How to care for men's hands and feet

take care of men's hands and feet

Hand and foot care in men is no longer a taboo subject for many people. It seemed to be a women's issue, but we already know that body care for many men comes to personify their looks a lot. The hands are almost the first thing that a person appreciates and having them arranged, cared for with their nails cut will determine a lot of the type of person who takes care of themselves.

Little by little, men are gaining ground in their care and it is something that is appreciated by the eye and makes them feel good about themselves. Keeping your hands and feet well groomed is important to making that good impression. We have given advice on how to care for hair, how to get a splendid beard, even give the best ideas for take care of men's faces. Now our little tips focus on how we should take care of our feet and hands.

Why is it important to take care of your feet and hands?

For many people, taking care of this part of the body makes them feel much better. There will always be many people who are grateful to see when a person takes care of a part as visible as the hands and another part that it tends to wear out a lot like the feet.

Seasonal changes with extreme temperatures or jobs suffered by some men, they make a great wear and tear. You can see in your hands that they get to suffer those cracks or wounds causing great dryness. The feet with the heat also suffer great discomfort and a lot of heaviness.

How to do a hand care

take care of men's hands and feet

Many men already they bet on going to a beauty salon to take care of their hands. Of course, within hand care we are not going to include nail polish, although there are many men who already choose to paint their nails with a colorless, repairing polish. In the case of cases where they want to glaze, they will choose special colors such as black, purple, blue or litmus.

A exfoliation in depth that will help remove all dead cells and remove some blackheads if anything. In case you don't believe it, this step helps to rejuvenate the skin, to give it much more freshness and softness, the result will be noticed

Later a nail clipping will be done, in some cases it can be smoothed with the help of a file. The cuticles will be removed and a moisturizing oil will be applied to the cuticles to soften them. Finally it will end up giving a very good hydration in the hands with very special components, relaxing, refreshing and providing that water that the skin so much needs.

Products for hand hydration

take care of men's hands and feet

Roc hand cream has a composition that helps restore dry hands, specially formulated to provide great hydration and not add grease to the hands. It calms and maintains moisture in the skin and is indicated for those hands that suffer.

Rickell Men`s hand cream is another product that cares deeply for the hands of men. It is light and absorbs quickly and contains a series of natural ingredients that deeply hydrate and firm the skin.

Ahava cream is a mineral cream created to take care of those hands neglected by extreme climates or forced labor. It has great power to repair cracked and dry skin, giving great flexibility.

For foot care

take care of men's hands and feet

This area also has that special care that many of us need. In many beauty centers already you can start with a few feet soaked in water for about 30 minutes and wait for the wonders that they can offer you.

It can begin with a gentle and calming massage or end with it, It will not be essential to show off beautiful feet, but your body and well-being will appreciate it. All toenails will be trimmed to give that correct and clean look.

As it is an area exposed to a great weight and dirt always an attempt will be made to clean all traces of dirt that can be found between the nails. It will also proceed to trim all possible skins that make up those cuticles that give that bad look.

All the dead skin and certain calluses will be removed and polished until the feet reach that smoothness how much it will be appreciated. The specialist may include at the end, soothing gels and lotions between the feet and ankles, something that will be appreciated.

Products for hydration of feet

take care of men's hands and feet

Organic Shea Foot Cream is made with shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera and marula oil to repair the feet in depth. They are essential and premium ingredients that repair dry and cracked calluses, calluses and heels.

Neutrogena Ultra moisturizing cream is designed for the care of men's feet. It is suitable even for very dry skin since its components based on glycerin and petroleum jelly help to give that feeling of deep relief. It is composed of Allantoin, an ingredient that accelerates the natural healing processes of the skin and gives extreme softness.

All these cares will help to maintain a look much healthier, de-stress the skin, oxygenate it and create greater circulation. We agree that performing this care is a matter of taking care of your health and also helping to raise your mood, you will appreciate it.

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