Bags under eyes in men

bags under eyes in men causes

One of the problems that makes us a complex man is the bag in the eyes. The eye bags in men They are usually a problem for almost all those people who sleep little or have bad habits. They are mainly due to fluid retention, good growth and herniation of the fat formations that exist in the eye area.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about eye bags in men and how to remove them.

Causes of eye bags in men

We know that it is due to fluid retention or the growth and herniation of fat formations that exist in the eye area. The clusters of fat that are generated around the eye area have their origin in the retention of membranes known as the orbital septum. Over time they increase in size and muscle tissue begins to sag. Once they must herniate to cause bags under the eyes. Another consequence that can happen is having excess skin that originates over the years. It is usually a physiological process derived from aging.

The main causes of eye bags in men are due to the passage of time. This type of alteration usually appears more in people from the 40 years. However, it also usually happens in people who are younger depending on the habits you have. They can affect both men and women. To these factors we must add genetic factors. It depends on the genetics of the people, we can have a greater amount of skin or a tendency to generate bags under the eyes.

Some habits like are usually the consumption of alcohol, tobacco have sleep disorders, etc. These are situations that aggravate the appearance and symptoms of eye bags in men. The main consequence of the appearance of this problem is the aesthetic alteration of the area. We know that it is a more aesthetic problem than a health problem. The bags appear located on the lower or upper eyelids. They can become smooth or bulky and often have an asymmetrical shape. For people with bags under the eyes, it seems as if they have a more tired look in their eyes.

Prevention of eye bags in men

Before any type of treatment, the best thing is prevention. In order to prevent this type of problem, it is recommended to maintain a healthy and varied diet. You also have to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco and sleep the hours necessary for the eyes to get enough rest. It should be borne in mind that most of us have a hectic pace of life that triggers health problems, not just cosmetic ones. After all, the bag in eyes are nothing more than consequences of living something more hectic and seeing how time passes through us. However, one of the main aspects to take into account is our pace of life. Decreasing the pace of life and adjusting it to our limits is essential not only to reduce these types of conditions, but also to have impeccable health.

In addition, experts affirm that in order to prevent the appearance of any aesthetic defect that has to do with the popular aria, it is advisable to use appropriate and specific cosmetics for the periocular area. For example, eye contour creams with moisturizers, antioxidants and collagen-forming substances can be used.


eye bags in men

We are going to see what are the types of treatment that can be had once we already have the bag in the eyes. Keep in mind that prevention is much better than trying to alleviate the problem. As we have mentioned before, we will not only win in this aesthetic aspect of the body, but by taking care of ourselves we will gain in general health.

Once we have the problem, according to the experts, surgery is the best treatment to alleviate the bags under the eyes. This surgery is much better in case they are hereditary or more serious and that can no longer be solved with other things. We must first analyze the particular characteristics of each patient to see if it is possible to operate well. In the trilogy the structural collagen and elastic fibers will be tried, as well as the resection of the excess fat and the slipping of the fat compartments. The most important thing when trying to alleviate these problems is to correct the cause of the bag in the eyes.

Let's see what the main treatments are:

  • Blepharoplasty: It is a procedure that involves removing excellent skin with surgery.
  • In the event that there is bulging or herniation of fat there are various surgical techniques and they depend on the individual characteristics of each patient.
  • External operation: consists of making a cut in the lower eyelid below the lash line to correct the problems.
  • Transconjunctival operation: It is done on the inside of the eyelid in order to reduce the problem.

It is best to have an expert assessment to rule out underlying diseases that require specific treatment. If the appearance of the eye bag in men has appeared and said patient does not want to undergo such a surgical process, there are other means to be able to hide them. There are numerous draining, concealing and illuminating patches. Other alternatives are natural solutions. Among these solutions we have the use of chamomile, cucumber, calendula or witch hazel. All of these natural products act as decongestants for moisturizers.

With the use of natural products, the volume of the bag and the eyes can be slightly reduced. However, we must know that the effectiveness is much lower and the results are less visible. With more advanced surgical techniques, you will have a better result. In the case of bags that are due to fluid retention, you can use diuretic foods such as asparagus, artichoke or pineapple.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about eye bags in men and how to treat them.

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