In the world there are various types of people. Those who love freckles, and others who detest them. The same goes for those who have them, some want to hide their freckles and others love to show them. Freckles are unknown by the name of ephelides and it is a type of benign skin spot that appears due to an increase in a pigment known as melanin in the epidermis.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about freckles and how to hide them.

What are freckles

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These are various spots that appear on the skin and appear due to the moment of the melanin pigment in the epidermis. It can appear in almost any part of the body, although the most "bothersome" are the face. They are characterized by be more brownish or reddish pigments and are not uniform. They are located in those parts of the skin that are more exposed and exposed to the sun. This causes freckles to be found mainly on the face, back, chest, and arms. There is also a clear tendency to appear in those with white skin.

There are several types of typologies depending on their origin. They differ between those that are present from birth and those that appear during childhood, adolescence or adulthood. The latter are the most common.

Freckle Treatments

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There are various treatments to eliminate or hide them. It is established that there are some treatments available to end the appearance of freckles on the skin and they are found in depigmenting creams and peels. There are some certain types of lasers and some light sources capable of removing freckles. These last two types of treatments must be very well controlled by the dermatologist, as they can trigger some skin damage.

To resort to any type of these measures, a prior diagnosis by a specialist is necessary. It is this specialist who can use a dermatoscope, which is a confocal microscope, or a biopsy for removal. Among the cosmetic formulas that are more effective and that can help improve the appearance of freckles we find hydroquinone and its derivatives, retinoic acid, retinol, kojic acid and vitamin C, Among others.

However, despite the treatments that currently exist, in most cases it is also necessary to resort to treatment with light bridges. There are some depigmenting peels that are performed by more experienced dermatologists and consists of a combination of hydroxy acids along with other substances that help reduce pigmentation in some combinations. All these combinations depend on each patient.

For the treatment to be effective it is necessary to have a good preparation and an extinct care after it. You can also include a high protection against solar radiation during the following days.

Prevention against rumors

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It should be borne in mind that, although freckles do not pose a risk to the health of the skin, a change in them can lead to a malignant tumor. Therefore, it is necessary to have a control on the freckles continuously to know the state of the same. A timely diagnosis can increase the chances of a cure in this way. Let's see what are the aspects that must be taken into account to check if our freckles can cause problems:

  • Asymmetry: This means that the freckle present is irregular in shape.
  • On edges: pay special attention to the unevenness of the edges.
  • Color: If it changes color or has more than two colors, you have to pay attention to it.
  • Diameter: It is also important to analyze if the diameter is greater than 6 mm.

All these aspects must be analyzed continuously in order to prevent any malignant tumor. Above all, caution must be exercised in summer due to increased exposure to solar radiation. Despite the fact that sun creams contribute to the protection of the skin and the appearance of spots, it does not protect one hundred percent from radiation. That is when we must take into account other prevention measures such as the following:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun during the central hours of the day. In these hours is when more amount of harmful solar radiation exists in the environment.
  • Wear protective clothing: Here we can use hats, shirts or umbrellas to help us reduce exposure to the sun.
  • Go to the dermatologist regularly: The rider will be in charge of reviewing the different aspects such as those that we have previously analyzed and investigating the birth of new freckles, we must take into consideration that, while congenital freckles do not usually show changes over time, those that are acquired in other stages of life if they can vary gradually. It can also increase the warty surface and decrease the amount of pigment.

How to hide freckles

There are many people who are happy with freckles and want to hide them. Let's see what are the main tips for this:

  • Lemon: It is a natural ingredient that we can use in numerous beauty treatments and specifically to reduce skin blemishes. It is quite effective and acts as an inhibitor of melanin production. This prevents the appearance of spots.
  • Milk: with the lactic acid they contain, it has very effective bleaching properties. It is very good for lightening spots. Moisten a cotton pad with cold milk and rub it on the area where you have freckles.
  • Chamomile: It is one of the best home remedies to hide freckles on the face. You can create a mask with chamomile infusion and a tablespoon of honey. You just have to let it act for 15 minutes.
  • Makeup: Although it is not recommended, it is the fastest and easiest way to hide freckles. Choose a concealer to be able to make them disappear quickly.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about freckles and how to hide them.

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