How to shave your beard and create a close look

How to shave your beard

Shave the beard it is a requirement for the world of men. Particularly this rule can be broken when one does not decide to shave and grow a beard. But for all those men and adolescents who want to learn how is your first time or how to be the best in a hurry, We dedicate the best tips on how to shave your beard.

dedication can be born from something innate or by imitation, but many times we run into obstacles that make shaving that day not one of the most comfortable. Without a doubt, it is an art, and learning how to handle the blade will make you feel the difference between shaving the beard that Do it with dedication and knowledge.

How to shave your beard

Shaving does not require much time, but if you are one of those who needs a close shave almost every day, you should at least spend about fifteen minutes shaving.

Steps to perform a great beard shave

  • First: The ideal is to try open pores of the face for a much better shave. The ideal is to shower first and then shave, in this way the steam and heat of the water will weaken the hair. If you can't shower, you can choose to soak a towel in hot water and place it over your beard for a few minutes for this effect to take effect.
  • Second: We will apply shaving gel, cream, or foam all over the area to be shaved. By applying this product we will be able to slide our blade much better and not produce possible irritations.
  • Third: Proceed to shave with the blade, always in the direction of hair growth. Do it gently and with the blade always wet. Shaving in the opposite direction can create and cause irritation or redness.

How to shave your beard

  • Fourth: Evaluate the blade well when you are working with it. It must always be perfect and not use one that has already been used more than once (if they are disposable) because it could create unnecessary cuts or uncomfortable pulls.
  • Quinto: When everything is shaved we will proceed to clean face with cold water to close the pores. Pat the skin dry with a towel and proceed to use the aftershave. This product is usually presented in the form of a cream or lotion, which is almost essential for after shaving. Calms the skin, hydrates it and gives it freshness, to prevent redness and rashes from appearing.

A note: if you have a very long and thick beard, do not proceed to use the blade directly to shave completely. You have to start by removing thickness either with scissors or with a razor. Once the normal length has been established, the classic shave can begin.

How to shave your beard

How to shave the mustache?

Maybe is one of the areas that costs the most due to its hidden corners and the difficult access due to the large blades that are used, but it is a matter of using a little skill. Ideally, start by shaving the beard, leaving the mustache for last.

  1. Act quickly. tighten the part where the mustache is located and it is by tucking the upper lip down to the lower lip. Creating a tight skin, this area will be much better shaved, doing it from top to bottom.
  2. Then we proceed to change the direction starting from the lower part of the nose to the sides. And from the corner of the lips to the cheekbones, on both sides.
  3. Finally, we will shave from the edge of the upper lip towards the nostrils. In this way we will fully hurry all the corners and leave it well shaved.
  4. We apply an after shave in the form of a cream or lotion that does not contain alcohol. We massage the area so that it is applied well.

How to shave your beard

After shaving, how long does it take to grow a beard?

Actually, an exact calculation cannot be determined how long it takes to grow a beard, but do make a rough estimate. It is normal to observe how it grows between 1 cm and 1,25 cm per month.

It is just a fact that resembles hair growth in general, but it all depends on the person. There are men who have exacerbated growth and others where their growth is slowed down. As a general fact, hair usually grows between 12 and 15 centimeters a year.

There are men interested in seeing their beard grow. This data will come in line with your genetics and above all with your lifestyle. A person with some type of illness or an unhealthy life, where stress prevails, will be affected to a certain degree in the little growth of their hair.

If you want to know more about how the beard grows and develops, you can read us at How long does it take to grow a beard?, we also add some curiosities about how its growth is formalized and if it can be accelerated.

Beard grooming
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