Foods rich in vitamin D

Foods rich in vitamin D

Today there are many people with a severe lack of vitamin D and we understand that this type of deficiency is of vital importance for our body. With the arrival of winter, lack of sun and low temperatures cause us to have this vitamin deficiency.

There are very healthy foods that give us this great vitamin. Consume them several times a day is already comforting us is his lack and helps us reduce respiratory infections up to 50 percent. There is fruit such as orange that contains this rich vitamin and it can be easily taken in the form of juice every day and at breakfast.

What are the benefits of vitamin D?

This substance is essential for the body, it helps to have better mobility between bones and muscles, as well as allowing a better digestion of calcium, since it helps the body to assimilate this vitamin much better.

It is not known if the harsh restrictions and confinements have caused it to skyrocket. the lack of this vitamin In person. It is also not known whether the modern and stressful lifestyle means that we do not get enough vitamin D that our body needs. Your fair contribution supports the immune system and helps fight viruses and bacteria that is needed so that it does not develop osteoporosis.

How much vitamin D does our body need?

Vitamin D it is an essential complement for all people, including pregnant people and even those with dark complexions. To make a complete diet of this substance it is recommended take supplements of 10 mg daily in the months with less hours of sun.

The severe lack of vitamin D can cause there is no bone mineralization and correct. Its scarcity creates osteomalacia in adults and rickets in children. The lack of this deficiency but less serious already creates respiratory infections as we have reviewed and bone and tooth alterations.

Foods rich in vitamin D They are a good source to be able to consume them and provide the amount that our body needs. But exposure to the sun is much more important, since captures up to 85% of the levels of this vitamin that comes from sunlight. Thanks to this uptake in the body, changes occur in the liver and kidney to form this active hormone.

Foods rich in vitamin D

A person over 18 years of age you need an intake of 800 IU / day, although there are those who require up to 1.500-2.000 IU / day for special cases or when one is of advanced age. In children under 18 years of age, the recommended intake would be 600 IU / day which can be expanded up to 1.000 IU / day in special cases.

If you are deficient in this vitamin, your doctor may prescribe a few daily supplements or in some cases taking one capsule a month. These capsules have high concentrations of this vitamin, of 20.000-30.000 IU up to 50.000 IU. Its high concentration that will make the body store the vitamin in the liver for the body turn to it over time and when you need it.

Foods rich in vitamin D

Foods rich in vitamin D are an important source to be able to acquire this substance, but we know that sun exposure is the best way to be able to assimilate this important complement. The best foods are:

Blue fish

They are blue and fatty fish. The ones that stand out the most are salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel with its great contribution of vitamin D, protein and Omega 3. It also has a great load of Vitamins A, B and D, of minerals and iodine. Consuming only 80 grams of tuna will be enough for that supplement we need.

Foods rich in vitamin D

Orange juice

Oranges are another important source of vitamin D. A 200 ml glass already gives us around 140 IU and it is also a great antioxidant food that provides vitamin C, a great booster for the immune system.

The eggs

Its highest concentration is found in the yolk. A single egg is already contributing 13% of the daily amount recommended of this vitamin. It also contains a good source of vitamins A, E and B12, minerals such as selenium and is a good source for building muscle mass.

Foods rich in vitamin D


It contains a great source of this vitamin, there is even milk that is already supplied with an addition of this substance along with calcium. Your consumption of 200 ml already provides 32% of the need of this vitamin for the body.

Other important foods are beef liver, mushrooms, although with a lesser contribution, cod liver oil and shellfish. Bacao liver oil also provides vitamin A and Omega 3 fatty acids and can be taken in capsules. Oysters are the ones with the greatest contribution and followed by prawns, prawns and clams.

If you have a lack of this vitamin it is important to add these foods in your weekly diet, You can even mix several of them and make exquisite dishes. It is advisable to take two servings of oily fish a week and a quantity of 3 to 5 eggs a week.

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