Straightening hair in men

Straightening hair in men

There are multiple ways to hair straightening. The methods used are the same as those used in women and we would go from the spot straightening permanent straightening. Any of these options will be the ones that best fit into a person's plans and of course, at an economic level, the one that best suits the pocket.

Undoubtedly, the straight hair in men It is also a way of setting trends, many of them feel well dressed with straight, straight and perfect hair. If you have a disheveled, frizzy, or imperfect curl, straightening is the best option for a flawless finish. The methods that are applied and the most accessible are those detailed below:

Keratin treatments to straighten hair

It is the most durable way to achieve straight hair, its shape is not punctual, but rather to last for 4 to 6 months. Its finish is unbeatable and you get a renewed and shiny hair. Its price is usually around € 150 but its results are worth it.

Keratin without formaldehyde

It is a treatment without a formaldehyde base, a compound that is increasingly being avoided in most treatments because it becomes toxic and can damage the scalp. Its composition is basically keratin in its purest form, obtained from natural origin.

Straightening hair in men

Brazilian straightening

It is the most used straightening as it can with frizzy hair type and even the most rebellious. Very good results are obtained where the hair is deeply nourished thanks to the amino acids that will give a lot of shine, nutrition and will close the pores.

Japanese straightening

Your treatment makes your result is much firmer, totally straight, since it changes the internal structure of the hair. Its composition makes you look shiny, strong and soft hair, and it can be known under the brands of magic, bio ionic and robonding.

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Gentle keratin treatment

The smoothing you get not extremely smooth and its composition is much softer, so we will get hair with a lot of shine and strength. Its results are not to obtain a perfect straightening and will make you continue to maintain some wave in your hair.

Straightening hair in men

Traditional methods

They are the way to straighten your hair occasionally and temporarily, And without leaving home. We are talking about products or devices that are usually had, in this case the hair dryer and the straightening iron.

Straightening with the hair dryer

Will need a hair dryer and a round brush. To achieve the straightening, the strands will have to be rolled up with the brush and at the same time drying with the mouth of the dryer. You have to place the dryer over the lock and slide the air from top to bottom, while unwinding the lock of hair. In this way we will be able to close the hair cuticles and make the smoothing is formed. As a tip, you can use a low temperature of the dryer so as not to punish the scalp or the hair. At the end of each pass with the dryer we can give that cold air to give your hairstyle much more shine.

iron and dryer

Straightening the hair with the iron

It's a way to make it stay smooth and shiny hair. It is very important that the hair is completely dry and the temperature of the iron can be adjusted to between 180 ° and 200 °. To start ironing, you have to take small strands and pass the iron at least twice. Afterwards, a jet of cold air can be given to seal the cuticles, prevent frizz and give the hair shine.

Relaxing hair straightening products

Straightening hair in men

It is another way to do a straightening, but with a cream that contains a chemical ingredient. These products are for sale to the public, although it is recommended that they can be handled by a professional.

The relaxant is a compound that can become very aggressive if not used properly. It is usually recommended for thick and resistant hair, but its results can be very satisfactory.

To use it, it is convenient to follow the steps of each manufacturer and then use a special sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to deeply hydrate the hair. When we have completely dry hair we can add a small amount of coconut oil to the ends to protect it and retain its moisture.

Special products for straightening

From left to right: special products for after the keratin treatment and shampoo and conditioner for normal washes without any treatment.

As a last piece of information it is advisable to take a special shampoo as a treatment for straightening with keratin. These products are a little more expensive than those that are used regularly since they are made with special ingredients to prolong the straightening.

We can also find shampoos and conditioners that can be purchased in any store and that do not exceed € 5 each unit. They are made to a more special finish than usual, where your result will be a much smoother hair with less frizz so that it helps to have a more effective straightening.

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