Small tattoos for men

tattoos on men

Tattoos are those symbolic drawings that have existed for many, many years, they are aesthetic elements that remain unalterable forever. If you like to decorate your skin and give a point of creativity, but without giving the drawing extravagance, small tattoos for men are the ideal proposition.

There are a thousand shapes and ideas for each personality, with countless artistic drawings and tribal shapes, It is only to design and choose the one that best suits the character of each person. Undoubtedly, any tattoo will always arouse the interest of those who observe it, since they all emerge with that aura of mystery and sensuality.

Small tattoos for men

There are infinite forms and models, it is only necessary to mold the drawing that represents the emotional moment of your present and place it in the best part of your body. The small tattoo is the best variant for those beginners who start at the pain threshold and it is also simple and discreet. Discover shapes and models that may surprise you:

Tattoos with strength and improvement

They are tattoos that they represent that moment of personal evolution. For those people who have just overcome a bad moment in their life, get a tattoo that represents that improvement, it will give calm and satisfaction every time you remember that situation. The most common tattoos are mainly those with a character that will give strength to their expressiveness, those recreated from drawings and symbols of legend and others by their own personality; others will be recreated or drawn by the same person, like a semicolon or with a simple word.

minimalist tattoos

Tattoos on hand

It was a fashion that in the past was only seen among criminals, but today it is increasingly common to see them within our community. It is becoming more and more popular to see many celebrities with this type of tattoos, but actually getting it in this area leads to a great serious commitment.

Our society still discriminates against this position, That is why there are certain professions that are not very permissive with this type of tattoos on the hands, since they do not come to consider the person who wears it as a potential employee.

tattoos on hand

When carrying out your proposal, think that there are many tattoo artists who discriminate this technique. It is an area that requires a much more complex healing process, with rough and irregular areas that hinder their work. The area of ​​the palm of the hands or fingers can be a difficult part for the ink to be fixed, so it is not the best suggestion.

As a general rule, these types of tattoos are a bit more painful. This area contains much more fat and the skin is much closer to the bone, and that makes your work much more sensitive. The tattoo on the palm of the hand also becomes more susceptible, since this area can create deterioration of the ink primer, being a region of much activity and friction.

Minimalist tattoos

They are simple tattoos with a special symbolism, although all have their true science. They can be drawings or codes created by the person himself, or small symbols cut out in a minimalist way. It's just looking information of the chosen drawing and know its meaning before doing it. The most sought after: hearts, feathers, moons, small numbers and letters, musical notes ... and even symbols that signify a new stage in life.

small tattoos

They are small drawings that cover small areas of the body, although surprisingly they attract a lot of attention. If your idea or drawing is very present in your head, always the tattoo artist can finish giving the drawing an original touch.

This type of tattoos have a wide variety of shapes and patterns. It ranges from small animals, cartoons or images from our childhood. Others that are in fashion and for which they have opted, are for everyday objects, of which very fun and original shapes have been recreated.

Hipster tattoos they are another type of drawings that are very fashionable. They are small and are made together with your partner, they are paired and that is why they fall into the category of minimalists. They usually have a very deep meaning, so it would be ideal to always look for one that covers any future possibility.


Tattoo with handwritten message

These types of tattoos are incredibly original. The message is very personal and can be written in original handwriting, as if it were handwritten. The messages can be with family names, dates or Arabic letters with some symbolism. This type of tattoo is very fashionable among celebrities, surely with a very special meaning.

tattoos written with letters

Tribal tattoos

This kind of drawing symbolizes tattoo art for hundreds of years. Formerly it was used to mark the person and distinguish him from the members of other tribes. Currently use this pattern in a tribal shape and even with interlocking drawings, detailing a wide variety of illustrations. Many of them are exclusive and symbolize balance, peace and harmony.

tribal tattoos

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