Hoop earrings for men

earrings for men

Men's earrings are still that symbolism of rebellious boys, with personality and character. These earrings have been trendsetting for many years and now is a great example to show that you have not lost strength. More and more ingenuity is being used to come up with hoops with great design and many existing materials.

There are countless models designed for man and many of them are already made with the famous stainless steel. This material, being inexpensive, is easier to sell and offer great resistance. We have earrings of all sizes, with snap closures, with crosses and with various ornaments such as zirconia stones, here at Hombre con Estilo we show you which are the most fashionable.

History of rings in man

Its history goes back in those men wearing earrings in their ears in ancient times, being Syrian kings or Egyptian Priests.

They used gold to make them and some already combined this material with precious stones such as sapphires, rubies or even emeralds.

earrings for men

The peoples that most used it were Greece, Egypt, Arabs and the Anglo-Saxons and only people with high social status could be allowed to take them, although there were slaves who could use it, but being of noble origin.

Although its great symbolism is due when it spread throughout Europe, since it was the pirates who made the hoop as a concept fashionable. Nowadays, wearing this type of ring is something valid and very corresponding to the time in which we live, thanks to the fact that it belongs to a much more open culture.

Hoops for men

Silver-colored stainless steel

This material is very fashionable and apparently it is very beneficial because it is hypoallergenic. What advantages do these earrings offer? It is a material that has the color of silver and the good thing it offers is that if time passes it does not lose its brightness or colorIt will be like the first day. The other advantage is that it is inexpensive, but the day you want to pawn or sell by weight it will hardly have any value.

earrings for men

Stainless steel with color

These earrings range from black to gold.. If they are made with a good material, they do not have to lose that tone, since some of them oxidize with the contact of the salts of the human body. The ideal component of steel is 316 to always keep that good color. There is a wide range of men's earrings with this composition and they are all spectacular.

Hoops with cross

These earrings hoop with a hanging cross have been a classic since many years. As they do not go out of fashion, its design has been made with different materials such as silver, gold and even stainless steel. with styles in all colors. The different variations of this design no longer come alone with the typical cross since it can be combined with any small pendant so that they do not remain alone.

earrings for men

Hoops with hanging figures

These earrings have infinite solutions for you to wear hanging a small sample that symbolizes your personality. Most of these designs are made of nickel-free stainless steel with a high-polish finish to make them shine.

earrings for men

Carved or decorated

They are earrings that are part of that jewelery so that they can last much longer. Most are made of steel and their designs are very original. We have from the black finish with six spikes around the shape of the ring, the black or silver with zircons, the one that comes with some type of modern and carved drawing or those that combine several colors to have an elegant appearance.

earrings for men

Hoop-shaped earrings called dilators

These earrings are very fashionable and bring a lot of work with them, since you have to gradually get that cavity to be able to put the earring. We will need to make a small hole and go opening with expander cones to widen the diameter. It will take several weeks to achieve your result.


earrings for men

When can I find out that the material is not suitable for me?

You have surely noticed when you take off an earring that black or greenish color that leaves on the skin. This color will depend a lot on the material with which it is made and it is due to the reaction of our feetHe faced it.

The pH of our skin or sweat itself can damage these materials and they cause their components to lose properties. In this way you can discover that this material was not of great quality.

If this type of reaction occurs it is because the acid mantle of the skin it is protecting us from all these external agents that can cause this damage. Reacting in this way prevents the growth of bacteria and restores us to have a much healthier skin.

Be careful with other chemicals such as soaps, perfumes or creams because they help certain pieces of jewelry to damage more quickly.

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