Tattoos on the back

tattoos on the back

It is certainly a topic that reports to the creation of a design of great dimension, creativity and originality. This type of tattoos are created on the back and that gives a great capacity to size the drawing without having restrictions, it is striking and therefore it is for daring people.

The tattoos on the back show strength and courage, Since to be able to draw these large-scale drawings, time and resistance to pain have been needed and that accentuates the character of the person. The fact of tattooing on any part of the body is not just a men's homeworkbut also women, and there are women who give free rein to their exhibition and do not consider it impossible to become one on their backs.

Advantages of tattoos on the back

One of the most obvious advantages of getting a tattoo in this area is the ample space available to develop your design. Many people make this type of tattoo when they have followed a trajectory of several of them on their leather. The most significant thing is usually that some of less complexity have already been drawn and that now they want it to be much more difficult and deep.

The person who is in charge of making your drawing and elaboration will have much more space and creativity, apart from great visibility to be able to unleash complex pieces. The person who will have a tattoo on their back will be able to create private pieces that they will only want to show in particular situations.

Back tattoo problems

One of the biggest drawbacks is that being a drawing with a large line the person may come to regret it. And it is that this tattoo being of great dimension the probabilities of making it disappear later can relapse into great complications, it will not be easy to say goodbye.

The use of a lot of ink to draw, for some they will see it as something problematic in case it could lead to developing certain diseases. Today there is no concern about it, since their inks are free of certain heavy metals that led to health problems such as some type of cancer. You just have to know how to choose the place and the country that do it in a healthy way.

Regarding the issue of pain, all tattoos are painful, that is inevitable. But we can rebound that the zone of the back is one of the least painful to tattoo. In the part of the sides or in the area of ​​the spine are the areas most susceptible to pain.

If, for any reason, a surgical intervention had to be carried out, we have to imagine that can present scar problems, and that will make the drawing not have the same homogeneity as at the beginning, because you will have a scar.

tattoos on the back

Back tattoo styles

There are great curiosities about the tattoo technique applied to the back. The tattoos of the Japanese mafia or Yakuza It is those drawings that give it that great artistic and characteristic value of that type of representation. They symbolize suffering and prestige and above all cover the entire back. At first they used to be represented with the color black, but later colors such as red, white and green have been integrated. The most used symbols are usually samurai, geishas, ​​animals like dragons, snakes, tigers or the Koi fish; cherry blossoms are also often drawn. All these elements have a special meaning and in accordance with their design.

Japanese mafia or Yakuza tattoos

Japanese mafia or Yakuza tattoos

Tribal tattoos They are very representative of our culture, although their name comes from cultures from Western Asia and the Pacific. It represents more spiritual scenes so the person who tattoos it makes them feel much more protected.

The way to tattoo these drawings it does not have to cover the entire back, there are them represented in the upper part, in the lower back or a small sample tattooed in a specific place. Any of them it can come from a different nature and usually encompasses an infinite number of proposals.

Types of tattoos

tattoos on the back

In order of tattoos from left to right: gothic tattoo, watercolor, old school and graffiti

There is a lot of variety and outgoing and classy tastes. It depends on the culture, the personality of the person or their lived experiences, the tattoo can be transferred on the skin by various characters.

The realistic tattoo: it is as its name says, very real. It can be an almost perfect representation of a portrait or some mythological figure, animal, painting ...

The graffiti type tattoo: This type of drawing will remind us of the techniques used by graffiti artists, with bright colors and exaggerated shapes, with a youthful touch that is fashionable.

The gothic tattoo: it is a drawing that gives the sensation of darkness, it is gloomy and with dark colors. Many skulls are usually represented.

The watercolor tattoo: his drawings represent the shapes and colors retracted in a watercolor composition. His technique differs a lot from other tattoos and elements of nature are used with bright colors.

The Old School Tattoo or traditional tattoo: Its finish is very traditional, it is solid, clean and simple. It is characterized because its paths are delineated by a much thicker line and its colors range from red, green, yellow, brown and little else. Its most representative forms are flowers, animals, sailors, pin-ups, warlike, hearts, letters ...

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