Facial exercises

Facial exercises

It is common to hear in the gym that you can train your body, but the face is impossible to change. Although in its context it is true, yes we can modify the aspect that we show. For this, we make use of the facial exercises. It is about exercising the muscles of the face to gradually modify the appearance of our face over time. As we get older, we notice sagging, wrinkles and other features of aging. Although we cannot modify our face, it does help to reduce these effects.

Here we are going to explain how to do a series of facial exercises step by step so that your face looks much better.

Facial muscle

Younger looking

Believe it or not, we can also work the muscles of the face. Although these muscles are not worked in the same way as the rest of the body, of course they can be exercised. If we do facial exercises for a long period of time, we will notice the effects.

Not only age, but the weight we have and the level of fat conditions our face. We can be handsome men but, if we get fat and begin to store fat in the double chin and cheeks, we will be causing an aesthetic deterioration. On the other hand, it is also possible that, if we suddenly lose a lot of weight and become very thin, it takes its toll on the face that we are showing.

Facial exercises are very useful to eliminate the effects of age and that make us ugly on the outside. Although we do not notice it, in the face we have more than 30 muscles that we use daily. Thus we can open and close our mouths, move our noses, close and open our eyes, etc. These muscles can also be worked if we want to be young and handsome for a long time.

If we work the facial muscles, we will be toning the skin of our face and we will prevent them from sagging due to sagging, as we gain years of life. It not only has an aesthetic objective as you may think. If we practice with these muscles, we will also be promoting better blood flow. This will give us a better color and tone of the skin and will help delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

There are many people who are swollen the areas around the eyes from fatigue and / or stress. With these facial exercises the consequences will be reduced.

Which facial exercises are better

Do facial exercises

If we want to have a smoother face with taut skin and fewer wrinkles, we must work our muscles. To carry out these exercises, we will execute some of the simplest and most popular movements that exist. Here is a list of the best facial exercises and how to do them.

  • Pronounce the vowels with a very pronounced expression. For each vowel, we will open our mouth very sharply and hold the sound of each vowel for 3 to 5 seconds. This exercise is also widely used for those presentations to many people where you want to prepare a script to perfection.
  • We will seal our lips and fill our mouths with air. This will help us to stretch and tighten the muscles in this cavity. Having the muscles stretched will help us reduce the formation of wrinkles in the future.
  • Next, another exercise is to open your mouth as wide as we can (without actually hurting ourselves) and then close it. When closing it, we will seal the lips as tightly as we can.
  • Inverted smile. To do this, we will place the lips together so that we can exercise the facial muscles as well. The neck muscles will also act, so it will help us to prevent double chin. The double chin is an aspect that has a lot to do with the fat we have. However, with these exercises it can be reduced.
  • We will place the fingers from the corners of the lips outwards and press them gently. Now try to kiss even if you can't. This exercise will exercise the entire lip and cheek area.
  • We place our fingers on the eyebrows and we will make a slight pressure that prevents us from frowning and closing our eyes. With this position and we will try to frown even if we cannot. Once we have done this exercise, we will do the opposite. We will place the fingers resisting to raise the eyebrows. All this movement will help improve the muscles in the forehead and eye area.

Aspects to take into account in facial exercises

Man facial exercise

If you want your face to be that of a young person for as long as possible, it is important to take into account the frequency with which you work these muscles and their duration. It is best to practice these exercises a few 3 times a week and with a total duration of between 10 and 15 minutes. As you can see, it is not something that takes up a lot of time and can give many advantages. One trick people do to keep from forgetting these exercises is to do it before showering. Stand in the mirror and do the exercises. Then shower to relax the muscles that have worked during that time.

It is essential to look in the mirror while doing the exercises. This helps to focus well on the muscle we are working on and not let other muscles interfere with one's effort. Thus, we will be able to better focus the effort we are making.

If you want to have better results when you are working the middle and lower area of ​​the face, it is convenient to relax your eyes. With this, we will increase the work on the muscles and we will make it more focused.

Remember that these exercises follow the same pattern of lifestyle habits as the rest of the muscles of the body. It will be useless to do these exercises if you do not have a healthy lifestyle habit. Eat well and do not abuse ultra-processed foods, do not gain fat, sleep well and do not abuse alcohol. Staying up late often or being always stressed are determinants of premature aging.

With facial exercises you will be able to delay the effects of aging and your face will be able to preserve a tighter and younger skin. The best of all this is that the exercises are free and you can do without creams and lotions.

I hope that with these facial exercises you can improve the appearance of your face.

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