Men: how to have long hair

Men: how to have long hair

How to have long hair may be one of the approaches that are now on your mind, for giving that change and giving you another image. You are in an evolutionary stage where you decide to take a step forward and have another aspect. If you are not sure with this option, I could tell you that Almost most men can fit long hair.

Having long hair raises a number of questions, Will it really be worth it?, well, definitely sure that it is, since it is a process of slow growth and It will give you time to become aware of whether or not the result contrasts with your personality. What is important is to take care of a series of details, since each person has a different type of growth and a different appearance.

If you decide to have long hair, take care of these details

You should know that you have to take care of your hair from the beginning, as you grow your care and needs will increase. Wearing short hair only takes you to get used to very basic care, since if you want you can wash it every day and hardly do any special care when removing it.

begin to wearing long hair requires good care, you should emphasize adapting it as it grows since at first it will grow strong and swirling. Until it grows big enough to tie you in a bun or ponytail, their care will be more specific.

Adapt it to your best anatomy and with the best result of healthy hair it will not pay off in shampooing and running away, now you have to invest a little more money to give it that shine and vigor it needs. You have to choose a treatment depending on the appearance of your hair, which gives it shine, hydration and good care so that it does not dry out.

Men: how to have long hair

How long will it take to grow?

It will depend on each person, but as a general rule it will grow from 1 to 2 cm per month. Taking calculations, the normal thing is that it reaches a length of 18 cm and that if you do not cut it. As advice to achieve the look of long hair, yours would be do not cut their ends for at least that first year.

Yes it is recommended go to the hairdresser to do some kind of grooming, but always pointing out that the tips do not touch anything. More difficult to take this type of advice is for people who have very curly hair, logically their appearance is much shorter apparently, so they get to have somewhat longer hair it will take more time.

How to get healthy hair

It is very important to take care of your hair from the beginning, since trying to revive damaged hair is very difficult or almost impossible to repair. You don't have to buy the best products, just buy the correct one for your hair type. If we add extra care to this, how not to make highlights, or use straightening devices, your hair will shine healthy.

Men: how to have long hair

If you have straight hair there are specific products for this type of hair, to give it volume and shine. If you have curly hair, there are also shampoos that take care of it to give an optimal wave result, it will help you to hydrate your hair very well and prevent frizz.

There are shampoos with more special care in case you have dandruff, a lot of fat or for those who have no life, with a large load of vitamins to make them regain their strength. You may add a conditioner at the end to give it an extra soft feeling. Other product you can add is a mask at the end of the wash to provide extra softness, shine and hydration.

Try not to wash it every day, It is good that the hair itself creates the same nutrient oils that it generates daily to avoid drying out. If you feel the need to wash it every day for some kind of commitment, try to find a shampoo for daily use.

Try to take care of the sideburns just like you take care of your hair, it is a very important complement. So that your hair does not get tangled, you can choose to pick it up, do not cut yourself in use all necessary plugins to be able to collect it, today there is a great variety.

Men: how to have long hair

What hairstyle can I wear

We can opt for loose hair without further ado. It is the best way to show off your hair and especially to show off how well you wear it, freshly clean and shiny.

You can wear it in two ways, with low ponytail for long hair, as the high ponytail with long hair does not look good on men. Y with high ponytail For hairstyles that do not require much hair, they give the appearance of a much more collected hair.

Other hairstyles that can be worn it's the braids. They will be made in the part of the neck, being low, and if it can be casual, it does not have to be perfect. There are men who even dare to place two braids to the sides, it is the Viking style.


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