body recomposition

body recomposition

body recomposition It covers two very important aspects to maintain a modality between diet and exercise. Weight loss and muscle gain They fall within the objective under this term and everything will depend on the objective of the person in looking for how they want their body recomposition.

has always remained the doubt between these two objectives, and in the face of such a fact, the two periods had to be separated. In one period you had to do a fat loss and in the other a muscle gain. Over time these two cycles have been encompassed in one and marked with the term described. Now can be achieved by performing a series of limitations and exercises.

What is body recomposition?

It is difficult to think that a body recomposition can be done. His technique has many paradoxes. Among them, how you can gain energy by eating to gain muscle mass, if at the same time, you want to lose body fat, eating less energy.

The idea can be summed up in something that can be made compatible. It is as simple as calculating that energy expenditure must be comparable to the right amount of energy to not make you fat. Perhaps you even have to calculate consume less food and spend more than what is contributed.

Actually, there is no magic in body recomposition. In fact, it is something that does work and can be verified in the many studies on the matter. Many people have gained muscle mass while losing body fat.

body recomposition

How does body recomposition work?

The training is technically based on the use of weights for bodybuilding. The exercise will be carried out for a duration of 30 minutes minimum and for three days a week. Part of this recomposition will be about gaining muscle through resistance training. Along with all this, you have to be aware of how many calories you consume in order to achieve fat loss at the same time. Body recomposition works for certain types of people:

  • In beginners: In this case, the development of the muscle of a beginner person manages to gain muscle with greater capacity. To do this, you must carry a moderate Calorie Diet, a little protein consumption and increase the pace of exercise constantly. It is not necessary to make a great effort at the beginning, since injuries can be easily achieved and recovery can be expensive.
  • People who retired from the sport. He is the type of person who has withdrawn from the gym due to injury or not being able to prioritize it. In this case muscle still has muscle memory, due to the myonuclei, as they remember that the muscle has to act as quickly as possible. In this case, these myonuclei accelerate protein synthesis and speed up their recomposition rapidly.

body recomposition

  • Overweight people. The fat that is stored in the body is used to build muscle. In this way, a great advantage is created to be able to increase muscle mass and also, create a great sale to cross a greater caloric deficit.
  • When they used anabolic steroids. These types of substances are created to quickly gain muscle mass. You get to create shortcuts in your gain and even in being able to be strong enough to face a caloric deficit. In theory, its consumption is not highly recommended. Given the type of substance it contains, it can eventually cause serious side effects, including cardiovascular diseases such as thrombosis, arrhythmias or heart attacks.

How to train for a body recomposition?

Training and nutrition are the key. In the gym you have to create strength exercises to achieve muscle building, with repetitions from low to high intensity and doing loads. It should be noted that, if you are a beginner, the exercise must be practiced moderately at first and made to grow over time.

body recomposition

Act quickly. mix with a cardio workout. You can perform HIIT-type exercises, a type of anaerobic exercise that trains the heart rate between 80 to 95%. But it is also essential to perform low intensity cardio, this will depend on the person.

El energy deficit It has to be very present, but it has to be moderate. You can't just suddenly and abruptly cut out a bunch of calories. It must be reduced between 10-15%, more than this amount would be equivalent to creating a protein synthesis deficit.

You have to adjust your diet high protein intake, since it involves gaining muscle mass correctly. You should consume between 1,5 and 2g of protein per kg of weight. The ideal is to keep foods high in protein in the diet, although the ideal is also to complement it with some type of supplement.

Rest It is also part of this type of routine in body recomposition. You have to achieve 8 hours of sleep, as it is essential. If you do not rest well, cortisol levels will increase and testosterone will decrease, something that does not accompany body recomposition.

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