Dyeing ash gray hair

Dyeing ash gray hair

We have already told you in another of our articles how gray hair has taken a huge leap in fashion. It is a great success for women and men who want to wear this color, because it marks a lot the personality.

Ash gray hair is a shade that gives a sober and elegant look, it stays between the different shades of gray, it does not become a dark gray, nor a light gray, nor silver. If you like to choose this color you have to specify how to manage it, find a professional and give you the guidelines to follow.

If you decide to do it at home with a little help, you also have the best tips so you can achieve it. We will recommend all the materials you will need and the subsequent treatments that you will have to apply to take care of hair and color.

Evaluate if you can dye your hair

First you have to do an assessment of whether your hair is fit or you may get through the fading process. You have to know the type of natural pigmentation that your hair has and for this you can put yourself in the hands of a specialist to evaluate it.

Dyeing ash gray hair

Based on this data, it will be possible to determine how many bleaches your hair will need to achieve a platinum blonde (the discoloration). This is the color that will have to be achieved first to be able to then give the gray tint color that you want to apply.

The second step is evaluate if your hair will withstand peroxide volumes that will be applied to bring the discoloration, since with the passage of time the hair becomes weak and brittle. As the weeks go by, their hair becomes dull and disheveled due to this treatment that ends up punishing many of them.

Whether or not your hair resists bleaching

The bleaching process can become complex and lengthy. Depending on your type of hair color may need several discolorations, the necessary ones until reaching the light tone that is needed. If you have delicate hair and you need to do it you may have to do it by sessions and the discoloration lasts for weeks.

The process that takes more time will be done with a bleaching and it will be expected that the hair is restored a few days until the next bleaching that will be scaled by tones. In this way, we will ensure that the hair adapts and does not have to break in a single large discoloration.

How is the bleach applied to the hair?

The discoloration will have two main components: the bleach powder and the solution or activator, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide, indicated in volumes). If you have very light hair you will need a 10 volume activator, if your hair is dark blonde the volume will be 20, for light brown you will need volume 30 and for dark or black hair you will need volume 40.

You have to mix both products, the proportions are usually indicated in the instructions, although it is usual to mix in equal parts. We start to put our mixture on the hair with the help of a brush and 4 centimeters from the root.

Dyeing ash gray hair

You should apply the bleach in sections to your hair to make it easier for you to do so. Must wait 25 minutes, until you see that the hair turns orange. Next, we apply the mixture again, but this time at the roots. We let rest for another 25 minutes until hair is lightened.

Finally it will be left another 25 minutes. The bleach will be removed from the hair with plenty of water, it will be rinsed thoroughly and a specific shampoo for white hair will be necessary. The product to be applied will be a purple tint.

This toner fixes the color of that yellow hue and brings it much closer to a natural white. There are shades that are applied in the same way as the dye, with a brush, from the roots to the tips. Leave on for 20 minutes and cover the hair with a plastic cap so there are no spills. Finally rinse your hair with plenty of water.

Applying gray hair dye

dye, shampoo and mask

dye, shampoo and mask

For its application, the hair must be dry if you are going to use a permanent dye. If you are going to use a semi-permanent dye it will only need to be semi-moist. Prepare the tempting mixture in a bowl. You should apply petroleum jelly around the areaI know you don't want the dye to get on you. With the help of a of a brush apply it all over your hair and leave on for about 30 minutes.

Then rinse off all the dye with lots of water, until you see that all the color comes off and it comes out completely clean and wash your hair with a special shampoo for white hair.

Special care after dyeing on gray hair

For your day to day it is important to follow a few simple steps to continue maintaining the tone and hydration of the hair. It is not convenient to use any shampoo, for this you must use a special shampoo for hair care and hydration and so that it maintains the color for much longer.

white hair shampoos and mattifiers

white hair shampoos and mattifiers

It is not necessary to wash your hair every day, but do do it regularly so that you stay hydrated. The mask is recommended to use once a week to give that extra dose of hydration. And a very important aspect is to avoid sources of heat (dryers or irons) since they deteriorate the hair much more.

To have an impeccable hair color it is advisable to do a touch up with the dye, at least every three to four weeks, so that the contrasts of colors are not noticed from the roots to the hair. That will lead you back to the salon and give you a new session, or with the steps that we have taught you, do it at home.

We have already observed that dyeing your hair gray is a fashion that may be within your reachIt is not difficult to do but it is not easy to maintain and cheap either. Special arrangements and specific products are needed for this beautiful result, but your effort will be worth it.

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