The effectiveness of the new Sanex Natur Protect

To put a deodorant to the test, the best time of year is summer, where with the heat that we spend, sweat bothers us at all hours and of course what we always look for in a good deodorant is that in addition to eliminating the smell, it does that those unsightly sweat stains do not appear on our skin, and also if it may be that it uses natural ingredients, all the better.

We wanted to see if we can achieve all this with the new Sanex Natur Protect, Sanex's new deodorant, whose ingredient main asset is alum, a natural mineral from the volcanic aluniferous rock that heals, is antibacterial and lets our skin breathe. Also, as a novelty, this new Sanex product does not contain aluminum chlorohydrate, that antiperspirant that does not let our skin breathe, nor alcohol, nor parabens. And you can share it with your partner! It is a unisex deodorant both in its spray and roll-on format.

Sanex has been based on this active principle that has been used since ancient times where people simply moistened this alum stone and passed it directly under the armpit to eliminate that unsightly sweat.

To test the effectiveness of the product we have used both the roll-on format and the spray for normal skin.

What we want to highlight about the product is that its smell is not strong at all, it leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness in our armpit without causing an excessive smell of perfume. We have not proven that it lasts for 24 hours, since with this heat and being summer it is impossible to take more than one daily shower.

If you are one of those who have shaved armpits, it is an ideal product, since it heals those small wounds that you can make after waxing, without losing the effectiveness of the product.

Try it and tell us about your experience!

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  1.   Luna said


    I would like to know if this antiperspirant removes the armpits, because I have read in other blogs that the alum stone works for that problem, I have them stained and I am looking for a product for this.

    Thank you.

    1.    L said

      Alum stone has recognized antiseptic and astringent qualities.
      Its main use is as a natural deodorant. as it closes pores, regulates perspiration and neutralizes bad odors. It is also healing, ideal to use after shaving, soothes the skin, disinfects it, and with its astringent effect it prevents the appearance of wounds, minimizes bleeding and effectively removes stains 🙂 it is also very economical and easy to use, it is enough with moistening the stone, and passing it through the area to be treated since the alum is soluble in water. We hope we have helped you !!

  2.   Juan said

    I have been using Natur protect deodorant for a while now and it is going very well, especially for men hehe. Alum did not know before, and also, if they remove harmful components, all the better.
    And it doesn't sweat, it works, at least for me.

  3.   Maria Jose said


    What I can recommend is Dove Dermo Aclarant® antiperspirant, special to lighten the skin of the armpits, it also leaves your skin very good because it contains moisturizing cream, and is made from natural ingredients.


  4.   Martina said

    Hello!! Well, I've been using Sanex Naturprotect for a little while, the one with the pink cap, and I'm doing quite well ... at least I don't sweat and that is to say, because I've never used a deodorant more than 2 times ... I think so! And that they include the alum and remove a chemical ingredient, it seems important to me.

    A hug!