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Hair has become a very important part of our image as well as being part of our personality. If you are a man with a family history of baldness, chances are that You've been trying to take care of your hair for a long time, to delay, as far as possible, hair loss. Bear in mind that baldness is a process that has always been associated with genetic inheritance, but it does not always have to do with that reason. Stress and poor diet are other factors that can affect our hair.

But this problem does not only affect men, it also affects women, although to a lesser extent. Traditionally, hair loss has always been associated with the season of the year in which we find ourselves or according to the type of products that we can find in the market. According to some experts It is due to the time of year in which we areTimes when hair loss is more pronounced due to the regeneration process our scalp is undergoing.

The main difference between hair loss between men and women is that women lose it equally in all areas of the head without focusing on any specific area, as if it happens in the case of men, where the first signs of hair loss are found both on the crown and on the forehead or directly on the entire upper part of the head equal parts.

Why does hair fall out?

Bald man

On average, people's scalp is made up of about 100.000 hairs, hairs grow an average of one centimeter per month. The life of each hair follicle is estimated between 2 and 6 years, at which point its life cycle ends, it ends up falling to appear another in its place. If we keep our scalp healthy, around 90% of it is in continuous growth, while the rest is waiting to finish its life cycle before falling out and being replaced by another.

We find the first symptoms of hair loss every time we comb our hair. But keep in mind that according to the amount of hair we find in the comb, the fall may be normal, since on average, every day we lose about 100 follicles a day. It is not about counting the hairs that we find every day after combing our hair, since when we wash our hair, a large number of hairs fall out without us noticing, especially in the case of men who have the shorter hair. If we see on the comb or on the pillow we find a number of hairs higher than usual, it is time to start taking it seriously.

What can I do to prevent my hair from falling out?

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First We must identify which type of alopecia we can suffer. Not all types of alopecia are the same nor do they all have the same solution. 90% of the cases is called androgenic, better known as common baldness and affects mainly men, although not exclusively in most cases. Androgenic alopecia is due to hormonal and genetic causes. The other types of alopecia that can cause hair loss are traumatic, which is due to physical trauma such as prolonged contact with caps or pillows; alopecia areta, which causes the creation of round areas without hair; and diffuse alopecia, a reversible hair loss that can affect one area of ​​the head.

How to prevent hair loss?

Man with hair loss

Once we have identified the problem that causes our hair loss, we can try to follow some guidelines that will allow our scalp to stop falling out and believe normally again. Keep in mind that if you want to keep the mane in the windYou must follow the following tips that we show you below, since most are aimed at preventing hair loss, both in men and women, although as we all know, men are the most affected by hair loss.

  • Use a hair loss shampoo. Not all hairs are the same and not all shampoos areHence, it is advisable to use a type of shampoo to prevent hair loss. A good example of this type of shampoo that has given good results is Alpecin, which provides a bonus of renewed energy for hair and scalp. If instead of using a shampoo of this type we continue to wash our hair with a shampoo, let's say a private brand, the problem will not have a solution in the short term and when we want to do it it may be too late.
  • Avoid eating sweet foods. Surely, on more than one occasion, especially if you have oily hair, when you eat abundantly some kind of sweets, your hair gets dirty quickly. If we do not have the habit of washing our hair every day, it is advisable not to abuse this type of food.
  • Drink lots of water to try keep our body hydrated and everything that depends on it, such as the scalp, as hydrated as possible.
  • If we have long hair, try do not tighten the ponytail or braids too much. In addition, avoid as much as possible the use of caps that continuously rub the scalp in addition to avoiding that the hair remains aerated at all times.
  • If we use hair dryers, try not to bring it too close to the head, since heat causes hair to dry out quickly losing its hydration and causing the fall.
  • Just as the heat from the dryers is harmful to the hair, so is the impact of the sun directly on our head to the same extent, so whenever possible, we can use a scarf or hat to prevent the sun from hitting our precious scalp directly.
  • Avoid as much as possible hairspray and hair fixatives. The less external agents can come into contact with our hair, the better. Nor is it that we do not go hairstyles or that we can use them from time to time, but it is about using ourselves, if necessary, with a lot of moderation and not abusing them every week.

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    I am the typical man who has raised passions but since my entries are more and more pronounced that this has changed.
    As I tell you, this has reached the point of having to seek help, so I went to the dermatologist and he gave me treatment, in two weeks I left him, he was very aggressive and looked for something more natural. So I want you to know that I have not reached a month with the augmentum capsules and I can see that my hair is stronger and does not fall,