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Depilatory creams are among the options you should consider if you want getting rid of some or all of your body hair. The others are wax, razor, body shavers, and laser hair removal.

Its operation is simple and they have a series of advantages over the rest of the methods, although they are not free of potential side effects (irritation, ingrown hairs ...) or precautions when using them. Find out what they are and which depilatory creams for men are the best:

How do they work?

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The operation of depilatory creams is based on substances included in their formulas that dissolve the hair shaft. Since they are chemicals, and some people are especially sensitive to these ingredients, before using it on the whole body, it is a good idea to test it on a small section of the body first. The goal is to see if any kind of adverse reaction occurs.

After application it is necessary to wait for the depilatory cream to act. The time may vary depending on the manufacturer. Finally, you just have to proceed to clean the cream directly from the body and that's it. The hair remains in the cream, resulting in a properly depilated area.

Many people advise against the use of depilatory creams Due precisely to those chemicals that dissolve hair. If you prefer a more natural hair removal, and don't mind having to invest a greater amount of time, consider other alternatives, such as a razor or body shavers.


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If you are looking for a quick and painless hair removal, this is your product. Compared to wax, depilatory cream tends to be faster and clearly less painful. In fact, it is a totally painless process. Laser hair removal has this same advantage, but creams are much more affordable (at least in the short term).

Its use is very simple. You don't have to be a professional to practice a cream waxing. Simply apply the cream to the desired area or areas and wait a few minutes for it to act. Later the product is easily removed under the shower or with a spatula.

It is an effective method. It does not remove 100% of the hair, but if applied correctly it can come very close. There is talk of percentages of 90 or 95% depending on the manufacturer.

Precautions and tips

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Paying attention to instructions is very important when it comes to making a correct use of any product, and this is no exception. Only then can you get the most out of it and apply it safely. The instructions detail which specific parts the depilatory cream is made for. This is key because some can be used on sensitive areas, while others cannot.

All areas do not need the same amount of product. Where there is low density of hair, a thin layer is sufficient, while where there is more density of hair it is necessary to form a thicker layer. This strategy will allow you to save product and increase the effectiveness of hair removal.


The time is another indication of the manufacturer that must be taken into account. Put your chronograph in gear and don't leave the cream for longer than stipulated. Getting lost can cause anything from skin irritation to a chemical burn in the worst case. If you prefer to play it safe, especially the first time you use a specific product, it is a good idea to leave it less time than stipulated.

Some hairs may remain un-plucked after removing the cream. It is something very normal. In that case it is better not to reapply more cream immediately, but to wait until the next day. If they are very flashy, consider plucking them with tweezers or running a razor.

The best depilatory creams

Nair Men's Hair Removal Cream

Nair Hair Remover Body Cream es possibly the best-rated hair removal cream for men. Unlike other brands, Nair includes a practical plunger. In addition, it is designed for the shower: apply to dry skin and wait at least a minute before getting into the shower. Afterwards you have to shower as you normally do (keeping the areas where the cream has been applied away from direct water) and remove the product after 2-10 minutes depending on the density of the hair.

Veet is one of the most popular hair removal cream brands. And it has products made especially for men. The strongest option is probably your depilatory cream for sensitive skin. Among its wide range of depilatory creams for men we also find a depilatory spray with quite a few favorable opinions.

Collistar depilatory cream

Presented in a simple black packaging, Collistar is another reputable men's depilatory cream. Apparently it is a cream suitable for the intimate area, a use that practically all manufacturers advise against. Another brand to keep in mind if you have decided to practice a cream waxing is Nad's. Like the previous ones, it is specially formulated for male skin and hair.

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