What are the benefits of sleeping naked?

Some prefer to sleep well covered, others with little clothing and others, without anything. The fact is that according to the general surprise, sleeping without clothes provides numerous advantages: this option is the most contemplated logically.

The necessary products to carry in your travel bag

Are you going on vacation and you have already thought about what to put in your toiletry bag? So that nothing is forgotten, the simplest thing is to make a list. Let's see some of the essential products that you should have on hand when going on a trip.

Gillette Body, the all-rounder shave

Shaving should not be despised since 8 out of 10 women are not indifferent to a smooth body without hair. Gillette has found the nerve and made it easier for men: they now have a Body blade to shave their entire body.


The luxury shower gel for men

There are a multitude of beauty products for men. Perfumes, hairdressing products, dark circles creams, after-shave care ... There are even some luxury shower gels specially designed for men.

20 tricks for a perfect shave

The perfect shave, this word that reverberates in our heads and that we would like to always be fulfilled. Many times…

How to tie long hair in men

Long hair is becoming more and more common among men, so knowing some ways to tie up long hair can be of great help in these cases.

How to avoid an itchy beard

The long beard tends to itch as it grows, but so that you can avoid this annoyance, here are some tips to reduce itching in the beard.

Tips to get rid of back acne

Back acne is a very common problem among men, but so that you can show off your back without embarrassment during the summer, here are some tips to eliminate this problem.

Zara For Him, low cost men's perfumes

Zara For Him men's fragrances

Zara For Him is made up of two fragrances for men proposed by the low cost firm Zara, for this spring summer 2013 season.


Hugo Boss shower gels

If you want to take maximum care of your skin, nothing better than Hugo Boss shower gels.

Long live the bald!

Surely many of you are concerned ... On a day like today, you are in the shower, you are washing your ...


Homem, beauty products for men

As it usually happens now, there are more men who take care of themselves, that is why we talk about Homem beauty products for them.

colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses for men

If you want to draw attention above all, do not hesitate this summer to choose to wear colored contact lenses for a deep look.

Personal care products

We talk about the best male beauty products so that you have skin and hair in perfect condition.

Reducing gels for abdomen

We have seen lately that tummy tuck creams for men have proliferated, but will they really work as they say? Will they be so ...

Aspirin mask

One of the easiest masks to make and that is very effective is the aspirin mask. It is especially ...

Famous also sweat

Faces as well known as Chris Martin, Kevin Bacon, Antonio Banderas, Tom Cruise or Javier Bardem, at some point in their ...

tricks to have healthy skin

Four tricks to improve facial skin

Taking care of the skin of the face is good, and knowing some secrets that will help you to do so. Each man has a skin type so he must adapt.

man with dyed hair

Men also dye their hair

Although the myth says that only women dye their hair, I think it is more than evident that men increasingly confess that they also go through the hairdresser to dye their hair. It is a good option to keep up to date.

Tips for painless waxing

Whatever your hair removal method, take note of the following tips so that hair removal does not become torture

The best hairstyle for men

Very few men take care of their hair as it deserves and dare to change their look and even comb their hair ...

Dictionary of male cosmetics (M)

To learn how to take care of yourself correctly, nothing better than starting with the basics of cosmetics. With this cosmetic dictionary you can ...

Shaved, before or after?

Still today, in the XXI century, there are those who are not clear when is the optimal time to shave, before or ...

Tips to trim your beard

If you like to grow a beard, you should always keep it neat and well-groomed to make a good impression on ...

How to care for dreadlocks?

I would never do dreadlocks. Not because I don't like them, because I find them uncomfortable and because I can't pass a ...

What mascara to choose?

Makeup is no longer a woman's thing. Now men also wear makeup. If you have chosen this ...

To the hairdresser!

Many times for men going to the hairdresser can represent a big problem when deciding that ...

Tips to hide baldness

There is nothing worse than starting to notice that your hair is thinning, but you should not go into despair. To be…

Sideburns. Types.

In some men, the formation of good sideburns is essential to generate a desired image of the face. To me,…

The padlocked beard: its fame

In past decades the beard was associated with men with homosexual tendencies. Is that during the years of the ...

Techniques for drying hair

Some men suffer from the problem of not knowing how to dry their hair, either because we never learned how to do it or because ...

How to clean your ears?

The most common way to clean your ears is with cotton swabs, although this can leave you some residue or you can hurt yourself ...

AX Shower Gel

Personally, I believe that AX deodorants cause damage to their armpits and their consumers because of their strong content ...

Nail care

You probably don't think about your nails unless you painted them blue or your mother ...

The three-day beard as part of your look

It is the so-called university style or preppy look and it seems to be one of the favorites by several designers when presenting their collections and is already part of a new trend.

Tattoo History

Tattoos were a Eurasian practice in Neolithic times, even being found in some mummies with an antiquity of up to 6.000 ...

Apples for acne

If you have acne problems or pimples, nothing better than apples or any antioxidant to avoid these annoying spots ...

Pre-shave oil, why use it?

It is not mandatory, but using a good pre-shave oil is more than recommended if you suffer when shaving, or are ...


Clearly carried. We already have an excuse not to shave that three-day beard that caused so much damage long ago….

Different Types of Perfumes

The perfume is a mixture that contains aromatic essential oils, alcohol and a fixative, used to provide a pleasant and ...

Dior Homme Sport

Dior Homme Sport. "It is a very fresh and energetic fragrance", designed exclusively for men who wear jeans instead ...

Acne, how to prevent it?

Acne is recognized by the presence of pimples, whiteheads called pustules and other lesions such as papules, nodules, ...

Slow beard growth

The cosmetic company Clinique developed a line of products specially designed for men's skin. This translates into cosmetics ...

Pre-shave creams and oils

  Although it is not essential, a good pre-shave cream or oil is highly recommended as part of the daily routine ...