Beard styles

Beard styles

According the surveys women prefer men with beards ahead of shaved men. You just have to visualize that there is a great wave of men with their faces full of beards of all shapes and styles, short or bushy, and it is because right now sets trends in the physique of men.

Are you one of those who like a beard? Well you're in luck, since women see these men as people with reproductive skills and in good health. If you are thinking of leaving some hair on, we can also give you the best beard styles that can flatter you depending on your face.

Beard styles and classes

Next, we detail which are the beards that most mark their style depending on their appearance. Of course, each of them will depend on the fshape of each person's face and personality. We can find from the classic three days to the super dense beards that seem to have no end.

Full beard

It is the most natural, the classic and without further arrangements than the own cuts you may need. To be able to wear this beard with elegance and something long, you have to take a series of cares that you can read in our section. It has no great mystery about how to wear it, You just have to let it grow in all corners of your face and wait for what kind of density it offers you.

Chevron style beard

This style comes very marked and is only for men who like to mark their style with a great mature character. It consists of having a large and thick mustache on the sides and the rest of the beard must be cut short, as if it were three days. Its contrast is spectacular and must be worn with a hairstyle to the last.

Beard styles

Full, Chevron-style beard

Bear or Hipster Beard

This type of beard is also known as'Garibaldi'. Ideal and very flattering in many men, and for all those who do not want to do a lot of care and leave it totally long. For many it will be a great skill since it may require a lot of care and perseverance. But for others it may be another part of their body that must be fixed from time to time both in the length of their mustache and in its length.

Beard styles

Padlock style beard

It is the beard that is left in the shape of a goatee. It requires daily care with the help of a large razor or trimmer, it will be outlined until you want the desired look, which never goes out of style. It consists of letting the hair grow around the mouth in order to unite only the goatee and the mustache and not letting any hair grow on the cheekbones and cheeks.


It is the most natural and the one that is most bet on among all the faces. And it's as simple as letting your beard grow for just one day, in order to always keep it the same length. It has no more mystery, since you have to let it grow where it naturally grows. A razor will help you shave the length of your beard when needed.

Beard styles

Padlock style beard and three-day beard

Bandholz-style beard

It is another way to wear a very hairy face, without cuts or amendments to create that Bandholz style, devised by its own creator Eric Bandholz. What is peculiar about this beard? It is his style long and populated with a haughty, large, overgrown mustache curled up, at both ends.

Van Dyke style

It takes its morphology from the style given to it by the painter Anthony Van Dyke. Has the same appearance as the padlock style, only goatee look and beard completely shaved on the sides, that is, on the cheeks and jaw. It is a casual style, but at the same time elegant.

Beard styles

Bandholz style beard and Van Dyke style

How to wear a beard depending on the shape of the face

Clearly there are faces that admit almost any type of beard, but others have to be cut and shaped exactly, depending on the shape of the face. Oval faces practically all types of beards are allowed. You can choose a style and try that it does not form a too round face, if so, you should remove volume to the sideburns and leave the chin area longer.

For long faces you have to look for a symmetry, you have to widen the sides, leaving the sideburns much thicker and the chin area much shorter. For round faces he will bet on shaving the sides of the face, that is, the part of the cheeks, and give it a more elongated appearance, leaving some goatee.

On square faces you have to leave much more hair in the central part of the chin and lowering the sides. For those triangular shaped faces you have to make the features soften and for this it is a good option wear a full beard, always with a good gradient. The choice of any of all the options is more than served, if you still have doubts and want to know if it is necessary to wear a beard or not, you can read us at this link.

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