How much does it cost to get an earring?

Earring in man

Whatever your lifestyle you can choose your best accessory to match your way of dressing. Without a doubt, wearing an earring or not will be the choice of each person and if you doubt whether it may be creating a trend, it is undoubtedly yes. For decades and even centuries it is a complement that has never been lacking in man.

When making an earring, it is important to make a good choice of the area and the type that will fit your style. Another setback is how much it can cost us to do it and that will depend on the site and the way it is done. To do this, pay attention to all the places where you can make an earring.

Places and price where to get an earring

The first place an earring can be done is at a pharmacy. It is practical and cheap, there is no fixed price to determine how much it can cost, but its price ranges between € 5 and € 10, depending on the service that the pharmacy wants to provide and the quality of the earring to be implanted, since the price is all included.

His technique consists of limplantation of the earring with a gun, an easy, fast and efficient way. His method is to place a pressure earring made of hypoallergenic material where its nut is snapped into place. This system is effective and has security to prevent the nut from detaching and no injuries.

These "hypoallergenic" earrings They are made with materials so that they do not give allergy in contact with the skin, called allergic contact eczema. Most of the earrings that are put in the pharmacies are made with noble metals such as titanium.

Gun to make earrings

Gun to make earrings

Another of the places where they are specialized in making earrings are the piercing shops. Here it will be done manually, piercing the place with a needle where the earring will be installed immediately.

The way they do it and the professionalism imposed by those who practice it, will make their price much higher. For two ear piercings it can reach up to € 30 and if it is done individually about € 20. But they are approximate prices, since depending on the place and the difficulty one price or another will apply.

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Hygienic measures before and after the earring

It is important follow a series of hygienic measures before making the earring. All these places already follow their protocol before doing it, but if you want to know first-hand what their follow-up is like, pay attention.

Both for the gun and the manual piercing method you have to have all material disinfected and sterilized, including the earrings to be used. It is important that the staff wear gloves during their practice and that the area where the earring is to be placed is well cleaned.

Earring in man

Healing in any of its methods is easy to perform, but its healing as a general rule is complicated. To clean the area you have to have clean hands and depending on the place they can recommend healing in one way or another. Ideally, clean the area daily with saline solution, crystalline or with a spray chlorhexidine solution, after making a complete turn to the slope and let it rest.

Its healing is complicated because it takes a long time to heal. You have to be patient because there are reactions with infections and inflammations during its healing and creates a lot of discomfort, especially at bedtime. Healing can take up to a year to formalize and it is important not to remove the earring because the hole may close.

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How to treat severe infections

The normal thing during his healing is to notice that the area is reddened and even in some cases some pain and discomfort is felt. But when the area is very reddened, it becomes hard, inflamed and you even notice that it is quite hot to the touch, it is because you have a more severe infection.

Earring in man

Ideally, disinfect the area several times a day for several days., do not touch the earring and leave it in position. If the situation does not improve and pus (a yellowish liquid) begins to come out, then you should see a doctor for a more effective treatment. In these cases, a antibiotic cream to treat the area.

Keloids is another problem that can appear during the healing process. There are people who, due to their skin type, have another way to heal these wounds. In this case, the tissue heals outwards, producing a small lump called a keloid.

Other complications may be that the earring is not made of a suitable material for your body to support it. If you suspect that this is not the material that allows the area to heal well, look for another with a better alloy. For these cases, the one that works best is gold.

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