Types of sideburns for men

Types of sideburns for men

We live in an era of total freedom to linger on any hairstyle. What is certain is that fashions in hairstyles are not left aside and we focus on this how should they favor sideburns. The types of sideburns for men will depend mainly on how have they evolved in history and mainly of the size of the person.

Sideburns Throughout history they have given a lot of information about the person who was wearing it. This way she would go into consideration with the hairstyle and make some kind of social distinction and even economic or intellectual.

Sideburns is not forgotten, it is a fundamental part in the male haircut. Today there are more and more favorites in which the finish of the pin must conform to a specific shape. However, it should be noted that this area of ​​the body It is a key piece for the hairstyle, in this way it will greatly favor your cut.

What are sideburns?

Sideburns are the area of ​​hair that is located on the sides of the head and join the top of the head with the beard. Its length and density will depend on the finish of the hairdresser or specialist and where will be the last finish that will be given to the hairstyle to recreate a specific image for that face.

Types of sideburns for men

Sideburns by width

These sideburns are wide or very wide, they are too showy and where it creates a large space on the sides of the face. Particularly it is a type of pin created for daring men and therefore they must always be carried arranged and refined.

You may have a natural width, given that its maintenance does not become very extreme, so in the end create a much simpler look, but fixed. Haircuts have a lot of fall and are usually accompanied by this style of sideburns.

The other type of wide temple is the one that looks something finer and usually give an appearance much more natural and stylized. Its maintenance usually requires much more dedication so that its design remains intact.

Types of sideburns for men

because of its shape

  • Peak pin. It has its own shape pointed downward. Its shape is very particular and in many cases it becomes very showy and striking. Feel very good your way in people with wide faces and provide a rocker style to whoever wears it.
  • Rectangular. It is the most classic and the one we are usually used to seeing. Its cut is rectangular and it comes degraded towards the beard. It's a stylish way to wear it.
  • Long and fine. For men who have a long face it's a perfect cut. Its shape narrows as it merges with the beard, but without ending in a peak.
  • L-shaped This form is very particular and is widely seen in celebrities who resort to giving themselves a concrete and extravagant personality. We have the example in Elvis Presley. Without a doubt, his shape is very unique given its L-shape, and its termination will merge with the beard and make the beard itself help to form this characteristic shape.
  • flared temples. They are extremely wide temples and are used in extreme cases. They are generally used on special occasions, since there are very few who dare. Its shape has a urban character and are very striking.

Types of sideburns for men

By the height of the sideburns

  • At the level of the lobe. It is the most classic type of sideburn, for those people who do not want to stand out in their image and maintain normal facial features. With this form something correct and elegant is carried.
  • Very short. With this type of sideburns, it is hardly necessary to be excessively concerned about keeping them in very good condition. Its maintenance is very simple and They adapt to any type of hairstyle. In round faces they are very flattering since it takes care of the structure of the image that is projected.
  • At ear level. They are pins that meet at an intermediate height. They provide elegant care and are also often a classic, as they look great on most faces.

Types of sideburns for men

  • Missing or reversed pins. The shape of the pin is almost non-existent. It is shaved to the same level as the hair, but only in cases where the hair is completely shaved in an Under Cut way, but with the buzz cut style, shorter in length. The sideburn will start at the bottom where it meets the beard shaved, and will fade upwards and discreetly disappear.

Choosing the type of pin is what will determine our image and personality. If you have a face that supports various cut models, it is best to experiment with some of those already described. So much the hair cut like the sideburns will be the set of all characteristics that will encompass the style of cut you need. To take extreme care of the beard and sideburns there are tutorials that will recommend the best products for your care.

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