Types of male face

Types of male face

It is important know the type of face you can have, to be able to evaluate the hairstyle you can wear. Depending on the morphology of the head we can use it as a base to be able to use a haircut that can improve your appearance.

Many men always use the same haircut. Almost always the most similar to the one that has been done throughout their lives and since childhood, so they do not know how to place themselves in front of a stylist and power change that look that can improve your image.

How to measure the face

Next, we detail the type of men's faces and what are the types of hairstyles and beard cuts that can favor you the most. But for this you have to know the measurements of your face and know what the length of some of your areas is to determine its type.

  • We measure the forehead: We will place a measuring tape to measure from right to left its entire length and we will write down the data.
  • We measure the cheekbones: We look for the right and left points of the upper part of the cheekbones, measure and record the centimeters.
  • The length of the face: This measurement is taken from the part where the hair grows on the forehead to the end of the lower part of the chin or chin. If you have a slightly prominent nose, you can dodge its prominence.
  • We measure the length of the jaw: we take note of the length from the base of the ear to the central point of the chin.
  • Take the measurement from nose to chin: We must measure from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin and we record this data again.

Types of male face

With these data you can already determine what the lengths of each area are so that you can contrast the type of face you have. To know the types of faces for men, we will determine much better the hairstyle that can improve your image:


Types of male face

His word almost completes the meaning of its shape, and is characterized by being a completely rounded face where your face width will be about equal in length to your length. You will notice that the chin and cheekbones do not protrude. All protruding parts are rounded and have a smooth appearance, there are no angles.

The type of haircut will be the one that conceals that roundness and does not accentuate it. You can wear a haircut with the fringe up, a half hair with bangs and if possible with bangs to the side. The beard grown for several days and groomed helps this type of faces, without it becoming too thick, also the inverted T-type beards, outlined and goatee.


Oval face

It is characterized by having the elongated and slightly round face shape. It is the type of face that is considered perfect since it provides the ideal balance. The forehead protrudes a little like the chin and the part of the chin is slightly narrower than that of the forehead. If you have taken measurements of your face so that it is oval, it should be 1 or 2 centimeters longer than it is wide.

The most recommended hairstyles are practically allas it supports all variants. It is preferable not to wear hairstyles with a lot of bangs, but Undercut hairstyles are perfect and any type of beard, whether little or a lot of hair, will be perfect.


square face

Highlights por have a fairly marked jaw, while the forehead and chin are flat. It usually stands out for being a masculine face, with very angular features and the width and length of the face being the same length.

The hairstyles that best suit you are with the fringe up and disheveled, but always with high cuts and volume in the center. Either the very short or Buzz-style haircuts. The beard that best suits him is the one with very short length and if possible cut in an inverted T shape.


Types of male face

This kind of face reminds us of an almost triangular shape. It stands out for having a narrow forehead and high and pronounced cheekbones. The features are very marked, with the chin short, pointed and marked. Her haircuts are very wide and she lets herself any type of hairstyle.

Types of male face


This face has the same shape as the oval face but much longer. It is characterized by a long and narrow forehead, narrow, elongated and prominent cheekbones and chin. It will be noted that the length is much longer than it is wide.

elongated face

The types of hairstyle they are not recommended when the fringe is up, as well as having long hair, as it will lengthen the face much more. Haircuts can be traditional with a bit of volume on top and if it can be tousled. The thick beard favors them, as does the sparsely populated one.

As you may have observed, there are different forms of faces that can determine the type of face and the type of hairstyle that we can use for each occasion. If you have been wanting to know more about hairstyles you can read modern haircuts or if you want to know how to style a tousled short hair, click on this link.

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