Blonde highlights on men


Blonde highlights on men

Blonde highlights on men are a preference that is still in fashion. Although its application in hair has always been imposed for decades, its fashion did not reach there in the 90s when several artists emerged with its design. From that moment it set a trend in men and although there have been years that it has not been carried out, its fashion has resurfaced again.

The blonde highlights They can be applied to all hair types and of course in all lengths. Its coloration ranges from platinum blonde, to dark, or light or golden blondes and although there are different ways to proceed with its application, there are men who bet on having it done at home and others who go to the hands of a professional.

What we can highlight of this type of influences is that color marks fashion, that is indisputable, but Each tint color should be something personal and bold. It is not the same to apply a light color on a dark base than a golden tone on a medium brown base. You have to have your own judgment of the type of hair you have, since it is not the same to see it in a famous person and that you find it attractive to be able to see how it can be seen in your hair.

Why do you like blonde highlights?

It is fashionable, many celebrities wear it and it is your form of personal expression. If we look closely, they add luminosity to the hair and that is reflected in the person's face. If the wicks are well set will add dimension and depth to your hair, They will give the impression of seeing healthier and more lively hair, and without going any further, you will like it for all these features that we have mentioned.

blonde highlights for men

Types of hair that allow highlights

It is practically admitted by all types of hair in men. In long hair it makes it very rocker or even surfer and colors can range from platinum to light gold.

In the hairstyles in the shape of a toupee or hipster style they mark a predilection right now and more if you apply highlights. In this type of hairstyle, where its color will stand out is in the longest area with more hair. Regarding the tone, the contrasting colors are very good, with the dark hair background.

If your hair is short or curly, it also looks excellent, Avoid being too short or having too frizzy hair.. Backward styling will create a brighter and shinier effect on the hair.


Do the highlights yourself

Materials we will need:

  • A bleach and water of 30 or 40 volumes, depending on how dark your hair is.
  • A bowl to make the mixture together with a brush to apply the dye on the hair.
  • Gloves so as not to burn your hands when you apply the product.
  • A comb separator with a thin and metallic handle, as it will help you separate the strands much better.
  • Foil to wrap the strands that you form.
  • Old clothes to avoid unforeseen events.
  • A blonde tint of the tone you choose.


  1. We must make the first highlights where we will bleach our hair. In the bowl we will make the mixture of the bleach and the water of 30 or 40 volumes. The mixture will be determined depending on the instructions of each manufacturer.
  2. Must go separating the hair by sections and each section by wicks, with the help of the comb with the metal handle.
  3. For each strand that we form We apply the bleach and wrap it with the aluminum foil. When you have applied the product all over the hair you have to wait between 20 and 45 minutes. The time will vary depending on the tone and intensity of blonde that the hair is taking.
  4. Must Wash the hair when the desired shade has been taken without applying conditioner.
  5. We will add the dye that we have chosen and again we wait around 30 minutes for it to catch the color.
  6. We wash the hair again as usual and we wait to dry ourselves to see our final result.

curly hair

How to get natural highlights

If you want to achieve a much more natural look, we have natural products at our fingertips. that we can use, to get a much lighter tone in our hair. It should be added that there are various factors that can influence the hair to go down a few tones and that is that the summer sun and bathing on the beach have a lot to do with lightening your hair.

There are mixtures like non-alcoholic beer, egg and lemon. We beat the white to the point of snow and we add the lemon and the beer. Apply to damp hair and massage. Leave on for about 20 minutes and do it about three times a week.

Vinegar, honey, olive oil and cinnamon. We mix two cups of vinegar and one of honey, along with a tablespoon of cinnamon and another of olive oil. Distribute on the ends and wrap everything on a plastic cap. You can spend the whole night with it on, so that your hat does not slip off you can wrap a towel over it.

Honey, apple cider vinegar and lemon. In a boiling cup we add two tablespoons of honey, two of vinegar and the juice of one lemon. We apply on the previously moistened tips. Let it act for 20 minutes and wash as usual.

There are products like la Chamomile infusion that can be applied in the last hair rinse, sodium bicarbonate It can also be applied to the ends and leave on for 10 minutes twice a week. or is there products based on peroxide that lighten the hair by tones.


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