How often do you have to wash your hair

wash your hair

Surely you have thought more than once that if washing your hair frequently will be good or not for your health. Perhaps you are not going very badly in thinking that yes, since probably if you have reached this conclusion it is because you have begun to observe a somewhat disheveled hair and you do not find reasons for it. Some parts of our body must continue with a normal and natural cycle, and not have to constantly intoxicate it with artificial products.

On this occasion, the hair suffers if we subject it to continuous washing every day. Simply wetting it with water and rinsing it is enough if the hair has not become impregnated with dirt. Unfortunately there is nothing scientific that accurately reports this data, what we do know is that Each type of hair is in a different way and we must be alert for that care we need.

How often do you have to wash your hair?

Experts recommend washing your hair two to three times a week (maximum) since it is enough to show off healthy hair. If, on the other hand, your lifestyle or work requires that you have to wash it every day, there are shampoos for hair for daily use so that it does not suffer any impact.


The hair does not suffer, your scalp suffers. The fact of washing your hair every day and with any product can end up accumulating oil on the scalp, hence the generation of natural yeast and the creation of dandruff. From here on, some complications begin to be formalized, such as the hair loss or dermatitis.

wash your hair

If your hair is fine or oily, it does not matter that it can be washed every dayYou just have to choose the type of product you need for this type of hair. The same occurs with people who play sports, those who suffer from some type of perspiration due to sweat or those who are exposed to any medium that dirties and clogs their pores. For this reason it is essential to do a wash to clean all those pores that have been clogged for these reasons.

What happens if you shower every day?

There is the “No Shampoo” technique and although it seems a bit cloudy, we should shower without shampooing daily. We can follow a hygiene routine As we usually do, we should only wet and rinse on the days when we do not have to wash our hair. In this way we would only be able to remove the environmental dirt of the day and be able to maintain the natural oils of the hair in a natural way.

Find out if your hair is overwashed

It's easy to find out why your hair is suffering. You will probably notice it dry and dull and you don't come to the conclusion that you are washing it very often. Hair is a living fiber that is dry but contains moisture. Excessive use of shampoo removes excess moisture and therefore turns it into weak and damaged hair.

daily use shampoos

On the other hand, as it is removing that moisture, too you are removing all natural oil production from our hair, making our scalp work to obtain more of said oil. An excess of this production as we have explained can cause your hair to fall out or an excessive withdrawal of your natural fat can cause flat, lifeless and dull hair.

If your hair needs to be washed every day, then you should resort to specific products of some ranges that are special for daily use, with natural extracts that hydrate and respect the scalp. Some of them have the peculiarity of being anti-dandruff and very respectful of fragile and delicate hair.

daily use shampoos

The use of conditioner, mask or dryer

Although we have succeeded in washing ourselves consistently and depending on our hair type or lifestyle, we must not forget about conditioners or masks. These products are also essential in our care as they help to keep moisture in the hair.

When washing your hair much less during the week it is vitally important to keep it moist, and applying a conditioner or masks after washing helps to hold it in until the next wash. The masks can be applied for up to 20 minutes and the conditioners are for instant clarification. One thing that is essential is to rinse the hair well after application.

Using dryer yes it is allowed if you really need it. You can use these tips if you want not to damage your hair: try to dry it from top to bottom and try not to bring it too close to your hair. Use the minimum temperature as power and finish drying it with a blast of cold air, this will seal the cuticles.

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