Editorial team

Stylish Men It emerged in 2008 as an initiative that sought to encompass all issues relevant to man in the same corner. In this way, our goal is for users of this website to be able to keep fit, dress appropriately and maintain proper hygiene and personal care. In short, that Internet users have Men with Style their axis of reference on the Internet.

Naturally, this is only possible thanks to the editorial group behind HcE, which you can find below. If you think you can contribute to our site and want to join this team of editors, you can contact us here. You can also visit our section sections, where you can read all the articles we have published over the years.


  • Luis Martinez

    I have a degree in Spanish Philology from the University of Oviedo and I have always been interested in style and elegance. I think knowing how to be and behave says a lot about ourselves and gives us a special aura.

Former editors

  • Alicia tomero

    It is an honor to be able to give the best advice on styling, care and lifestyle to men. I am passionate about everything related to her world and being able to discover the infinity of cosmetics and variants that there are in her fashion style. Discover everything you can find with some tips and tricks that I propose here.

  • German Portillo

    I am a personal trainer and sports nutritionist. I have been dedicating myself to the world of fitness and nutrition for years and I am passionate about everything about it. In this blog I feel that I can contribute all my knowledge about bodybuilding, how to have a correct diet not only to obtain a good physique, but to gain health.

  • Lucas garcia

    I am passionate about men's fashion. If you like to be up to date with everything that happens about fashion and beauty for men then I recommend that you read my articles.

  • Fausto Ramirez

    Born in Malaga in 1965, Fausto Antonio Ramírez is a regular contributor to different digital media. Narrative writer, he has several publications on the market. He is currently working on a new novel. Passionate about the world of fashion, natural health, and male aesthetics, he has worked for different media specialized in the subject.

  • Carlos Rivera

    Stylist, visual merchandiser and fashion & lifestyle editor. Currently I collaborate with various firms and media as a freelance. You can follow me on my personal blog and, of course, read me in 'Men with Style'.

  • Ignatius Hall

    I like to lead a healthy life, doing physical exercise and eating a healthy diet. For that, I keep informed about health issues consulting different media. Also, I am passionate about sharing everything I learn from my sources.