Gradient blue hair

Gradient blue hair

The color blue in her hair It is a transgressive trend and for restless people who do not want to go unnoticed. You have to start from the fact that it is a not very common color, but that it is increasingly establishing itself with more our society.

This color is groundbreaking, mark that youthful and radical appearance, where every time we get to see many hairstyles with this color and even with different shades and creating degraded shapes. In general, there is already a wide range of clients who are demanding this color and even bet on mixing it with other color tones.

Do you want to know who blue hair can look good on? Usually it suits everyone, But if you have light-toned features and eyes, this is undoubtedly your color. However, if your features are brown, it can be contrasted with a light blue color that will soften your face. In either case it will project a futuristic image.

How to get blue hair

To achieve an intense blue tone it is essential that the hair has a discolored base, But if your hair is already a platinum blonde, you will not need such a process. Hair bleaching is that process where the dark color of the hair is removed to make it a much lighter tone, such as a white canvas.

Gradient blue hair

In this process, chemical media pigments work, where the hair will be lightened. Among these products, hydrogen peroxide in different concentrations and the bleaching product will be used.

This first step is essential to achieve our beautiful fantasy hair, with that intense blue tone. When we have achieved that base with a light tone, we can use our blue tint. To dye it you have to remember that the hair is well saturated with dye so that all the hair is uniform, with the same color.

Gradient blue hair

If the idea is to get a gradient blue hair, We will start by bleaching progressively from the roots to the ends of the hair. The discoloration will have less intensity in the roots where we will let them be darker. As we drag the discoloration to the ends, this light tone will take on more. As a final touch, it would only be dyed with the color blue.

Gradient blue hair

There are people who also bet on a blue tint without discoloration. It can also be achieved, but not in the same way. We will observe that dark hair with a blue tint will acquire that color, but with a finish that will remind us of a reflection. Therefore, a much darker root will remain that will gradually degrade the blue tone as it gets closer to the tips.

Tips before dyeing at home

Getting blue hair gives a sensational look, but also in one of the most complicated colors to implant in the hair. To achieve the blue tone with different shades, we have already commented that you have to bleach. Keep in mind that the bleach is of very good quality.

When it comes to buying the blue dye, you have to make sure you buy dye in large quantity. In this way we will be able to achieve that vivid and desired blue tone.

Avoid using bleach on other parts of the body other than the hair. The areas where this product cannot be used are mainly the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Assess whether your hair can resist bleaching

It is important not to overlook this information. If you have decided to dye blue, surely you should take into account if your hair can support all processes discoloration.

Putting yourself in the hands of a specialist is the best option to have you evaluated. The bleaching process to achieve that very light tone can be complex and long. Depending on the texture of the hair and the color, it may be necessary to various discolorations until I get the tone.

If your hair is fine and delicate, it may be necessary to much slower fading. This will take weeks to do it little by little so that the hair resists the abrasive form of the decoration very well. You can read how bleaching is used in our article on how to dye the Gray hair.

Gradient blue hair

Tips to take care of your hair after treatment

Care for fancy hair must be extreme. You cannot use just any shampoo but rather a special product for colored hair and that is not aggressive for the hair, with natural ingredients and free of chemicals.

Gradient blue hair

Another tip is do not wash your hair every day since it makes a color wear and if it can be try use cold water, since heat can dry out hair and skin and also affect that wear.

The use of conditioner it is also important, to prevent the hair from becoming dry and straw-colored. Remember to only use it along your hair and not on the scalp. As a final note, it must be remembered that color retouching must be very frequent, since the color is delicate and tends to fade quickly. But try to touch it up at least once a month.

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