How to Perm on Men

How to Perm on Boys

If you want a change of look we want to offer you that the perm is an option that will not leave you indifferent. The style of wearing curly hair is worn ... and a lot, and we can observe it in countless young people and adolescents, where her head overflows with those curls above her head with the stylish Undercut hairstyle.

In our section it's time to analyze what is a permanent and what do you have to do before doing those curls. Surely your questions will be around how long a permanent will last and how much it will cost. We can read all this below.

What is a hair permanent?

A permanent is the way get curly hair with the help of chemicals that will change the natural structure of the hair. This procedure can be achieved by putting yourself in the hands of experts in a hairdresser or doing it at home, where there are already tutorials on how to do it at home.

How to Perm on Boys

How long you can have a perm in your hair it can stay around 2 to 3 months, that depending on the strength of your hair and the care that is given later. The price can vary depending on where you do it and the amount of hair you are going to curl. Prices vary between € 20 and € 100. To get an idea of ​​a perm on short Undercut hair, it will range from € 25 to € 30 if you don't have to add dye, a treatment or a haircut.

What do I have to know before getting a perm?

You should know that doing a perm with chemical products they may damage the structure of the hair. But the damage will always be much less than when you try to curl your hair every day with products that make waves or the help of blow dryers.

You do not need to undergo any type of special treatment before undergoing the perm, although if you are a regular person to have weakened hair, consult your specialist for a recommendation. some kind of product that can take care of your hair a few weeks before.

How to Perm on Boys

You have to know that this curl will unravel and it will lose strength with the passage of time. It does not matter that it has not been completely removed so that you can go making another one without problem. It also does not matter that you want to straighten your hair in some specific way one day, because your curl will return to where it was.

How is a perm done?

To make this beautiful curl, we must indicate that the duration of its process will last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the length of the hair. You will also have to observe the type of curl you want to achieve, the small molds make curls much narrower and closed. Wide molds will form a smooth, less tight wave. The choice is up to the taste of the person and to find out how to make a permanent, observe the following steps:

  1. You have to wash your hair so that it is completely clean and damp. They will go rolling the strands between square papers and in the molds or curlers. Then you have to apply the permanent liquid and pour it on each rolled curler. Let stand for 15 or 20 minutes with the head leaning back.How to Perm on Boys
  2. Without removing the molds we rinse the hair to remove the permanent liquid. Emphasis must be placed on pouring warm water on each of them so that it is better removed. After we leave blow-dry the hair until the next step.
  3. We apply the neutralizer, a foamy texture to be applied with the help of a sponge, curler by curler. The time of rest will be from 10 to 30 minutes and it is important because this way the neutralizer will finally mark the effect of the molding.
  4. We remove the curlers one by one, carefully and without stretching the strand too much. With all the hair, we apply the neutralizer again to seal the curl effect, it will wait 5 to 10 minutes. Finally your hair will be washed.

Care for after a perm

Man with curly hair

To maintain a neat hair and make it look a perfect curl, we must have a series of cares that will make our perm last much longer:

  • It is advisable to use a special shampoo for curls. When washing your hair, it is advisable not to rub your hair, but rather your scalp so as not to tangle or dry out your hair.
  • You can apply a conditioner, this time without touching the scalp, letting it act for a few minutes while you shower and rinse the body. The use of a hair mask is recommended, but it can only be used once a week.
  • To dry it, do not do it abruptly, but by tapping the towel against the hair and absorbing the moisture.

Man with curly hair00

  • When it comes to combing it, you can help yourself with a comb with wide bristles, and if you have short hair you can comb your hair with the same fingers with great care. You can also dry your hair with the help of a blow dryer diffuser.
  • To formalize your result There are many variants to be able to qualify that curl: There are those who like a natural drying, others prefer gel or gel with a wet or matte effect, or there are those who feel good using special foam for curls. It can also be applied or some soft waxes that can mark the curl.

To know more about curly hair you can read how to maintain a good wavy perm, or if you prefer to know how to have curlier hair you can us read here.

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