20 tricks for a perfect shave

El perfect shave, this word that reverberates in our heads and that we would like to always be fulfilled. Many times in the rush we are not aware of the damage we do to our skin by shaving fast and running.

With the tips that I propose today, you will make this shaving process become a pleasant beauty treatment.

  1. Let your skin take its time. As soon as we get up, our skin is swollen and we have that feeling of a sleepy face. If you are shaving first thing in the morning, allow at least 10 minutes to pass before you start shaving to give yourself a better surface to work on.
  2. Prepare the skin. To start shaving, it is very important that you first clean your skin with cold water to activate it. If we wash it with hot water, the skin, in addition to being excessively dry, can cause irritation after shaving, and even break small blood vessels.
  3. Don't shave every day. If you are someone who shaves every day, let your skin rest without shaving it at least once a week. Take the opportunity to make yourself a good beauty ritual to give an extra dose of hydration and rest to your face.
  4. Invest in good products. If you are one of those who shave with a brush, invest in it. It is essential that you choose a quality one in order to create a rich and creamy lather that before shaving helps you lift the hair to improve shaving and exfoliate the skin by eliminating dead cells.
  5. Don't shave in a rush. Usually men who suffer cuts or burns while shaving are those who shave at a thousand an hour and who use long and wide movements. It is better that you go little by little and taking care of the skin while you shave.
  6. Apply the shaving gel in circles. So that it is better distributed throughout the rest, apply your shaving gel in small circles with the help of your fingers, letting the product rest and perfectly penetrate our face.
  7. Slide, do not press the blade. It is a myth that if you press the blade more, the shave is closer. The only thing you will do is irritate and damage the skin. Gently slide the blade in and let her do the rest.
  8. Shaving oil, to take care of the face. If you want your shave to be smoother, put some shaving oil under the shaving foam, cream or gel that you normally use.
  9. Let your upper lip be the last thing you shave. The hair that we have on the upper lip is harder than other parts of our face, and it is better to soak up the shaving cream well so that the hair softens, therefore, it is better that it be the last area that we shave.
  10. Shave with hot shower. If you want a more comfortable shave, you can do it in the shower. The steam from a hot shower will help open the hair follicles and soften it so that we can shave it much better.
  11. Never shave against the grain. If you do, the only thing you can produce on your face is irritation and damage to the follicle.
  12. Use sensitive products if your skin is sensitive. Don't be rough, and if you notice that every time you shave you have skin irritation, it may be because your skin is sensitive. In that case, don't hesitate to use specific products for your skin type.
  13. If you don't have time in the morning, shave at night. Many times we don't have time to shave quietly in the morning, so shave at night so that after shaving, you give your skin about 8-10 hours of full rest.
  14. Aloe vera, your best ally. For all those who suffer from irritation, and have sensitive skin, the best thing after shaving is to apply a little aloe vera gel on the face. It will help soothe and hydrate your skin and reduce irritation.
  15. Check the condition of your razor blade. Many times we are not aware when the knife blades are worn. Change them as soon as you notice it, because otherwise, the only thing you will cause your skin is redness and irritation. If you shave every day it is recommended that you change the blade once a week, especially if your beard is hard.
  16. Camouflage the cuts. If you have cut yourself with the blade, try to camouflage the cuts and hydrate them with specific shaving products.
  17. Eliminate aftershave. Most of them are high in alcohol, and what they do is dry the skin and increase the risk of irritation and affect the natural defense barrier of the skin, accelerating premature aging of the skin. Instead, use an aftershave balm or moisturizer to calm her and restore the hydration barrier.
  18. Cold after-shave products. Applying an anti inflammatory balm is highly recommended once you have shaved. If not, it is also great to apply an ice cube to the skin.
  19. Always hydrate your skin after shaving. Even if your skin appears smooth once you shave, you need to hydrate it, especially if you have dry skin. Remember to hydrate the skin twice a day, in the morning and at night, after the facial cleansing routine.
  20. Learn to shave. There is nothing worse for our ego than being told that we do not know how to shave, but many times it is necessary to learn to do it well so as not to cut yourself and irritate your skin.

Surely after these 20 tricks from now on you will give a little more prominence and time to the shave so that it is perfect.

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