What to do to avoid going bald

Alopecia or what we also call baldness it is one of the most common fears of men, which begins when day after day, and in any situation, hair is falling out without you barely noticing. Not everyone happens in the same way, or at the same level of decline, that is why we can differentiate 3 levels of baldness:

  1. Androgenic alopecia: It is the most common baldness where the hair becomes thinner and the follicles become weaker. In this sense, the hair loss treatment It is essential to improve the results in this first phase, since they stop the fall and regenerate the hair before it is too late.
  2. Alopecia in patches: It is an evolution of the previous one, it occurs when hair loss is in certain areas of the scalp such as the crown or the front. The treatments in this phase are still effective to attack this type of baldness.
  3. Total alopecia: There is nothing to do anymore because there is a total loss of the scalp. In these cases, it is best to leave the hair shaved to avoid the two sides of the head with hair and the rest with nothing.

Note that hair loss can start at any age and that the sooner it begins to be treated, the more chances of success there will be. Many times the cause of baldness is usually anxiety and stress.

6 practical tips to avoid going bald

  • Don't be lazyIt is true that many times men are prone to get carried away and, above all, to forget about treatments and taking care of themselves. It is essential that you act as soon as you begin to notice that your hair begins to fall so that later there are no regrets.
  • Hair products and treatments can help you a lot especially to retain the hair and strengthen it. If the problem of the fall is internal, it is essential that you also go to see a specialist to determine your problem.
  • Forget the myths "It is because of the genes that I am bald", the genes can influence, but they are not everything. Tobacco, some medicines, diet and stress are the worst allies of healthy hair.
  • Take care of your diet. Algae such as hiziki and arame, black sesame, eggs, nuts, sunflower seeds, fiber, antioxidants, green vegetables and fish, are great allies to keep your hair stronger and stop hair loss . This type of food contains vitamins, proteins and acids that help the hair not fall out.
  • Goodbye to sugary drinks. With the arrival of summer, we tend to drink more of these types of drinks. Well, although they cool us, they have a direct effect on our kidneys, which makes them weaker and consequently our hair is also weaker.
  • The shampoo you use. The frequency of hair washing does not matter so much as the products you use. It is essential that you use shampoos that stimulate blood flow and cleanse the scalp of sebum, since this fat clogs the pore of our scalp and enhances hair loss.

Hair massages, great allies

Hair massages they work by activating the follicles and preventing hair loss. You can make them yourself with a little patience. They will help you have 10 minutes in which to disconnect and think about yourself. It is very simple to do so do not lose detail:

Sit in a chair with your head tilted slightly forward. With the fingertips, never the nails, start to perform movements in small circles and without friction, covering the entire area of ​​the skull base. You will notice a sensation of heat, because the blood circulation is activated little by little and it will give you that sensation of having an accumulation of blood in the head. From there move the movements towards the upper part of the skull always using circular movements.

When you have reached the top of the skull, you spread your hands and move your fingertips over the temples and forehead until the entire head is covered.

The massage it should last about 10 minutesIf it is a little more, better than better, and you will notice that when you finish you will experience a sensation of heat in the area and surely redness of the scalp, which will help you to enhance the growth of your hair.

To finish the massage, wash your head with lukewarm water and your regular treatment shampoo with a light massage so that it penetrates much better.

As advice, never use your nails when doing your massage, do not drag your hair and lift your fingertips to move them over the head. It is essential that hair massage do it with dry hairSince if you do it with wet hair, it is easier for it to come off because the water softens the hair follicle.

Remember all up to you, and that an unbalanced diet, stress, climate changes, poor hygiene and tobacco, influence the quality and health of your hair causing it to fall more, so there is nothing better than healthy habits to strengthen your hair.

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