Wavy perm for men

Wavy perm for men

The wavy perm for men is an advantageous and optional option that exists for all those who want have spectacular curls set. The perm does not mean having very curly hair as there are perms that can be done with any type of wave, for a looser perm we'll call it molded. Its significant feature is that you will always have flawless hair, regardless of the adverse circumstances around you.

Having a permanent is an advantage. You can forget to use the brush because you don't need to comb those pretty curls and dismantle them, with a little damp touch you can style your hair when you need it. And if the weather conditions can always with that straight hair that is not finished or always curly or straight, with the perm you will always have that curl in place.

What do you need to know before getting a perm?

A permanent is to get that curly hair with the help of chemicals that will mark that aspect. This is achieved in hairdressers where a professional will put your hair in the hands or at home, where there are already tutorials on how you can get to practice it at home.

Wavy perm for men

You should know that in a permanent certain chemicals are used that can damage the hair somewhat, but it doesn't burn it. Forever it will be more advantageous and healthy to make a permanent that if you try to curl your hair daily using products for it.

Over time you can loosen the curl and lose its strength, but you can always get another permanent overhead without problem. If at any time you want to have straight hair after doing this technique, there is no problem to do it, since your curl will not lose strength.

If your hair has a tendency to suffer certain damage as a result of dyes or chemical products, you can always a couple of weeks before do a couple of treatments on your hair to regulate your porosity and not punish yourself.

How to do a perm?

As a tip, to be able to do this type of curling it is advisable to have at least a little long hair. You have to visualize that the hair will shrink a lot when taking that curl. The materials to be used are the classic plastic or wooden curlers. in which each strand of hair will be wound.



We will roll strands of hair around these curlers and We will proceed to pour the special chemical liquid for perms. This liquid will break the internal bridges of the hair fiber so that they take the wavy shape.

Product waiting time has elapsed (specified time depending on the manufacturer) the hair will be rinsed with plenty of hot water without removing the curlers. Next, the neutralizing liquid is applied that will fix the curl.

We remove the curlers and massage the hair gently to expand the product. Finally, it is removed with warm water and a conditioner is applied of those that are not removed.

Wavy perm for men

Post-molding care

  • When it comes to washing your hair you have to use a specific shampoo for curly hair. You can combine it with some type of hair repair treatment.
  • You can apply a softening or conditioning cream to untangle the hair with your fingers. Rinse off the conditioner afterward.
  • Wrap your hair with a towel to absorb excess water and proceeds to untangle it. You can use your usual brush, but it is advisable to use one with wide tines made of carbon fibers, This will prevent hair from frizzing or electrifying when dry.

curly hair

  • To finish, we can choose a product to define the curl and stay hydrated, It is not recommended to use foams that contain alcohol.
  • As a recommendation it is advisable use a repair mask every 15 days to keep that hair healthy and hydrated.

Products for the final finish of curly hair

There are specific products for a perfect finish on curly hair. We can use a curl fixer to give it a natural or wet look. There are fixatives that will fix that curl while keeping the hair soft and elastic. To see more about these products you can look our article about products to help give that curly look.

curly hair

There are some ointments called putties to give that control to your curl. This product is moisture resistant and helps keep frizz at bay. One of these creams that work wonderfully is TIGI Bed Head Men Matte Separation, this type of wax will give a matte finish so that hair looks natural and without shine.

Another product that you can choose as a final touch are serum to enhance shine and hydration. You can use it as many times as you see fit, but without abusing it, since some contain many silicones can make it difficult to redo new permanent ones.

As an annotation, if your thing is not to get a perm, you can read our advice on how to have curlier hair.

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