Men's haircuts: Short on the sides and long on the top

Cillian Murphy with undercut haircut

There is no single short haircut on the sides and long on the top. There are different haircuts that use this defined, comfortable and masculine idea..

The following are the options you have to consider If you want to be more specific the next time you ask your barber for something short on the sides and long on the top.

Gradient haircut

Gradient haircut for men

It is the most popular short side and long top haircut of all. And it is not surprising, since its advantages are not few.

How is it done?

Generally, the fade haircut is started by cutting the sides and nape short. Starting from the occipital bone, the rest of the hair gradually gets longer as we go up the skull. The contrast between the different cutting areas has to be smooth. It can be done with both scissors and hair clippers.

Maintenance should be done every 2-4 weeks.

Hairstyle options

If you bet on this haircut, you have many options when combing the top:

  • Side stripe
  • Backward
  • Toupee
  • Fringe
  • On end
  • Untidy

Adam Levine with a faded haircut


Naturalness is the biggest advantage of the faded haircut. In this way, it is an excellent option if, due to your profession or simply personal preferences, you need your hair not to attract more attention than necessary.

It does not matter that the barber's execution is flawless. If a haircut does not go well with the shape of your face, there is nothing to do. In this sense, the fade is a safe bet, since generally works well in all men.

It has enormous flexibility. You can customize it almost as much as you want, from the length (it can be worn both very short and longer) to the style, through the height of the gradient.

There are many people who do not want to dedicate a second more than is strictly necessary to their hairstyle, especially in the morning. Gradient is an ideal haircut in this regard because it takes a short time to wash, dry and shape it into the desired shape.

Military court

Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Jarhead'

The military court can refer to several courts. Here we describe the one that perhaps most identifies with the military world: the ultrashort.

How is it done?

This short haircut on the sides and long on the top is a middle ground between the mohicans and the shaved head. The hair clipper is passed at a very low number (usually 0-0.5) practically all over the head.

Only a small portion of the upper part is left uncut. This portion is left slightly longer than the rest, although it must also be cut very short. You can adjust the clipper between 1 and 5 depending on your personal preferences.

The gradient is optional, but what is non-negotiable is the height of the sides. To get its characteristic shape the line of the temples needs to go up a lot, which separates the two cutting areas.

Maintenance should be done every 2-3 weeks.

Jon Bernthal with military haircut


The military cut saves a lot of time in front of the mirror, since you do not need a comb or fasteners. It is getting out of bed and immediately being ready to go outside. Therefore it is a highly practical hairstyle.

It is the short haircut on the sides and long on the top that most accentuates the features of the face. If you are looking for a masculine and hard result, it is certainly an option to take into account..


Brad Pitt in 'Fury'

It is very fashionable. In recent years, it has been carried by some of the coolest characters in film and television, including the 'Peaky Blinders' or Jon Hamm in the action film 'Baby Driver'.

How is it done?

As in the previous two, you start by cutting the nape and sides short or very short. However, here it is sought that there is a greater contrast between the sides and the top. For this, the upper part is left medium or long.

As with the military cut, whether or not to include a gradient depends on your personal preferences. Consider it if you want to give your undercut haircut a more moderate touch.

Maintenance should be done every 2-5 weeks.

Hairstyle options

The undercut is usually combed back. The front part is usually given volume, although it is not essential. You can also choose other styles, such as the following:

  • Side stripe
  • Toupee
  • Fringe
  • Topknot
  • Untidy

Jon Hamm with undercut haircut


The undercut haircut works amazingly well with beards. If you have grown facial hair, this hairstyle is one of the best accessories you can offer.

Doing an undercut is very easyespecially the first time, as often you don't need to touch the top too much. It is enough to pass the hair clipper on the sides and the nape of the neck to the chosen number.

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