Does wearing a hat cause hair loss?

hatMany men, due to various circumstances, tend to wear caps excessively, forgetting that the constant use of this garment can generate the hair loss.

Some say no, others yes. The truth is that wearing a hat itself does not cause hair loss, but you have to take into account the structure of the hat in question, which could cause some damage.

The problem with wearing a cap is the lack of blood circulation to the scalp. If you constantly wear a hat, the blood in your hair does not circulate, progressively deteriorating the hair, generating too much moisture and causing it to fall out.

Also, when the scalp perspires, sweat and other particles mix to clog pores and follicles. This can hinder hair growth.

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  1.   Mario said

    Hello. I've heard about wearing a hat and hair loss. I'm going bald and never used anything !!! They recommended me the new garnier fructis anti-hair loss, do you know it?

  2.   Fortino Barragan said

    The use of the hat prevents sunlight from directly on the head, therefore on the hair, preventing it from drying out, mistreating and deteriorating, the fact that the use of the hat is a factor for baldness, is a myth, if that were true , all the people from 1950 backwards would be bald, EVERYONE, because even the ladies used it. The comment where they say about the circulation, is also totally unfounded, because that could only be if a very tight hat or cap was used and a tight hat is like shoes, after 5 min you can't hold them and you take them off, I I have worn a hat for more than 20 years and I have not lost any hair, My grandparents used it all their lives and none were bald, misinformation and ignorance abound on the internet and unfortunately this has contributed to making such a noble, necessary and elegant this almost marginalized among the new generations.

  3.   mauro said

    I also think that the hat has nothing to do with this. Most of the people who have gone bald from my generation never wear hats. The funny thing is that I have used them for years and I still have hair the same as when I was born, so I am worried about this although I wear soft hats, guys go mountain because they baseball caps besides that I don't like how they fit me if they feel too tight. another thing motorcycle helmets this if they squeeze your head and if I think they don't let the blood and the heat of the day circulate well in your head inside A motorcycle helmet is impressive and I do not see that all motorized people are bald, some are bald but it is because I do not touch them because of the helmet but according to this myth all motorized people should be bald. an example someone known Michael Schumacher he is not bald, good not for now and he used a protective cap for the fire on top they put on a pilot's helmet and the heat generated by the machine combined with that of the sun and the long periods of training in this conditions, he should be bald, he shouldn't even have eyebrows but there, this one has the same hair, all the pilots, some are bald, others are not, that is a myth, that is people, the same name says it, androgenetic alopecia, if it were not called, I know, gold alopecia the use or abuse of a hat and it will fall in all the parts that the hat covers not only above, do not believe .. ??? and the hairs on the genitals should also fall due to the abuse of using underwear that if we use it even to sleep well in my case and I do not see that anyone says anything it is absolutely false that wearing a hat causes androgenetic alopecia goes in the genes if You totally cough you wear or do not wear a hat.!

    1.    lau said

      Anything that covers the scalp, don't let it breathe, is bad for the hair. wear a cap for a long time notice most of the heads of orthodox jews who wear a kippah have a halo on their head

  4.   matthew said

    Hi, I'm Matteo, in my family they have never been bald, I have long hair and from a time to here since I have it long, my teeth are falling, my question is appearing, it is because if in my family we are very abundant of cavellos, first I think a lot, two I do not Alemiento at three hours from six to ten at night cap on four I don't use anything at all, the truth is, they told me to avoid cutting it but I don't want solutions to give me hopefully soon thanks

  5.   top hat said

    By comparative offense, my ass hair would have to fall for wearing it covered, and yet they are still there….

  6.   Carina said

    I am a woman of the 7 days of the week 4 I wear a hat, I am a fan and for some time now I have fallen more and more, every time I feel weaker and I go from being abundant to having little quantity I do not know what to do. and for me the hat is the reason.

  7.   Josele said

    I am Josele, I am 24 years old and I like to wear a cap, I identify a lot with it and I think that just like wearing socks it makes you not have so many hairs in that area, I think that my hair falls out more than necessary because I wear excess caps. The thing is, I don't know if taking one of those augmentum capsules that people say are going so well will solve the problem because of course I want to keep wearing caps on my head ...