10 causes of irritation after shaving

Irritation when shaving

Shaving is essential for most men, although more and more men prefer to wear huge beards that save them from the sometimes tedious work of shaving every day. Shaving is usually a quick and easy process although on some occasions it can lead to complications that no one wants to occur.

And it is that men usually shave without watching over some fundamental aspects and also doing it like a hellish routine that only complicates things. One of those complications that can appear after shaving is that of the skin irritation, which can occur for various reasons like.

Today and through this article we are going to show you 10 of the reasons why our skin gets irritated when shaving. They are just 10 of the many reasons why our skin can be irritated, but without a doubt they are the best known and the most frequently repeated. If you don't want shaving to become hell, try not to make sure that any of these reasons occur daily in your shaving.

Dry shaving

Most men have shaved dry on occasion, without wetting our faces and lathering, usually because we have run out and we have not remembered to buy it the day before in the supermarket.

Shaved off

Unfortunately dry shaving is not a great idea, although at first it may seem that it has no consequence. Without exception if we do not wet our face, with hot water if possible or we foam or gel to open the pores of our face, when we finish shaving we will suffer an important and above all annoying irritation.

Shave with cold water

It may seem silly but shaving with cold water can cause significant irritation for our skin. Whenever possible it is important to shave with hot water as this opens the pores of the skin, prepares it for shaving and avoids annoying irritations.

Shaving with an overly worn blade

We all know that shaving blades are not exactly cheap, but that is not why we should shave every morning with a too worn blade and this can cause irritation.

If the blade you use is too worn and does not cut as well as it should, you have to think about changing it, even if you are going to have to spend a good handful of euros on a new one. Our recommendation is that you close your eyes when paying, pay them quickly and do not think about what some blades have cost you with which you can only shave.

Shaving with a rusty blade

Continuing with what we have already discussed in the previous section, it is essential not to shave with a too worn blade and of course you have to watch that it is not rusted in any of its parts. Cheap blades rust easily if we do not use them frequently or if we do not change them from time to time, which can only lead to problems, among which of course is the irritation of our skin.

Shaving with too much pressure

Shaving applying too much pressure most of the time makes our skin irritated, with the discomfort that this supposes.  It is not usually by chance that we shave with a lot of pressure and this is usually the result of not knowing how to shave, that the blade is too worn and does not cut or that we are shaving dry and therefore it is necessary to apply more pressure so that the blade moves through our skin easily .

Shaving equipment

If you notice that you are shaving applying too much pressure, stop for a second to think about the reasons why this can happen and do not wait until your face is red as a tomato to make decisions and measures.

The rush is not good

Shaving too fast is not a good thing and it is that on the one hand we can end up with a wound, sometimes quite important, on our face, but also with a significant irritation that we will regret as soon as we finish shaving.

We know it's a bit crazy, but enjoy shaving and give it 15-20 minutes to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Shave against the grain

Shaving against the grain is something that many men do for different reasons, including comfort, preventing the beard from coming out so quickly or looking for the opposite effect, that the beard begins to come out in certain areas that we have more depopulated. However shaving in this way can cause skin irritation.

If this is your case, try to shave in the direction of your beard hairs and do not innovate by doing it against the grain if you do not want to have a certain pain for a few minutes or even hours.

Shaving by giving too many strokes in the same area

Going through the same area several times with the blade is something that can allow us to leave the area perfectly, but at the same time we can cause significant irritation. When you shave, try one or two strokes at most the area is perfect, otherwise if you spend too many times in the same area, it can be irritated very easily.

Be careful if the blade is too worn or even rusty since if you go through the same area several times with a blade in poor condition, the result can be very painful for you.

Using an alcoholic aftershave

One of the mistakes many men make most often after shaving is applying a aftershave with alcohol, which does nothing more than irritate our facial skin.

Just after you finish shaving, a good idea is to use a lotion or a balm that does not contain alcohol, to avoid irritations and especially to put an end to an experience that must be pleasant and not the opposite.

Shaving with equipment not suitable for your needs

Even if you have been shaving for years and have a lot of practice with the blade, it may be useless if you don't have the right equipment to shave every morning. Make sure you have the most suitable blade for your needs and that it is in good condition, because otherwise it will not do any good if you have shaved hundreds of and hundreds of times.

Do not be a rat, although when it comes to shaving, we know that it is difficult, and buy yourself some good blades with which to shave is a pleasant experience and not a real torture, which ends with wounds and irritations on your face.

As we told you before, these are just some of the reasons why the skin on your face can end up irritated, but there may be some others, depending a lot on the state of the skin of each one, so be careful when it comes to shaving, because even though you've done it hundreds of times you can end up having a bad and painful experience.

Ready to shave without suffering annoying irritations on your skin?.

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  1.   maccano said

    A good substitute for the aftershave that I use is Aloe Vera, it works for me, as well as any cream with Collagen, these were used for my mother and they left me with the perfect face ... (yes, they are very expensive).

  2.   Alan Cesarini Farrow said

    Yes, Aloe Vera is very good at calming irritation and hydrating the skin. It is also highly recommended as an aftersun.

  3.   Juan said

    I shaved and I got a hard ball under my chin ………………… .what can I do?

  4.   Luis said

    I am 17 years old and when I shave I almost always have irritation.
    I use a three blade blade, aetr shave williams and williams foam.
    What m do you recommend so that I do not suffer irritation?

    A and not to say that if I shave two days in a row, don't see how my face looks.

    I also like to be fairly shaved because I am a bit ashamed to be seen unshaven, you know at these ages everything new costs to adapt.

    Thank you I hope answers to my mail thank you.

  5.   Anibal said

    Thanks for the tips!

  6.   CARLOS said


  7.   David said

    Hello I have a problem the other day I shaved and I put on a moisturizer I do not use after after shaving, well shortly after shaving my chin began to itch a lot I looked in the mirror and my chin was very red, to date Next the redness continued and I had scaly skin 4 days later the redness decreased but the scaling continues, what could be due?

    1.    CARLOS said



  8.   Mariana said

    I think it is very funny that a baby of barely one year old I think I am shaving the irritation that he causes is a lot because he has very soft skin because the skin of babies does not have no jermen and that is why his pil is so delicate but pitiful mind what I am looking for is when people become irritable towards other people well that's all goodbye because I am dropping the internet because the internet there on the computer is very fragile



  9.   Marking T said

    Hello, how good to find this page, I have very dry skin and I cannot shave if it does not pass at least 3 days, by not waiting it causes irritation on my skin, can someone advise me something ???

  10.   Renzo said

    Hello, I would like you to help me or suggest something for the irritation, I have been with this problem for a long time I have used several products and I have the same problem. Thank you for your cooperation ...

  11.   jose said

    I have a problem every time I shave it always causes me excessive irritation and causes me to start to get pimples and pimples.
    What do you recommend me to do or use to avoid these problems ???

  12.   XAVIER said

    Hello everyone, I always had a lot of problems with shaving, irritations ... swelling ... redness ... flaking etc ... the best thing is to shave: at night before going to bed, very little by little, the 3-blade blade works well but oh what note that between blade and blade there is a separation! That makes the hair go in well and does not get muffled in one go! that's the real cause of all shaving problems !! prove it !! and after shaving a lot of moisturizing !! regards!

  13.   Jose Maria said

    Hello my friends of the great webmaster !. I am going to tell you about an experience I had when shaving and since then my life has changed.
    As the first instance what your boy should do is wash the geta with a little warm water. followed by that you must soak it with urine .. if you urinate. When you go to the ñoba try to keep the pichin in a container to be able to use it .. then what the pichin does is detoxify the geta .. then when you have the geta well soaked in pichin proceed to the ajeitado .., always carefully and in favor of the growth of the hair…. Trick number 2. (the first was the pichin)… now comes the important thing. which won't make your geta irritate you. do not get pimples or ingrown hairs .. very good. what your boy should do is very simple. You must pull it, yes pull it. maybe with material via net. journals. or imagination .. I don't know. maybe you can think of a friend. your friend's wife, well you notice.! the secret is simply to pass uasca in thin layers on your face, since uasca has very good properties for the skin .. since this substance concentrates many nutrients .. well I say goodbye wishing you a very pleasant shave and we will meet again when they arise more questions than as long as I can answer with no more than the very truth. no gimmicks or lies. bye!

    PS: Make sure boy to get plenty of perfume after shaving. otherwise people will think that you are a damn effeminate gay who ends up in the face !.

    1.    Juan said

      Idol ... of urine or pee or piss ... I used it in the physical education teachers for the burning of the hands to work on the bars and parallels ... greetings

  14.   Luis said

    mee shave all the part of the cheek and meirritee and mee pimples started to come out is it good to shave again?

  15.   Javier said

    The manual is very good, but I would recommend that men be motivated to wax, it would be the best for everyone, especially the new generations since although the beard and mustache are masculine characteristics, typical of men, not all men have it. Some of them look great while others look ridiculous. In the case of the youngest (Adolescents and young people) if it looks horrible that they have a beard or mustache since it makes them look more neglected and dirty, it also increases their age which still does not suit them.
    The beard and mustache were commonly related for mature men, not for the younger ones, so guys who had their mustache or beard shaved to look more youthful.

  16.   claudio said

    They should try Juveness' ice therapy, the 100% natural Ice Stick formula helps with inflammation and irritation after shaving. In addition to containing collagen and elastin, the cold has many benefits, look for more information such as cold therapy Juveness or on p. Juveness website

  17.   juan005 said

    The best disposable razor I have ever used and I say it for sure is the BIC.

    I used to use other brands that they said were the best and I'm not going to mention them because they don't give them a bad name. but really after I tried the BIC I realized that those other more expensive brands and that supposedly are the best, really are crap and they sell a low quality product so that we have to be buying machines every day.

    I hated shaving because my face was red and burning for a long time

    but the BIC does not irritate me at all, because it has a flawless edge and lasts for many shaves

    try it and you will realize that I am not talking nonsense and you fall in love with these machines like I did

  18.   Diego l. said

    I agree with Juan I also use the BIC and it is the only machine that does not irritate my skin. It is excellent.

  19.   GUS-TIN said

    I have no problems with shaving my face. DO YOU KNOW WHERE?

  20.   Gabriel embraces said

    Hello I have a problem the other day I shaved and I put on a moisturizer I do not use after after shaving, well shortly after shaving my chin began to itch a lot I looked in the mirror and my chin was very red, to date Next the redness continued and I had scaly skin 4 days later the redness decreased but the scaling continues, what could be due?

    Gabriel embraces

  21.   pedro said

    Hi, I'm 26, I shave another prestobarva and I have a red face on my cheek, what would that be?

  22.   John Marin said

    It happened to me the same as many, but with some of the tips and using the Gillette Match 3 Turbo that problem has ended, it is a machine that gives a razor-sharp shave and does not irritate the skin, it is very comfortable to use, hopefully and try it 🙂

  23.   Michelle J Henninger said

    Try the Karmin

  24.   Claudio said

    1) They must shave before showering.
    2) Put on an ALCOHOL FREE aftershave before shaving foam.
    3) Put on a shaving foam for sensitive skin.
    4) Wait about 5 minutes for the agents to act on the skin.
    5) Use the GILLETTE MACH 3 razor blade
    6) In the shower use a creamy moisturizing soap (DOVE soap is best)
    Before this procedure I had to shave every 3 days because the irritation was terrible. Now I shave every day.

  25.   anonymous said

    I just shaved my penis and balls, and now it stings me to life. what the fuck can I do? All for being better presented to go and put the shrimp in the pot ..