False beard for modern men

Man with false beard

Since the arrival of the hipster fashion with their deep beards, many have been the people who, due to lack of desire or aesthetics, have begun to grow those deep beards characteristic of this new trend, associated with vintage, although rather we could put it in the 20s, where that type of beard was the usual aesthetic of the time.

For many users it is a real torture having to shave daily, but depending on their job, if it is facing the public or in an office they have no choice. If they want to grow a moderately decent beard, they are going to have to wait for the holidays to wait for it to grow long enough to be able to shape it and not look scruffy.

Different false beards

On the other hand, if your work is not facing the public, or although the public with whom you deal with mere intermediaries, the aesthetic aspect gives way to the background, in which at the moment you want you can grow a beard and begin to shape it as it grows.

If, on the other hand, you are hairless or one of those people whose beard comes out in different areas of the face and not in the usual area, you have a serious problem if you ever want to enjoy a beard, goatee or simply a mustache. On the internet we can find various solutions, more or less professional, that allow us to quickly enjoy a type of goatee, beard or mustache.

Fake beards

False beard for boys

But if the lack of a beard is really an aesthetic problem for you, the only solution is to acquire false beards, which, like men's wigs, they are currently manufactured in various qualities, even offering very professional results, since the finishes offer us a perfectly trimmed goatee or beard where all the hairs that compose it are cut to the same height, in addition to sometimes being made with natural hair.

The different beards, knobs and even sideburns, we can find them in different colors and foliage to suit all tastes. Within false beards, the easiest to find are full beards and mustaches. Depending on the budget we have, we can find quite complete models of a good quality, from 100 euros.

These beards and mustaches offer us a quality and guarantee that we can hardly find if we dedicate ourselves to looking for this type of facial ornaments. in non-specialized storesTherefore, the best option is to go to establishments that are dedicated to professional makeup, where the characterization of the characters is common and with which they are familiar. These types of shops are usually found only in large cities, but for some time to be part, we can also find their products through their web pages.


With a brush


The problem of makeup, widely used to hide skin imperfections by women and also men, is that can't simulate beard texture, but if at least the appearance of it, especially if we want to show a stubble for a couple of days without shaving. The use of eye mascara, thanks to its brush, is the ideal option, since the separations of the brush strands allow us to simulate the separation of the hairs.

Using a sponge


For this type of beard, we must use a traditional sponge that shows the typical holes of a sponge. For the color of the beard we must use a beard color cream that we want to simulate, which obviously must match the color of our hair. In order to carry out this process, it is essential to previously cut the sponge into small pieces that allow us to maneuver around the edges of the face.

Once we have impregnated the cream on the sponge, we must press the sponge lightly on the face so that we can leave the marks that will represent the brand. Keep in mind that without pressing too hard, the mark that will be left will be too uniform and will not be aesthetically good.

With a brush


Brushes that allow makeup to spread over the entire face are also ideal for mark the shadow of the beard, if what we want is that type of beard. With the corresponding blush and the brush we can spread the makeup over the entire area where the beard should be shown. This option is one of the cheapest and least conspicuous to solve the beard problem.

Hair growth 


To this day, baldness is still a problem to which no laboratory has been able to give a solution, no matter how much they advertise hair regeneration in the area where hair has fallen out. So yes, to the problem of baldness, no solution has been found, as it grows miraculous hairs, it does not exist so that people who grow beards in areas and want to complete the other areas of the face where it does not reach them. appear hair. So this solution is completely disposable. The day we do not see any bald on the street, it would be time to start using hair growth.

Natural hair with Vaseline

Jar of Vaseline

Another possible temporary solution that does not have a very long durability, ideal to characterize yourself with a costume for example, is to use petroleum jelly with natural hair. East natural hair must be from the person in question that you are going to use it, otherwise the difference in color may draw too much attention.

This little trick is to spread over the area of ​​the face where we want to add hair a lightweight silicone base, but not industrial silicone used in construction, but a special silicone used in makeup. Once we have distributed a uniform layer around the contour of the face, we must begin to glue the hairs on the areas in question. Keep in mind that the hairs must be more or less the same length, otherwise it can be quite ridiculous.

It is not advisable to use animal hair, as I have seen in several videos, since the flexibility of it is very different from that of human hair, in addition to the difference in color.

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