How to clean blackheads on the face

How to clean blackheads on the face of men

Blackheads are obnoxious and their appearance is due to various factors that cause that clogging in the pores. The age of adolescence is the time where acne and the appearance of these blackheads frequent extreme measures and care must be taken like cleaning.

Other factors that may affect its appearance are stress, pollution, food or that the skin itself tends to be oily. The first objective of this cleaning is to try unclog those pores so that all those impurities or substances that close its opening can be removed.

How to cleanse the skin to remove blackheads

There are several products or active ingredients that we can use as cleaning formulas. Creams with black charcoal ingredients they absorb impurities very well. They are usually lent in the form of masks and black in color, where it will be necessary to spread on the face and let it dry. When removing them you will drag all the black dots.

Salicylic acid it also cleans in depth. They are creams that contain this component and must be applied to the face, massaging gently for a few seconds and then rinsing. Cleanses and unclogs pores in depth.

The scrub it is also a must. Once a week, apply to a clean face and massage gently, letting its particles drag all that dirt that clog pores.

How to clean blackheads on the face of men

Daily cleaning to avoid its appearance

Every day is essential a good cleaning to start the day. With a specific soap for the face and warm water we will clean and affect the oily areas. In this way already we eliminate impurities giving oxygenation. Then we will apply a special cream for combination skin.

Before going to sleep it is also highly recommended clean the face in the same way that we have done in the morning, to clean all the impurities added to the face during the day. One recommendation is to try to have hands always clean, Well, by continually touching our faces we can add dirt without realizing it. After we will apply a cream for combination skin and at night.

There are creams that are already on the market to do another type of daily cleaning. It consists of throwing a special milk for cleaning, where the face will be massaged and removed. Then there will be apply a special tonic for combination skin and thus will close the pores.

How to clean blackheads on the face of men

Once or twice a week it is advisable to use a scrub for the skin, if it can be smooth. It will help remove dead cells and all sebum buildup that has not been removed on a daily basis. If it is removed it will help unclog the pores much better and will remove the origin of blackheads and other imperfections.

Another treatment that can be applied is the use of facial masksThere are those with a purifying, decongestant, oxygenating, moisturizing effect and as a treatment for thick skin. The application of these masks will enhance all care we have achieved during the week.

How to clean blackheads on the face of men

This other cleaning technique consists of cleaning the blackheads at home and at home, with a few simple steps that will be worth it.

  • Must cleaning the face with a specific soap for faces and then we can apply a toner, if possible it contains niacinamide or vitamin B3. It will help to open the pore and clean in depth.
  • We can prepare a steam bath in a small saucepan to let the face steam and let's make it open your pores. This technique is still used, but there are those who do not recommend it because they think that it is a great proliferation of bacteria. You will have to place the face near the steam for a few minutes, or place a towel face down over the steam, and for three to four minutes.
  • We dry our face well and we can go extracting blackheads by pressing gentlyYou can help yourself with a little paper so that it is more precise and its extraction does not slip, and of course, never use your nails to avoid causing damage.

How to clean blackheads on the face of men

  • There a comedone extractor so that they can do it without leaving marks, they will help you remove them without making much effort. Do not try to force the area if you do not get what you expected, the only thing you can do is make the area worse and make the pimple or blackhead grow.
  • After we will clean the face again with soap and water. We can even use a scrub soft to finish off the cleaning. Finally we will use a toner to close those pores and if you need a cream because the skin is very dry, you can use it.

If you are very prone to blackheads or acneThese daily treatments or techniques work very well. As complementary advice we can indicate other ideas so that they do not interfere with the previous ones. If you have oily hair it is essential that you treat it with a specific shampoo, avoid the sun all you can because acne often worsens. Wash your face in the morning and at night as we have specified, try not to touch your face with your hands and change the pillowcases very often.

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