Bows for men

Bows for men

There is no longer a distinction between the sexes when it comes to collecting hair. For all men who have long hair, it can give that touch of freshness and glamor. Particularly of the age or style that each man wants to wear, in these times you can take that turn and wear practically the look you want, and that is bows for men are in fashion.

The male manes no longer have to be collected with a small low updo and tied with a rubber band, now You bet on high buns, ponytails or even other updos called samurai hairstyles. It is a trend that is increasingly reflected even in the media, it is familiar to us to see it in celebrities, hipsters and athletes.

Types of bows for men

Give your hair a new twist, refresh your body for those hot days and put your hair up. There are many styles and you just have to choose the most casual and the one that best suits your personality.

The samurai bun

This type of bows for men is one more step in the collected hair, since its height is higher. It is for those men who believe themselves urban warriors and it is that it is modern, elegant and natural. Its trend is very modern since it is usually worn even with a thick beard. His style is to wear it with his hair shaved to the sides and the bow on the crown like samurai:

  • You have to straighten the hair.
  • Pick it up with a ponytail, which is very high, more or less at the crown.
  • Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.
  • To top it off, you can use a little hairspray to make it last much longer.

Casual style bow

This hairstyle presents her style how well her word says: “informal”. Rather It is a bun collected at the top of the head but in a messy and casual way. It doesn't have to be perfectly styled, but it does have to have a bit of volume. To do this, apply a little foam to your hair and shake it lightly to give it volume. Then pick it up and tie it with a rubber band above your head and make the bow.

bows for men

Low bun

This bun is very basic, you just have to comb the hair back and tie it without lifting it. For this you will not need to part the part anywhere, you just have to pull the hair back and comb it with your fingers or with a comb, so that you do not get small unwanted lumps.

You can wet the comb a little when brushing it and even add a little fixing gel. When you have it ready, tie the hair with a rubber band, which is at the nape of the neck.

You should wrap the hair around the elastic and not let any strands of the bun stick out. To fix it, help yourself with some hairpins and finish it off with a little lacquer.

bows for men

The braided bun

This type of hairstyle is ideal for those men who like daring hairstyles. His composition It is about braiding the top of the head to finish in a ponytail that you will tie with a rubber band. If this ponytail is small, it will be left without more, but if it is large we can roll it up making a kind of bow.

High bun

This type of bow can be presented in different ways. In one of the ways We could do the bun in an informal way, very practical and with almost no intention of fixing our hair much. But this way it can be much more formal if you want: We will make the intention of leaving the hairstyle completely smooth backwards, for this we will help ourselves with a comb or brush with the intention of removing the knots well. We will go up the hair behind the head and leave the area tight enough to tie a ponytail. We crown the top of the head with that ponytail and from there we will make the practical bun. To finish it off well, we will add lacquer.

If your hair is quite curly

You can make the ponytail as we have explained, you just have to create a bun where the curls are wound around the knot of the ponytail. This type of hairstyle is very sexy and elegant for men with this hair style.

For men with too long hair

If your hair is long and even without being cut to scale, we can make the ponytail, but this time the bun will be made with some loose hair at the bottom. The idea is quick and practical.

The mini bun also exists.

It is designed for short hair but long enough to create a bun. You must stretch hard enough and hold your hair well to be able to cover all this and get to hook the hair band.

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