself, of visualizing yourself as the main objective. Practicing a series of steps will guide you to your goal.

Sunglasses for the mountain

Sunglasses for the mountain

Sunglasses for the mountains are an essential element to protect the eyes from harmful elements. Learn to choose the best ones.

dye the beard

How to dye your beard

Dyeing the beard is a fact that has been practiced for years and is increasingly being applied in all societies. Find out how to do it.

The most handsome man in the world

The most handsome man in the world

How can we determine who is the most handsome man in the world? The answer is subjective and will always be determined by the eye of the viewer.

Facial care for men

Facial care for men

Facial care for men requires the same routine and discipline as any treatment. Any cream is not worth and here we show you how to do it.

Men: how to have long hair

Men: how to have long hair

If you want to have long hair, here are the best tips to be able to give that change and give yourself another image. You will have the best ideas for their care.

Weight loss dinners

Weight loss dinners

Dinners are one more part of our diet and daily food intake, we propose dinners to lose weight and doing it in a light and healthy way.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Beard cuts

Discover the best beard cuts, which will help you shape the different parts of your beard and achieve different effects.

Sergio Ramos with a gradient cut

Sergio Ramos Hairstyles

Sergio Ramos' collection of hairstyles includes styles for all tastes, from very short to long hair, to toupees and side stripes.

Zac Efron with highlights

Wicks for men

Highlights for men are a controversial hair option. Here we delve more into this topic to help you make a decision.

Joe Jonas with green hair

Green hair

Green hair will allow you not to go unnoticed. Discover the celebrities who bet on this striking color for their hair.

Man hands

How to file nails

Find out how to file male nails correctly, as well as the best tips and tricks to make your hands look flawless.

Cologne for men

Cologne for men

Discover which are the best colognes for men of each olfactory family: fresh, floral, woody and oriental.

Jason Momoa with samurai hairstyle

Samurai hairstyle

Know everything about the samurai hairstyle. How to do it, what are the requirements and much more about this hairstyle for long hair.

Double chin in men

How to remove a double chin fast

Enter here for the best tips and exercises on how to remove a double chin. Take off this part of the body that most complexes you.

Facial exercises

Facial exercises

In this article we teach you how to practice facial exercises to stay young for longer. Enter here to learn how to do them.

Leonardo DiCaprio eyebrows

Men's eyebrows

Find out everything about men's eyebrows: what they are for, how to know if you should fix them or not and much more about them.

Undercut haircut

Modern haircuts

Discover the best modern haircuts for men. Ideas of stylish cuts for all sizes and types of hair.


How to trim a beard

Discover how to trim the beard step by step. From the necessary tools and preparations to the best method to unload and define the beard.

Wavy hair

Wavy hair

Find out all about wavy hair for men: tips for everyday life and stylish haircut and hairstyle ideas.

Haircut with bangs

Haircuts with bangs

Discover the best haircuts with bangs for men, as well as their advantages: short, medium and long bangs.

Vitamins for hair

Vitamins for hair

Hair vitamins can help reduce hair loss. Enter here and learn what are the essential vitamins to have good hair.

How to be more handsome

Beard types

Find the best option for you among the different types of beard: three-day beard, long beard and many more styles!

How to be more handsome

How to be more handsome

Discover the best tips and simple tricks to learn how to be more handsome. Enter here and know everything. Do you want to like it? Get it!

Men's eyebrows

How to pluck your eyebrows

Learn how to pluck eyebrows step by step. How to give them definition, where they should start and end, the ideal thickness and much more!

Combing short hair

How to style short hair

Learn how to style short hair step by step to achieve a flawless hairstyle that matches both your casual and formal looks.

Half-length haircut

Medium length haircuts

Medium length haircuts are versatile, flattering and on trend. Discover the best options that exist for this measure.

Curly haircut

Curly haircuts

Discover the best curly haircuts for men. From very short cuts to long hair, going through interesting medium lengths.

special touch of the tupe

How to make a toupee

In this post you can learn step by step how to make a toupee so that your style stands out from all the others. Enter now and know all the secrets.

Kristofer Hivju with a beard

How to fix the beard

Find out how to groom your beard to make it look flawless. How to trim it, how to draw the neck and cheek line and much more!

the best perfumes

The best perfumes for men

Learn how to choose your perfect perfume from the selection of the best perfumes for men. Do you want to know more about it? Come in now.

beard styles

How to grow a beard

The beard enhances the style and sex appeal of many men. In this post you can learn how to grow a beard correctly.

Long knob

Knob types

Learn about the different types of goatee, how to get each one, and what is necessary to prevent them from looking sloppy.

Modern hairstyles for men

Modern hairstyles for men

Find the best modern hairstyles for men here. If you need to change your look, this is your moment. Do not miss the opportunity and enter!

Sal Island

Homemade facial scrub

Discover how to prepare a homemade facial scrub, what are its advantages and many tips to use them correctly.

Brad Pitt in 'Fury'

The military cut

Find out everything about the military cut. What advantages does it have and how are the different variations of this haircut born in the army.

male torso

Depilatory creams for men

Find out everything about depilatory creams for men. How it works, what advantages they have, useful tips and which are the best brands.

Deodorants for men

Best deodorants for men

Discover the best deodorants for men, the pros and cons of the different formats and the advantages of natural formulas.

Threading hair removal for men


Threading is a revolutionary technique that is becoming increasingly fashionable. Learn all about her in this post.

Man hair

Hair masks

Learn about the best hair masks, both homemade and ready-made, as well as many tips related to their use.

Matt LeBlanc with white hair

White hair in men

Find out everything about white hair. The causes, the options that exist for gray hair, cosmetic and nutrition strategies and much more!


Beard products

Find out which beard products you need in your hygiene arsenal to get the best possible version of your facial hair.

Wash the face

Dry Skin

Find out what kind of hygiene routine men with dry skin need and what foods are beneficial to keep it healthy.

David Beckham

Male waxing

Find out everything about male waxing. The best options for different areas of the body, as well as many tips and tricks.

How to get whiter teeth

Discover the habits, tips, tricks and treatments that you can put into practice if you want to get whiter teeth. If you want to whiten your smile, with our advice you will achieve it.

Gradient haircut for men

Gradient haircut for men

Discover how to do a faded haircut for men in the classic style and what tricks you can put into practice to adapt it to the shape of your face.

Beard trimmer

The best beard trimmers

Discover the best beard trimmers on the market. Highly rated models classified by ranges, as well as tips for using them correctly.

Philips electric shaver

The best shavers

Shavers are key in the men's hygiene routine. Here we discover the best models on the market, classified by ranges.

shea butter

Shea butter in beauty

Shea butter, a product that is increasingly used in men's cosmetics. What properties does it have? How many types are there? What is the correct way to use it to have good results? Discover the answers to these questions and more interesting things about shea butter here.

long hair types

Long haircuts for men

Discover which are the long haircuts for men that are in fashion and which is the one that favors you. If you want to be more handsome and you have good hair, choose one of these cuts for long hair and you will succeed.

Extended arm

Layers of skin

Know what the layers of the skin are, what functions they perform and what care they need to delay aging and stay healthy.

Cutting her hair with an electric razor

How to shave your head correctly?

We teach you how to cut your hair with an electric razor, the tips you should follow to shave your head properly and the equipment you should use to cut your hair.

Do you have pimples on your back?

If you have pimples on your back, we will teach you why, tricks to eliminate them and how to prevent acne on our body. Are you going to miss it?


Fall haircuts

This year 2017 is being a year of changes, styles and new trends. These are new times. How are haircuts in autumn?

your hair after the summer

Caring for your hair after the summer

If your hair after the summer is rough and does not have shine, it is because some elements of the summer have damaged it. How to take care of your hair after the summer?


The best perfume for a first date

If you are going to have a first date, you will ask yourself many questions. Clothes, footwear, what accessories the other person would like, etc.

at the pool

Hair care after the pool

The pool water makes our body relax and gives a unique sensation, thus avoiding stress and anxiety. But chlorine is not beneficial.

you should wax

For what reasons should you wax?

What benefits could you get? What are the reasons why you should wax? It is not just a matter of aesthetics, there are more factors at play.

hipster beard

A Fashion Trend: Hipster Beard

Wearing a beard takes more work and effort than shaving every day. And if there is a type of beard that requires attention to detail, it is the Hipster.

types of beard

The different types of beard

Growing a beard is in fashion. But it is not about waiting for it to grow up. It requires attention and care (as much or more as shaving every morning).

long hair

Long haircuts

For those who have long hair and opt for a change of look, without having to cut it, there are several options within the 2017 trends.


The best haircuts for men

As with the world of fashion, the world of men's haircuts is also evolving. In each season we witness new trends.

hair loss

How to prevent hair loss

It often happens that due to laziness we do not remedy hair loss until we see that it has become a real problem.


Hairstyles for men: braids

Just as there was a time when toupees were the trend, even with attractive colors. Now there is a hairstyle that does not go out of style: braids.

perfect shave

Tips for a perfect shave

Although beards sporadically enter fashion trends, getting a perfect shave is one of those customs that every man should follow.

shaved off

How to get a perfect shave

A perfect shave can have healthier and more aesthetic consequences. Therefore, adequate dedication and attention is required.

Tips for the best shave

To get the best shave you don't need to be a genius, just follow a few steps that we detail in this article.

How to trim your beard

Although it may seem simple, trimming the beard is a process that can take longer than normal if we do not do it well.

Man with alopecia

Tips to fight alopecia

If you are going bald, do not miss these tips to avoid alopecia and minimize hair loss in men with AGA.

Short haircuts

We review the short haircuts for men with + than 36 photos and suggestions to set trends. Looking for a short haircut? Enter here

Man with false beard

False beard for modern men

Do you want to have a false beard? We show you the tricks you can use to make your face look like a perfect beard using different methods.

Man in front of the mirror

Tips to beat acne in adulthood

We explain how adult men with acne should approach the healing of pimples and their general grooming routine to prevent their reappearance.

The most common penis shapes

In men, the shape of the penis is decisive for performing sexual positions that generate greater satisfaction for the couple.

Solutions to increase muscle mass in a month

If you are looking to increase lean mass as a priority and not just weight, you have to emphasize the following tips, and thus hope to gain 2 kilos of pure muscle doing everything correctly.

Tips for waxing the anus

To shave the anus without hurting yourself and taking care of the health of the skin, you should use wax.

Gentlemen's Proof: Lacoste L! Ve

Lacoste L! Ve es is the new and daring perfume from Lacoste that surprises both for its original design and for its peculiar perfume

Symptoms of prostate cancer

Several factors can increase the risk of prostate cancer, such as being over 60 years old, having cases of prostate cancer in the family.

Tips to relax

It is convenient to use proven techniques to relax, yoga, meditation, self-awareness, are some means that can help you feel better and free your spirit from daily worries.

How to use an anal plug?

The anal plug is a good sex toy to start anal sex, it is smaller and more discreet than an anal sex-toy, and there is always a plug at the end so that you or your partner can handle it comfortably, and prevent the toy from stay inside the anus.

How to remove ingrown pubic hair?

If the ingrown hair has formed a pimple, it should not be broken, but wait until it pierces itself for the hair to come out and you can pull them out.

Tips to soften the beard

To make a homemade cream based on shea butter to soften the beard, you need 50 grams of shea butter, 25 milliliters of avocado oil and 5 drops of ylang ylang essential oil.

Tips to boost morale

Raising the morale of someone who is sad and in a bad mood is not something easy, for this reason to raise morale, the first thing to do is to be aware that something is not right.

The best types of beards according to the shape of the face

The full goatee: for those who are growing a beard and do not know if that will suit their aesthetics, or for those who prefer a more meticulous style, the goatee that surrounds the mouth works very well for all face types , except for those who have a too pronounced chin.

The most suitable cut for fine hair

When you have fine hair, the most important thing is to add volume to the whole hair. In order to achieve this result, the best option is to go for a gradient or layered cut.

Tips for a well-groomed beard

It is convenient to start by washing the beard. There are different types of shampoo specially designed for beards. A classic shampoo can also suit this treatment.

The 8-hour regimen

The 8-hour regimen is an eating method followed by many people and that proposes a diet in which you can eat as much as you want for 8 hours, and then fast for the next 16 hours.

What women think of fellatio

A partner of dubious hygiene or an imposed relationship: many women who reject this practice have lived an experience that has left them a bitter taste and that they are not willing to start again.

Tips to hydrate hair naturally

Natural remedies can be effective and healthy. Some tips like the ones we propose today allow you to hydrate your hair, without having to resort to artificial products.

Home remedies to hydrate the armpits

Some areas of the body are more delicate and sensitive than others, and among them we find the armpits that continuously suffer the effects of perspiration, deodorants, sun exposure, and so on.

Tips to avoid nail biting

The bad habit of nail biting has psychological causes. They bite their nails when there is poor control of certain emotions such as nervousness, anxiety or fear.