Men's eyebrows

Leonardo DiCaprio eyebrows

For some time now, there has been an intense debate about men's eyebrows. One of the main questions revolves around their shape: should they be left natural or on the contrary waxed? There are many points of view and they are all interesting. But, of course, in the end it is you yourself who has to make the decision that suits you best.

It is undoubtedly one of the traits that is gaining more importance within the male image. Find out everything about the eyebrows, from their role in the body to how to approach their care:

What are eyebrows for?

Men's eyebrows

There is nothing in the human body whose existence is due to a simple whim of nature, and eyebrows are no exception. Those fringes of hair that grow over the eyes are there for more than just to frame the look. But for what exactly? According to science, its functions would be the following:

They are key to expressing emotions

Eyebrows help you express yourself and communicate. In this sense they are a very powerful trait, since a simple brow movement is sometimes much clearer than a thousand-word speech. Who has not raised an eyebrow to express distrust? When you move them up or down at the same time, they serve to indicate to others that you are angry or surprised.

They offer protection to the eyes

But experts say that not only do eyebrows grow for expression and communication, they also play a more physical role: protecting the eyes from dirt and moisture. For example, help deflect water to the sides and thus keep your vision clear when, for example, you sweat down your forehead. Apparently, this would justify the fact that the eyebrows are longer than the eyes.

Why do your eyebrows have that shape and not another?

Zachary Quinto's Eyebrows

Generally, men's eyebrows tend to be straighter and thicker than women's. But this is not always the case. And it is that, obviously, each eyebrow is different. The length, thickness, arc, and thickness are unique to each person. It is a genetic question. Like eye color, eyebrow shape is one of many traits that can be passed down from parent to child., as well as their thickness or color.

There are countless types of eyebrows. And the ones that genetics have given you help you differentiate yourself, so Trying to imitate those of others is impossible and also makes no sense. The key is to focus on getting the best version of your brows without losing what makes them unique.

To cope or not to cope


That is the question. Grooming your eyebrows is purely a matter of personal preference. Nowadays it is common for men to groom their eyebrows periodically. However, there are still many who prefer to leave them as they are. And neither option is wrong.

If you belong to the first group, it is advisable to act in moderation so that the eyebrows lose the minimum possible naturalness during the process. The secret is that the work with the tweezers is almost imperceptible. This tool can be very useful, but abusing it can put the expression on your face at risk, which is why it is better to fall short than go too far.

Ultimately, the keyword here is fix. If you do not think that there is anything to fix your eyebrows (for example, a very thick brow) or you can improve what you already have in any way, it is best to consider not touching them.

Plucking men's eyebrows

Take a look at the article: How to pluck your eyebrows. There you will find the way to fix your eyebrows step by step so that they look natural.

Products for men's eyebrows

Tom Ford Eyebrow Fixing Gel

Due to the growing interest of men in the condition of their eyebrows, the market has begun to offer products for their care. In this sense, it is worth highlighting cosmetics such as No products found.. Used to comb and fix men's eyebrows. Although it cannot be labeled as a must-have product, the truth is that they can be quite useful if you need help when it comes to putting your unruly eyebrows in their place.

Final word

Most men don't need major eyebrow surgeryespecially if they are satisfied with their natural shape (whatever that may be). However, since it is unquestionable that they have a certain weight in your style, as well as in the impression you make on others, it is advisable to pay them at least a few minutes of attention a week to make sure they are presentable.

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