Knob types

Long knob

Most men try different types of goatee until they eventually find the one that suits them best. As with practically everything related to style, Hitting the bull's-eye is a matter of trial and error.

Knobs offer a middle ground between a close shave and a beard. They are a solution when you choose to wear facial hair but there is not enough density on the cheeks to form a full beard. Then there are those who choose it because they simply like it better how it suits them.

Partial knobs

Partial knobs are those that do not consist of a mustache. Facial hair is limited to the chin area and can be shaped in several ways:

Small knob

Small knob

Shaves everything but the hair on the lower lip. The length of the line depends on personal preference. It can stay in a small rectangular patch under the lip or continue to go down the chin vertically as much as you like. The longer versions are also known as runway knobs.

You only have to pay attention to a small portion of facial hair, which is why, of all the goatee types, this is naturally the one that needs the least maintenance.

Big knob

Big knob

Also known as the original knob. It's like a full goatee, but without a mustache. The chin area hair is allowed to grow completely.

To achieve its characteristic shape the upper part needs to reach the corner of the lips. It is also important to delimit it on the sides so that it is the same width as the mouth in neutral expression.

Complete knobs

Full knobs are those that consist of both a mustache and a goatee.. There are different types depending on their shape, as well as whether the two parts are connected or not. They tend to be more flattering than part knobs.

Classic knob

Full knob

The mustache and goatee need to be connected creating an unbroken circle or square around the mouth. Of all the knob types, this is the style practically everyone thinks of when talking about knobs.

Trimmed full knob

Like the rest, the classic goatee can be worn short, medium or long. Consider trimming it and disconnecting the lower lip from the chin for a more defined result.

Goatee Van Dyke

Goatee Van Dyke

The Van Dyke style is similar to a full goatee, with the difference that mustache and goatee are not connected. Consider it if you have a hard time getting a full circle of hair or if you just look more favored with this style.

To achieve its distinctive triangular shape, the goatee has to be narrower than the mustache. In the longer versions, the same inverted triangle shape is achieved by cutting the knob to a point with the help of scissors.

Anchor knob

Robert Downey Jr.'s Knob

In this style, the mustache and the goatee are also disconnected, but, contrary to what happens with the Van Dyke, here it is the width of the goatee that must exceed that of the mouth and not the other way around. In this way, a shape reminiscent of an anchor is drawn with facial hair.

It's the goatee from 'Iron Man'. Actor Robert Downey Jr. is a stalwart of this type of goateeboth in front of and behind the cameras.

What kind of knob to choose

Anchor knob

The most suitable style for each one depends on the shape of the face. For example, round faces often benefit from long, tapered knobs. On the other hand, if you have a long face, it is a good idea to think horizontally. If that being your face type, you don't keep your goatee length at bay, your face may appear too thin.

However, while they are good guidelines to get your bearings at first, it is not enough. And it is that you also have to take into account the angles and curves of the mouth, chin and jaw, which are unique to each man. Also, you have to adapt to the type of growth. All men do not have facial hair distributed in the same way, and when they do, they often have different densities. Therefore, only you can determine which of the above knobs is correct.

How to maintain the knob

Philips Beard Trimmer HC9490 / 15

Either with a beard trimmer or with scissors, knobs should be trimmed regularly. Otherwise, a flawless goatee can quickly transform into something disheveled and unflattering.

Although mustache and goatee are usually left the same length, it is not an essential requirement. One part can be left slightly longer than the other to achieve the most flattering shape on your face.

Keeping its shape is just as important as trimming it. To delimit it in the chosen way, you need a razor. Electric trimmers and razors can get the job done too. Once the chosen style has been drawn, it is very easy to maintain it.

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