How to style tousled short hair

How to style tousled short hair

We know that we do not like ties, we always like to dress casually and wear short hair that does not take long to fix, or have too much attachment. We can always choose to comb it and wear it firm and neat, or how is the case to create a disheveled style that bears our personal brand and defines our identity.

Wearing disheveled hair you can mark that style that we like to wear, It is not the same to leave it as you just got out of bed or let it dance at its own pace, than to have to wear a informal look but with that neat, relaxed and neat effect.

Getting this tousled hair on men it is a carefree but also natural style, it is a matter of taking a few simple steps to be able to identify the shape that best suits your face and your lifestyle.

 What haircut do you have to wear?

Haircut is an important factor in styling and personality of a man. The hairstyles that can be adopted are still an aspect that many neglect and they do not care how they can recreate depending on the shape of their face.

How to style tousled short hair

However, the haircut must be something that always makes you vibrate in harmony, that you like, that is easy and comfortable and does not result in a burden when it comes to maintaining it. And what about curly hair?

Men with curly hair don't have that many drawbacks that years ago, they can dominate their curls with the great alternative of hair products that are in the market. With this type of hair we can also play with the products and dominate them in a rebellious and measured way.

For this year, classic hair with a parting in the middle is going to create a trend, as well as hairstyles to the side, especially for wavy hair. The hipster style will also be one of the hairstyles that will not be left aside this year. Although his style does not fall within our disheveled haircuts, but rather well-groomed.

Tips before giving that tousled look

Proper care of healthy hair is always important and a good wash with a professional product is essential, if possible free of salt. It is not necessary to wash your hair every day, that will make it not too straight and flat. In this way you will better create your own natural oils, that will give you more volume and help your shapes to be better marked.

How to style tousled short hair

The products to be able to fix the hair and to be able to give it shape must be adequate. They have to help give that character and volume so that it can last much longer. For it it is essential to fix the hair with quality products, We leave the gloss or matte effect in our hands.

Hairstyles cut "classic cut"

It is the short haircut, the one of a lifetime and it can be rightly assured that the tousled effect will be easier to perform. We can take a bit of wax or gel with a matte effect between the fingers of the hand. Then apply it strand by strand on the hair, dislodging the strands in a strategic and studied way.

Fade hairstyles

It is the degraded hairstyle, very shaved on the sides and somewhat longer at the top. We do the same technique as with the previous steps, we apply a little of our product on the hands and then we spread it on the hair, lock by lock and formalizing an irregular structure.

How to style tousled short hair

Hairstyles with curly hair

Curly hair is undoubtedly synonymous with chaos, but everything is under control. It does not matter if you have them wavy, too curly, too fine or quite difficult to master, you have to dare to try new and different things. With practice we always get the result we like.

As a recommendation, you usually choose to let your hair dry naturally or with the help of a dryer. Later we apply the product between our hands and squeeze it into the hair to give it a rebellious shape. Then you can finally finish it off another bit with the dryer.

kinds of tousled hairstyles

Short hairstyles but long above

With this look it is much easier to give that tousled look. It is that hairstyle with short hair on the sides and leaving it much longer at the top. With this shape you can mark your own style and get that look much easier to ruffle. You apply your wax or fixing product between your hands and let it ruffle with elegance.

For those of you who have long hair, but with the bangs to the side it will also be quite suitable. We heat the wax between our hands and give it shape and movement until we find the correct shape.

If you already have it clear, it is a good challenge to formalize our position without any rules. On the contrary, if your style is based on having some type of special hair or you need or some type of more special hairstyle, you can read similar articles in our section of types of hairstyles.

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