What care do I need for my skin type?

Every man has some needs in the skin and for that reason he needs some specific care according to the problem you have to tackle. Many times we do not know how to solve them, and the first thing we have to detect is what happens to our skin and how we can make it much better in a short time

My skin is oily, very oily

To know if your skin is oily place a dark paper on your forehead and another on your cheeks. Press gently and remove it after a few seconds. Look at it and see if it leaves whitish residue. If that's your case, your skin is oily.

Oily skin is skin with pimples, blackheads, blackheads or shine. This makes the pore of the skin more open and therefore within each pore between a greater number of small dirt particles.
To take care of oily skin, it is essential that you perform a facial cleansing a week with an exfoliator. Try using gel-type creams that are of light textures specific for oily skin.
Within your diet includes fruits and vegetables avoiding the fried ones that will only give you more fat. Blue fish and nuts like pistachios will be your best allies.

My skin is dry, very dry

To detect dry skin, you just have to gently run your nail over the skin, if it leaves a white trail, you have dry skin. As consequences of dry skin, we find a dull skin with itching, redness and especially dehydrated. To take care of it there is nothing better than one hydration continued with specific creams for dry skin. It is very important that after daily cleaning, when drying the skin, do not drag it with the towel, as that will only dry it out much more. Pat your skin dry and let it be slightly damp before applying the cream to achieve a greater hydrating effect.

As for food, they will help you foods rich in water like pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, watermelon or orange and green leafy vegetables. Avoid coffee and drink infusions that help you drink water in another way.

My skin is dull and tired

I look in the mirror and I have dark circles, eye bags and a tired face day and night, what is happening to me? How can I fix this aspect of my face? A tired skin is characteristic of having a extra accumulation of dead cells on the skin. In addition, dark circles and bags are due to a lack of sleep and fluid accumulation.

To take care of this type of skin and give you back all the vitality you need, it is only enough to follow some routines like the one weekly exfoliation, moisturizer with vitamins like Vitamin C that is rich in antioxidants and provides that amount of vitamins that the skin lacks, and it is very important that one of your great allies is the eye contour to remove dark circles and bags.

Pay attention to what you eat, and don't forget to take all kinds of red, orange and yellow vegetables, which have a greater amount of vitamins and minerals such as oranges, carrots, beets or strawberries, great antioxidant allies that will restore freshness to your skin in the blink of an eye.

I have wrinkles all over my face

Mi outer contour of the eyes and mouth are full of fine lines that every day are more acute and end up being wrinkles. At first they seemed curious to me because they were small marks, but over time, they have become wrinkles that are becoming more and more marked ... What can I do?
Our face is full of small muscles that help us gesture and express ourselvesThis, together with the fact that men tend to like more to practice sports outdoors without putting on protection or hydration, makes everything much more potent.

To make these little wrinkles look much less, there is nothing better than proper hydration with sun protection. Remember to use products with protection factor throughout the year so that the skin feels protected.

There are also foods that will help you like those who have a high concentration of polyphenols such as wheat, grapes, blueberries, soybeans, peas, or lentils.

That said ... what type of skin do you have?

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