Exfoliation, a basic before sunbathing

We can call it in many ways, scrub, gommage, peeling, but it is certainly one of the basic care for the face of the men you like the most. It is a simple gesture of intensive facial cleansing with which it is possible to leave skin completely clean of impurities and ready to hydrate it and for the treatment product to penetrate much better.

La exfoliation helps the skin take the sun much better and more effectively this summer. Surely, during the winter you have had this most forgotten aspect, and that is why it is essential that you remove all dead cells and give that touch of skin rejuvenation, start preparing it with an exfoliation.

Why is the scrub essential in the facial cleansing routine?

The scrub or peeling, is a cream or gel that contains exfoliating particles in its formula, which in contact with water and on the face, make that effect of "sand or salt" and they drag all the dirt that we have on our faces. When we touch the scrub, the sensation is the same as if we touched fine sand, well, this 'sand' removes layers of dead skin cells, leaving the pore clean and imperfections at bay.

Using the scrub as a base for facial cleansing twice a week, under the shower and with a small massage so that it penetrates much better, we will achieve that those dead layers are detached from the skin and that the cells are reactivated to receive new hydration products.

What types of scrubs can we choose?

Basically in the market we find two types of scrubs, physicists and chemists.

  1. Physical scrubs They are those that work when the action of exfoliating is done by ourselves through friction of the scrub on the skin. These particles drag the dead cells from our face.
  2. Chemical scrubs contain ingredients that dDirectly remove dead cells with the simple contact with the skin. You have to use them with caution and always putting yourself in the hands of a specialist who will advise you which type of chemical is the most suitable for your skin.

How should I apply the scrub?

It is essential that you understand that the gesture of exfoliating the skin, it should never be an aggressive gesture. To perform a correct exfoliation, it is essential that you always have damp hands, fingertips, and skin. Do not rub hard, because otherwise you will only get the skin red. The massage that you realize, it must be soft and rub all the corners of your face and neck carefully for about 5 minutes so that the product penetrates and cleans properly. After this time, rinse your face with plenty of warm water to remove the remains. Immediately you will notice the skin much thinner and smoother, in addition you will improve its absorption, regeneration and oxygenation capacity.

Once your skin is ready after exfoliation, it will be ready to better absorb the daily moisturizing treatment that you apply.

As advice, do not sunbathe directly right after a peel. It is essential that you wait a few hours for the skin to replenish its natural defenses.

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