Tattoos on arm

Tattoos on arm

The tattoos on the arm we see it observed for thousands of years in different cultures, but they are becoming more and more ingrained use in our civilization. We can see from simple tattoos to entire tattooed arms, the majority with some type of symbolism or for personal taste but always with some type of interpretation by the person who wears them.

It is important to note that tattoos on the arm are much more visible than anywhere on the bodyespecially when wearing a short-sleeved shirt. That is why, being a static drawing, it must be a fairly thoughtful decision and what type of design should they wear for our day-to-day or work position.

Arm tattoos for men

We have spoken in some of our articles since how to learn to tattoo, up to everything you need to know about tattoos, how are the samoan drawings or the kind of sketches that you can design depending on the area of ​​the body where you want to have it. For tattoos on the arm we have ideas for you, with their symbols and models that you can use.

Tattoos on arm

Symbolism of tattooing on the arm

There are many people who decide to tattoo drawings on their arm and it is becoming increasingly clear how there are women who dare to use them. It can be observed in men how the forearms are tattooed in their entirety, to try to highlight your muscles. It is a way of looking positively and wanting to know how to wear a tattoo, because inadvertently you will always want to have a good physique so that they are combined.

As it is a fairly exposed area of ​​the body, it is logical that whoever wears them is because they want give some kind of communication or symbology. They always meet the goal of demonstrating a beautiful drawing, a tribute to something or to remember a loved one, but they are always some kind of symbolic experience.

Small tattoos

The tattoos with small elaborate drawings on the arms it is more significant to see it in women than men, but that does not mean that they do not wear it, many prefer to make a more minimalist drawing. If they have to be tattooed, it is always preferred to place them in strategic areas such as the wrists or some little recurring point.

Tattoos on arm


The most common tattoos are small symbolic shapes, some are made with phrases or names of a loved one. Roman numerals, special letters with some words with feeling, small animals, emoticons ...


They are tattoos that began to create a trend decades ago among some celebrities. It creates a lot of expectation to see it in men and many of them are made with tribal designs. They have evolved so much during these years that many already prefer to wear it as a symbol of jewelery or permanent garment.


Bangles are shapes with meanings, that arm brand come from the japanese tradition and they are shaped like black lines. In the past, tattoos in black lines were representative as a symbol of shame in criminals, later it became relevant among the Japanese mafia until our era, where they are placed to decorate the arms.

Mandala tattoos

They are the most used by tattoo artists, these black line drawings, with beautiful ornamentation and due to their complexity in the designs, make them the ones they like the most. They symbolize balance and tranquility for the interior of our spirit.

Maori Tattoos

The drawings of these tattoos have a beautiful story, with tradition and beautiful legends to tell. They go back thousands of years and if they are not of your own invention, they may hide a meaning that would be worth finding out.

Tattoos on arm

There is the Maori turtle tattoo that symbolizes fertility, well-being, and family. The Maori Cross Marquise are elements that symbolize heaven, earth and spirit. Among his drawings we also find the sun and the moon.

Geometric tattoos

They carry as a characteristic thick and thin linear shapes. The most prominent drawings are triangles, rhombuses, squares or any element with straight lines or that form a zig-zag. It is usually placed on the forearms and the designs to draw them are endless.


The area of ​​the arms is the perfect part to place a portrait tattoo, since its great visibility is ideal to show them off. There are tattoo artists and great portraitists where they can draw your loved ones, your great fans and even some public figure. Black and white drawings tend to be carried a lot, although they are also done in full color.

Full sleeve or half sleeve tattoos

The half sleeves are ideal to hide these designs much better and cover from the shoulder to the entire arm not including the forearm. Full arm tattoos are more popular with men and there are incredibly surprising and strategic drawings, finding a fabulous detail in each hole, ranging from very colorful drawings, to chromatic and shadow games.









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