Type of beard according to your face

We have recently experienced a rebirth of the beard as a facial dressing. Almost everyone wears different types, goatee, stubble…, etc. What should be known is what type of beard suits us best with our type of face, not all of them improve our image.

With the beard we can correct many things, from the oval of our face, to achieve a face with greater harmony. You just have to determine the shape of your fall and choose the beard cut that suits you best.

beard styles
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What type of beard is suitable for your face?

There are many reasons to wear a beard. Either because it is among the latest trends, because we follow the example of a famous person, because it favors us, etc. But which beard is the one that best suits us based on the type of face we have?

The beard is considered one of the most aesthetic accessories for men. Beards of all models are seen. Even this variety of beards has revolutionized the sector of care products: brushes, waxes that give the desired shape, lotions to hydrate the beard, brushes for a shiny effect, etc.

Elongated faces

gosling clooney

The elongated faces are of the most delicate ones to grow a beard. It is necessary to avoid that the face has an effect of more lengthening still. The type of beard that should be used in these cases is that of the short beard with thick sideburns. In this way, the face will appear less elongated and with a more symmetrical shape.

The key is in form a kind of crescent on the face, that softens the effect of an elongated face a bit.

If you have the long face chooses to cut it very well and that never see below the jaw, this will cause your face to lengthen even more. Your beard must be short in the chin area and wider at the sideburns to form a crescent that makes the face not appear so elongated.

This is the case of actors like George Clooney or Brad Pitt who, with this type of face, orient their beard in this way.

Square faces

barbarostro square

Square faces are characterized by a broader forehead, high cheekbones, and a chin that doesn't stick out much. The goatee is always the best option so that the face is more elongated and with a stylized effect.

How should be the goatee? With more hair on the chin area and a little less on the sidess. Even the sides can be completely shaved.

These knobs are easily maintainedUsing a simple electric machine, you don't even need to shave to have your best look.

El square face it is one of the most common. It is usually associated with a broad forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a not very long but well defined chin. A goatee beard is perfect for this type of face, lengthening the chin so that this area is the point of greatest attention. Do not forget to cut the beard on the sides with a rounded shape in order to soften the contour of the face.

Round faces

round barbarian

Un Round face It is characterized by having very little prominent cheekbones and bulging cheeks. It is advisable to wear a more angular beard that disguises the roundness of the face, and makes it longer. Cut it to the height on the cheeks.

The puffy cheekbones and cheeks and the little chin generate the feeling that the face was shorter. It is important, in this type of face, that the beard is angular, defines the jaw a little more and creates the sensation of elongation of the face. If there is also double chin, the most successful thing is that the hair grows under the chin, in the direction of the neck.

Kristofer Hivju with a beard
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Oval face

If the face is oval type, the main characteristic is that the features are rounded. This face is the one that best keeps the proportions between the cheeks, the chin and the forehead. It is considered the ideal face.

In this style of face, beards always tend to fit well. It is probably the goatee that best integrates, and with a not too marked beard on the rest of the face.

It is possible that the feeling of stopping the face too round It was concealed in part by the beard.

Triangular face

These faces, with shades reminiscent of a triangle, are characterized by marked features and a very elongated chin.

In this type of face, the type of beard that can best fit is the entire beard, which will help to disguise the feeling of hardness a bit that mark these faces.

The beard can grow longer on the sides and a little shorter in the chin area, contrary to what happened in the previous examples.

In these cases it is It is recommended that the beard be very well cared for, so that it can be marked on the face and does not grow beyond the chin. A “multi-day beard” style might be the best fit.

Diamond faces

Beard for diamond-shaped faces

Sometimes the diamond face is confused with the triangular and the square. Actually, if we look closely, it differs by being wider in the cheek area than at the top of the head or on the chin.

The best beard for this type of face is usually the goatee with a lip-framing effect. There is also the option of wearing a mustache and then a beard, below the lower lip. This look has been made popular by Johny Deep.

If you have a double chin ...


For those with double chin the best is a full beard, that will refine the face in general and cover the double chin itself. Make the beard quite angular, ending right at the chin line without going over the neck.

But it is also important, If you don't like to wear a beard, check your sideburns. If your face is thin, opt for the short temple, if it is fat, leave the temple slightly longer to draw more the line of the jaw.

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These tips can help for a change of look.

Now you only have to choose you, beard yes or no?

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