Gradient haircut for men

Gradient haircut for men

The faded haircut has been among the most popular for decades. Since it is a true classic of men's hairstyles, It is a safe bet when it comes to getting a haircut.

And more advantages: Compared to other haircuts, the gradient works really well with all face shapes. In addition, it is usually classified within low maintenance hairstyles. Which means that washing, drying and styling takes little time and effort. It is very worth taking it into account if you are one of those who needs to be impeccable in an instant in the morning.

How to get a classic gradient

Gradient haircut in the series 'Suits'

On gradients, the nape and sides are left short. The rest gradually gets longer as we get closer to the top of the head. Its shape is up to the preferences of each person. The secret to making it work perfectly is to take into account the shape of the face when making all the variations that can be carried out. Thus, you can choose from numerous options for the top: side parting, back hair, with bangs, with toupee, spiky, studied mess, very short, etc.

If you want an old school gradient, it is very important that the result is as natural as possible. This means that there do not have to be strong contrasts between the different cutting areas. Another rule of thumb is not to start the gradient too high at the back of the head. Experts point to the occipital bone (the plate that makes up the lower and middle part of the posterior skull) as a starting point so that the faded haircut does not become an undercut. Afterwards, and unlike the undercut, the length increases in a smooth and proportionate way as we move up the skull.

Film and television represent one of the best sources of inspiration for hairstyles, and when it comes to gradients, there is no exception. It is quite easy to find references, some of them fantastic, as is the case with the lawyer series, 'Suits'. The protagonists of 'Suits' (Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams) sport impeccable haircuts to match their trendy outfits.

How to adapt it to the shape of your face

Jamie Foxx with faded haircut

Oval face

If you have an oval face, it means that it is perfectly balanced. So you can afford any kind of gradient haircut, even a military-style one that marks your features.

In this case, it is cut short or very short at the top, using scissors if a less aggressive result is desired. This allows the clipper to pass first to the two and then, through the sides and neck, to the one, without ceasing to be natural. You can also finish the gradient to zero with incredible results. Celebrities like Jamie Foxx or Will Smith are some examples. Whether you go for the military style or prefer something longer, consider clearing your forehead. That will accentuate your bone structure, which is always a good idea.

Round face

The key to reducing the roundness of the face with the gradient haircut is to achieve a sharper shape, but without losing its balance. If this is your kind of face consider keeping the sides very short and giving the top a lot of height. Ask your barber not to cut himself when running the clipper very short on the sides. Also, starting graduation high up on the nape and sides also helps to narrow the face.

Long face

If you have a long face, avoid a faded haircut that is too short on the sides. Ideally, use scissors. A good result can also be achieved with a hair clipper by fixing the lower part of the temples as a red line. Cutting the rest of the hair in layers with the scissors, while keeping the top at a generous length, and avoiding completely clearing the forehead are other details that are considered flattering for this face type.

Gradient haircut for men with fine hair

Theo James with faded haircut

Gradient haircut works great on men with fine hair. The key is to volumize the top. To do this, it is trimmed (long locks increase the weight of the hair) while giving it texture. To style it up, consider a studied mess that flatters the shape of the face, like the one in the image above. When setting your style, avoid heavy products that help make your hair look thinner and poorer. Instead consider powdered waxes, which give body and have a matte finish.

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