How to pluck your eyebrows

Men's eyebrows

Discover how to pluck the eyebrows step by step while maintaining their shape and density. Namely, so they look neat but natural.

We tell you how to get the best version of your eyebrows: what to do with loose hairs, where should the beginning and end be located, what is the ideal thickness and, finally, how they are trimmed.

Know your eyebrows


If you are looking for a result that is as natural as possible, you need to know your eyebrows well. This step is as simple as looking in the mirror and make sure you fully understand what role the shape, density and arch of your eyebrows play on your face. The reason is that you have to try by all means not to put at risk everything that makes them unique during hair removal, since that is the key to naturalness.

Furthermore, plucking your eyebrows is totally optional. If you think you cannot improve them (many think that each eyebrow is perfect in its own way), consider leaving them as they are. And when you act, do so in moderation and by practicing the following tips.

Forehead and temples

Michael B. Jordan Eyebrows

If you want to give your eyebrows a more defined shape, forehead and temples are a good place to start waxing. You will achieve results without taking any risk, since it is not necessary to work on the eyebrows.

Is patiently pluck out all loose hairs (in some cases there are more than others) that are between the upper part of the eyebrows and the hair growth line.

When you finish, your brows will still look the same, but everything around them should be cleaner, with a hair-free area between the start of the hair and your eyebrows.

Where should eyebrows start and end

Beginning and end of the eyebrow

The risk of disaster is high when you start pulling hair without knowing exactly how to pluck your eyebrows. It is not advisable to rush when it comes to the eyebrows. These fringes of hair above the eyes play a much more important role in the image than it may appear. Also, it can take several weeks for them to return to normal after a poor tweezers decision.

To get a good result, comb your eyebrows to separate the hairs and see more clearly the material you have to work with. Of course, you will also need tweezers:

The beginning of the eyebrows

Beginning of the eyebrows

Draw an imaginary straight line from the center of your nostril to your forehead.. The beginning of the eyebrow is considered to be the point where the line intersects your eyebrow.

Pull out the hairs that stay out of the limit in case there are any. You can use a pencil or other thin and elongated object on the marked point so as not to lose the reference while you wax. Repeat the same operation with the other eyebrow.

The end of the eyebrows

End of the eyebrows

Draw another imaginary line, this time I go from the outer edge of your nostril to the outer edge of your eye. Now continue to lengthen that line until you reach the temple. As before, the point to look for is where the line and the eyebrow intersect, as this is where the end of the eyebrow is considered to be.

Once again, you can use something elongated instead of an imaginary line while, with tweezers, you dedicate yourself to pull out the hairs that are out of the limit. Do the same on the other eyebrow.

Note: Please note that this is for guidance only. Actually, nothing happens if your eyebrows do not fit these measurements. When it comes to the length of the eyebrow, the most important thing is, are they shorter or longer, that you look favored and, above all, that both begin and end at the same point.

About thickness

Zachary Quinto's Eyebrows

If personal preferences can intervene in the issue of the length of the eyebrows, in the thickness they do it even more. There is no perfect thickness or anything like thatIt depends on genetics and whether you like them wider or thinner. If you decide to intervene, do so by always keeping its natural shape.

Is it necessary to trim them?

Barber scissors

As you have already seen, the measurement of the eyebrow hair is always more or less the same. Apparently, this is because they fall off when they reach a certain length and then grow back again.

That doesn't mean that you can't trim them a bit (always with small scissors) from time to time. Comb them up and use the scissors if you feel like you need to keep a few unruly hairs at bay. or simply if you would like to see them a little lighter than they are.

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