How to file nails

Man hands

Knowing how to file your nails and keep them presentable is very important. And is that hands say a lot about you, playing a key role in first impressions, which is why they should look neat and healthy.

To keep your nails in good condition, you should cut and file them at least once a week. Find out how to take care of your nails and get your hands to make the best possible impression.

Reasons to file your nails and take care of them


Surely more than once you have come across a person with very bitten or too long nails. What was the impression it left on you? Surely bad, or at least not as good as it could have been. The reason is that we associate nails with hygiene, neatness or attention to detail.

Since all these factors are very important, especially in the professional field, Nail maintenance should be a top priority for all men.

Unlike accessories (ties, for example) nails are not worked to get compliments or to become the focus of your image. On the contrary, you should be satisfied if they go completely unnoticed. If no one notices your nails, it means that you are doing things right.

How to file nails step by step

Let's see what attention and utensils nails need. As for the different tools, always handle them with caution to avoid injuries and promote correct and healthy nail growth.

First you have to cut

Nail clipper

Nails are usually trimmed before filing. Most have a great technique in this first step of nail care, but it does not hurt to remember how to do it.

Using a good nail clipper (or scissors if you are ambidextrous), cut your nails following their natural shape. Men's nails are short, but be careful not to go overboard, as cutting nails too short tends to be painful. In addition, to be able to file them later, it is necessary to leave a little white.

On the other hand, moisture acts as a softener and facilitates the process, so immediately after showering is an excellent time to trim your nails.

Push the cuticles

Cuticle spatula

As you know, the cuticle is the part where the nail meets the finger. This thin strip of skin tends to grow larger and take up more space than it should. If you need to keep your cuticles at bay, push them down with the help of a spatula until you uncover the white, curved area underneath.

Massage in a little oil or soak your hands for a couple of minutes to soften your cuticles. Mistreating the cuticles can cause infections and other problems in this part of the nail. So be gentle, don't push the cuticle too far down (when it comes to nails, pain is a sure sign that enough is enough). And above all, do not tear them off.

Pass the lime

nail file

The file will help you add the finishing touch to your nails. You can file the edges of your nails following a square or round shape. On the other hand, filing your nails always looking for uniformity will allow you to achieve an optimal result. To do this, briefly examine your nails and identify what prevents them from looking more regular in shape and length.

Finish off with a nail polish, especially if they look somewhat dull.. Shaped like a block, this tool will help you revitalize them. The polishers are passed over the nail, which helps improve circulation and make them smoother. It also adds a bit of shine to them.

Cutting and filing your nails is important, but don't forget about cleaning them. Sometimes washing them with soap and water is not enough: you need a nailbrush. These tools are affordable and very practical. Include a nail brush in your hygiene arsenal and use it to clean your nails whenever necessary. As with the previous steps, soaking your hands before brushing your nails will help make the job easier and faster.

Male manicure in specialized centers

Manicure set

It is in everyone's interest to know how to file and maintain nails from home. However, even so, it is possible that sometime (or all) you prefer to go to a specialized center. A good time to go for a professional male manicure is the your wedding day.

Male manicures can include different treatmentsBut don't worry, enamelling is not one of them (unless you request it). The basic service usually consists only of cutting and filing. Deeper treatments add more care, such as exfoliating and moisturizing your hands to regain their appearance and softness after hard work in the gym.

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