How to be more handsome

How to be more handsome

Unfortunately, the face we are born with is the one we will have for life. We can go to the gym and work our body, shape it, increase our muscle mass, etc. However, we cannot "make a face." But this is not a reason why we have to let ourselves be overcome by the face that we have had to bear. There are some tips that we can follow to look more attractive without having to be handsome.

In this article we are going to teach you how to be more handsome with some pretty simple tricks. Do you want to know more about it? Keep reading.

Better attitude and personality

have self-confidence

Being handsome is not just having a perfect face that meets the similarity of the golden ratio (see The most handsome men in the world). You can be attractive and interesting to other people without needing to be handsome. The way of your face is not the only thing that attracts attention and that makes a person attractive. Therefore, it is not enough to just look good and have an eye-catching smile.

The attitude of a person is quite determining in this type of situation. Not just having a positive attitude, but being able to solve problems and be upbeat. Sharing your best moments with other people and caring about them is something that attracts other people. In order to show off an attractive personality and a positive attitude, the first thing you have to do is trust yourself. Even if you are not handsome as such, you can offer many other virtues to people and, above all, You have to be sure of yourself and not be afraid of "what will they say."

Clothes, hair and how clean you are cannot help you to have confidence in yourself. You have to know what your limits are and what you are capable of. Not being ashamed to show how you are, your hobbies and your personality as a whole is vitally important so that others have a positive opinion of you. Do not forget that this confidence in yourself cannot be faked, as it will be forced. It has to come from within and be completely honest.

External aspects

smile and pretend to be happy

Due to the development of technology and our change in our way of life, we are used to having positions that are not good for our health. We continually hunch over and spend hours and hours in bad postures in front of the hideous screens. Slouching not only causes back problems in the long run, it makes you look like a man without self-confidence and easy to defeat.

Sitting upright or walking upright can indirectly show self-confidence. These kinds of things are considered non-verbal language. It is one that transmits itself without the need for words. An upright man is inherently capable of transmitting security and courage.

Another important external aspect is the smile. Obviously you should not smile in a forced way if you do not feel like it. However, smiling often makes a person look happy, confident, and outgoing. In addition, it is perfect to prevent them from seeing you tired from your day to day or your work or if you are sad.

When talking to someone, you must look him in the eye. Apart from the fact that it is a matter of education, it will show you that you have self-confidence and security in yourself. Nor is it a matter of staring at the person. It is best to look her in the eye, eventually glancing at some other parts of her face as well.

Develop your own style

have your own style

The clothing is an important aspect of the facet that you are going to show in front of the public. It is important that your style is your own and that you do not end up using other people's ways of dressing. The style of clothing is not as important as how you wear it. It is inevitable that, if you are of a certain age, it is not advisable to dress like young people, since you will only be indicating that you are a person who is trying to recover lost youth.

If you don't know how to implement your own style, take a good look at other people. One piece of advice is that women observe people's shoes quite a bit. However, this is an aspect little taken into account by taller people. Make sure you choose a type of shoe that is pleasant and that matches the rest of your outfit.

If you are one of those people who does not know how to choose clothes, but has money to spare, you can hire a personal buyer. These people are generally quite skilled at getting other people's style. You will be paying him to choose the best clothes to enhance your own style.

Accessories are almost as important as the rest of the clothes. A ring, pendant, anklet, etc. They are accessory elements that can make a difference between other people. You can be known for being the guy who always wears a certain bracelet. Do not forget that speaking well and pronouncing all the words clearly can be quite interesting for the person who is listening to you.

Personal cleanliness

personal cleanliness

Being handsome is not just about your clothes and personality. Personal hygiene is a determining factor if we want to be attractive. For it, keeping your nails and hands clean is vitally important. Before eating, going out or entering a place, it is better to go with your hands washed and your nails trimmed and clean.

Combing and washing your hair is also another important aspect. I assure you that a person with greasy and badly combed hair makes a very bad impression. Washing your hair once every two days and treating dandruff and / or oil if you have them is something that helps a lot. Breath is another aspect to consider. Having your teeth cleaned and smelling fresh will make you feel more self-confident when talking to people.

Finally, going clean and shaved is another quite viable option to be more handsome.

I hope that all these tips can help you to know how to be more handsome.

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