How to get your eyebrows done

How to get your eyebrows done

Male beauty is on the rise and we love to watch any detail that has passed through some hands to end in a full-blown arrangement. There are men who bet on fix your hair and your beard and they have extrapolated the basic care to dedicate and care even for their eyebrows. That is why here we are going to indicate how to get the best care for this area of ​​the face.

Care and beauty go hand in hand and there are men who are already planning to take care of areas of the body that highlight their attractiveness. Eyebrows they provide personality and when they are on the face they frame the look and they are part of the appearance of the face.

Why get your eyebrows done?

There are men who have not tried to fix their eyebrows because they are part of their appearance and they believe that they should not change their image. There are eyebrows that can become very thick and make the eyes much smaller or give a much more serious appearance emphasizing the features.

With the gesture of wanting to remove the excess hair you can see how you can improve your appearance. It is no longer only the flattering factor that can stand out, but the fact of seeing that there is a special care and observe a much younger and fresher face.

Keep in mind that plucking or grooming your eyebrows is not mandatory, but it is contributes to being an essential part to give that retouch to all those eyebrows that they have excess hair around them, including the browbones. They are small flattering touches and it has nothing to do with hair removal on female faces (leaving thin eyebrows), where the features cannot lose their masculine character.

How to get your eyebrows done

Products and tools to groom your eyebrows

There is a small variety of tools to be able to do this little touch-up. It is only to find the way that best suits you, that offers you the best results and that you support the small annoyances when pulling out the hair.

The tweezers for plucking eyebrows are comfortable and easy to use. It is used manually and they are used to remove hair wherever you want it to disappear. It is practical to use and very punctual, but the downside is that you have to have a little more patience and have a good eye to pull out much finer hair.

How to get your eyebrows done

Blades are another effective method and very fast to get results. They are adapted in size and shape to be more precise than traditional blades. Its method consists of shaving and that is why it is easy and painless. The only drawback is that by not pulling out the hair, it will appear after a few days.

The electric trimmer It is another very useful and versatile simple device. These devices have several heads that you can attach to do the function you need depending on the part you are going to shave. It is comfortable and painless and its disadvantage is like that of the blade described above, by not pulling the hair from the root it will not take long to grow after a very few days.

Waxing is another efficient method and it is much more precise because it removes all the hair in a single pass, without worrying about how precise you have to be in removing all those hairs that you do not get to see at first glance or that have gone unnoticed. Its advantage is that it pulls hair from the roots, it takes many more days for new hair to come out and its small drawback is that when pulling it out it causes pain.

How to get your eyebrows done

Eyebrow shape according to a man's face

We indicate a brief summary about the type of eyebrows that you have to take into account before you start working on them. Depending on the type of face, one way or another will be made that will favor giving luminosity:

  • If they have the small face the most flattering eyebrows will be those that are fine, but without plucking them too much.
  • For Round face the best eyebrows are those with a fairly wide arch and that curve upwards.
  • With a square face the eyebrows must be triangular in shape.
  • With a elongated face The eyebrows look great with a straight cut.
  • For Oval face It is not necessary to fix the eyebrow in any way, just remove all the hair that bothers you without touching up too much.
  • En faces where the eyes are very close together It will be enough to touch up the surroundings and it is very important to remove the frown.
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How to get the eyebrows done?

The first step is to examine the eyebrows and make an accurate view of all those corners and small areas that we want to wax. In this case, you have to analyze and know that we are going to eliminate all those hair that is left over on the sides and between the eyebrows. How to get your eyebrows done

The area must be washed with a mild soap, warm water and dry it well with the towel. We will pinch the part of the hair lightly with our fingers to help the hair follicles to open.

The instruments that can best help you for hair removal is a magnifying mirror, great lighting and some mentioned tweezers or appliances previously. You can also use small scissors to remove those much longer hairs that protrude.

Finally we will comb the eyebrows with a small brush and apply a vitamin E or aloe vera lotion to avoid possible irritations and ingrown or ingrown hairs.

As a last tip you have to think that no need to shave too much the first time. You just have to remove all the hair that remains and as the days go by, continue with the retouching. Little by little we can dare to remove those areas that at first we did not want to wax and see if it is perfect.

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