How to get a full beard

get a full beard

The thick beard in men is a symbol of virility. For many centuries, wearing a beard was an icon of masculinity and for many other men of power, wisdom and leadership. For many women, seeing a man with a beard can position him as mature, with capacity for almost everything.

Growing a beard for the first time is a multi-issue fact. It is not difficult to start to see how your hair grows, but maybe Getting a full beard the first time can be tricky and even for some an almost impossible task. For this we are going to see some tips and tricks to get the best result.

A full beard is achieved with time and patience

Keep in mind that beard growth requires a long process and with some transitions. It will not be the same beard you have now that you will have months later, nor will it look like you will have in a few years. The more years pass the more populated they will be those areas that were not before.

Do not judge those areas where it is difficult for the hair to come out, especially at the corner of the lips, in the center of the mustache or in some areas on the sides of the face. Over time and if you are patient, you can have a thicker beard. In order to obtain much faster and more effective results we can give you a series of tips.

get a full beard

Tips for having a full beard

To start you have to let the beard grow at your leisure, without trimming or finishing anything. Letting it grow for at least a month will be a good chance for it to establish itself solidly. The beginning or beginning of its growth should not be easy, since when growing straight and hard, it causes irritations and itching. If the itch becomes unbearable you can apply a special beard oil and if it may contain vitamin E much better.

Many men in their showers are used to using the same gel or shampoo for their entire body, including the beard. This can turn out to be a big mistake, since a specific beard soap it will help to remove the dirt lodged in the hair follicles much better and leaving much more freedom for hair growth. It is recommended to do a gentle massage and use warm water so that that touch of freshness stimulates blood flow.

Food is a fundamental part of hair growth. They are recommended to take foods rich in biotin since it is an essential part of vitamin B that helps hair grow much healthier and stronger. You can find it in whole grains, eggs, nuts, almonds, dairy, and meats such as chicken. The foods rich in vitamins A and B, zinc, iron, antioxidants and folic acid and drink plenty of water to have good hydration.

Play sports or create a habit of regular exercise It is essential to be able to increase testosterone levels, as well as help to replace hair and skin more easily. In addition, it improves mood and self-esteem and that is the first thing to see the beard grow more easily.

get a full beard

Other tips and tricks to create a full beard

The dye in the beard works. If your beard varies in colors and tones you can choose a color that makes it uniform. For example, a person with brown hair and a beard of light or blonde tones, if he opts to dye with the same hair color, it will triple its density. But this trick works for beards with different shades and to highlight the color to make it look like much thicker hair.

Another idea that has very good results and a much larger budget is do a beard transplant. This way, by requiring a higher cost, is already for men who think they really want to have a beard. In this case we are talking about repopulating those areas such as the mustache, cheeks, chin and sideburns, where hair has not grown regularly.

Its procedure is simple, for the implantation of the beard it will be done by extracting small individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp, doing it in small strips and placing it in the areas where it is needed. After approximately two weeks, you will be able to lead a normal life. If you need more information about beard care you can consult 'the best care' or discover 'why don't beards grow in men'.

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