Apples for acne

If you have problems of acne or pimplesNothing better than apples or any antioxidant to avoid these annoying red spots on the face or prevent acne.

Raspberries, Kiwis, Cherries, Pears, Pineapple, Oranges or Apple are just examples of what we should include YES or YES in our diet if we want to put a better face in the mirror.

Not all are creams and a good diet is vital both to improve and prevent problems in the face and for our body.

And if you do not like apple, you can make yourself a homemade mask that is great for acne, read on.

Homemade apple mask perfect for drying pimples and cleaning oil from the skin:

You simply need two apples, you peel them and you put the peels in the areas where you have grains. It's that easy, do it from time to time and you will look better.

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  1.   Pedro said

    I think this fruit to take care of acne is phenomenal, I'm going to try it, because I hate those pimples that always come out at the most unexpected moments!

  2.   L said

    Little by little and taking good care of both the diet and the face, you will eliminate this type of pimples, for sure !!!

    You will tell us!

  3.   Pedro said

    Thank you!! I'll try and tell you how I'm doing

  4.   JJZ77 said

    Hello, I have seen you in Mensencia and I have stopped by here. Tell you that I really like the web, very interesting I will visit it often ^^

    PS: I think there is a typo at the end. Did you mean mask instead of chamomile? : S

  5.   L said

    Ha ha! indeed JJZ77 !!!! Thanks for the note.

    And welcome, I hope you like it !!

  6.   anne claret said

    Hi, I need you to help me because I have acne. They recommended me the ideal cream but the first day of using it, many sprouted, it seemed that I was intoxicated and I still have them and they itch orrible. send me something please wait for your answer

  7.   L said

    Hi Ana,

    I recommend that you visit a dermatologist, he better than anyone will recommend the best for your problem.

    A greeting.

  8.   Soraya said

    Hello, I have pimples and I would love to try it, I will tell you! what are you 😀

  9.   hevub said

    Kevin well, I also have problems with a little pimples
    but the best solution that had been aloe vera
    But the creates it is called like that for you buy it (gel aloe vera potion) they sell in the naturists or if not in a more natural way the silver of savila you cut the thorny part and the plant you leave it in a valde with water for k seke for that it has a bitter liquid and it is not recommended as you know if it is ready
    after 3 or 0 days the savila will no longer feel so bitter
    And you can take it that way, I say it but I have problems with a little scarring. Someone helps me. Thank you

  10.   wei said

    hello..I've been eating apples for a day and a half..hahahaha ... I'm skinny..but now I'll get more everything ... be it to eliminate those pimples..before I suffered from not so much..but they still come out ... I'm doing the diet according to the book "zero acne" ... who has done it?

    1.    TypicalSecu said

      @Gaby Hello «wei» queri

      1.    TypicalSecu said

        @ Gaby

  11.   Arethusa said

    Hi Wei. I recommend that you consult a doctor before making sudden changes in your diet, man does not live only from "apples" ...

  12.   JOHN said

    Hello: I have problems with acne I get a rare type of acne they are small like scales together in the part under both eyes and in the nose they do not disappear I work twice a day and I do not degrade my face is greasy and 2% salt and I'm not even trying a Baba de Caracol cream, I don't know if it will be SERVING well, thank you for your answer, please send it to my EMAIL

    John 19 years old

  13.   but to you said

    hello..emm I suffered from acne, I never went to a dermatologist ... I tried many useless creams like the snail slime ... until I tried the blue axepsia soap ... the blue ... the others are useless (my conclusions) ..
    emmm I have been using it for a long time and my face has returned to normal ... even though I always get some other annoying pimple, but I keep passing that soap ...
    the problem is oily skin ... that's why I'm going to see if eating apples at least m will get pimples less often ...
    Acer exercises serve?

  14.   river said

    Hello, you know, it caught my attention when I read it:
    I told myself :
    Do apples do that?
    Well, now I'm trying
    but I still can't find the effect it does ... give me more tips to eliminate pimples and blackheads because they are horrible ...
    You should not know if they could give me some recommendation to manage to cure it ...

  15.   dfggfd said

    I went to the dermatologist, I used several creams and even so I never managed to eliminate the pimples completely, I followed the treatment of the zero acne book while fasting for three days, eating only apples among other things to do, and in a week I had hardly any. Now I just try to eat less sugar, and I keep taking an apple a day and the pimples have not returned.
    Although the same does not work for everyone, I believe that it only works for chronic acne, as it was mine, that not even the creams worked for me.

    1.    TypicalSecu said

      Hi, what's up, where did you get the book? is that I can not find it, and is it very expensive?

      1.    jesuscanary said

        Here you have a link, it is in pdf format and the download is by megaupload, good luck 🙂

    2.    Katiuska Jaramillo said

      hello I want the information xfavorrrrr contact me this is my msn

  16.   Miguel Angel Luna Galvan said

    Hello my dear friends, you know I have the perfect solution for acne and I want to share it with you, you must go to a gym or buy a bicycle to do cardio, it is very good but you have to sweat the most, but before doing this, wash your face with neutral soap and eat. an apple and also wash your face with neutral soap after sweating on the bike and not eating greasy foods believe me that this gives results in lucky weeks